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Minecraft Ender Storage Mod

Last modified on Oct 26, 2022 in mods

mc head By Nathan Young


While playing on a Minecraft world, you may run out of space in your ender chest despite having shulker boxes inside them. This restricted storage can pose issues to you or other players since it limits how many items you can bring when exploring or making a base. Solving this situation is done through Ender Storage, a Minecraft mod that allows for an almost endless amount of chest space. It uses The End’s massive dimension to store your items via a unique coloring system that’s controlled in-game. Additionally, you can craft a special item to access these chests without having to be at its location. In this Apex Hosting guide, you’ll learn how to install and use the Ender Storage mod on your Minecraft Forge server.


The mod requires it to be installed on the launcher and server before it fully works.


  1. Head to Ender Storage’s Curseforge page and click Files near the top.
    Ender Storage CurseForge
  2. Once there, scroll down until you see your desired game version for the mod in the Recent Files section.
  3. Upon locating that, click the Name of the mod file and press the Download button.
    Ender Storage CurseForge Download
  4. Afterward, do the same process for the CodeChicken Lib dependent mod.
  5. Drag the downloaded files into your localized mods folder for your launcher.
    Note: This process may vary depending on what you use, but you may review this guide to install it on the default client.
  6. Now that everything is completed, startup the game to confirm it loads.



Make sure to keep the downloaded mods you installed on the launcher for the server-side installation.

  1. Head to your Apex server panel and in the top left corner, press FTP File Access.
    Apex Server Panel FTP File Access
  2. Login with your panel password and enter into the mods directory.
    Note: If you don’t see that directory, restart your Forge server.
  3. Locate and click the Upload button, then drag the mod files in the respective area.
    Ender Storage Server Installation
  4. Wait for all files to reach 100%, then return to the main panel to Restart the server so the mods can load.


Getting Started

Ender Storage Showcase

The Ender Storage 1.8+ mod has been around since 2016 and collected over 72 million downloads on CurseForge. As the mod’s title suggests, it is compatible with Minecraft 1.8 to the latest versions. However, it’s only available on Forge servers and clients on those game builds. The main function the modification offers is to allow easy transportation and collection of items, blocks, or liquids through its unique entities. These tools can be helpful if you need to access multiple inventories or liquids across any dimension.

Ender Chests

Ender Storage Color Pattern

The modded versions of the Ender Chests are color coordinated, meaning that items can be stored and used anywhere if the colors match for each chest. For example, if you have all blue dyed chests then anything inside of it will be shared. However, if you had one chest with red instead, then the items in the other blue chest would not be shared. In other words, you essentially can have unlimited storage with endlessly amounts of color combinations for the Ender Chests. Simply right-click the wool spot on the chest with your colored dye to change it.

Ender Storage Chest Recipe

As for crafting them, you can use four blaze rods on the corner slots, one wool in the top, a chest in the center with two obsidian on the sides, and an ender pearl at the bottom. You’ll certainly need to access the Nether before crafting it due to specific items for it.


Once you have the ender chest, you can add the dye in a Crafting Table rather than applying it in-game. Place the Ender Chest in the middle of the 3×3 grid and your color dyes above it in the top row. By default, an empty slot is white dye so there is no need to use that unless you want to revert the colors to normal.

Ender Storage Dye Recipe


Ender Pouches

Ender Storage Pouches Color

Instead of using entire Ender Chests to collect items, you can use an Ender Pouch instead to achieve the same functionality. It follows the same color coordination method to store items, which you can automatically apply to the pouch by shift + right-clicking the chest. This may be more convenient than using a block, but it does take space in your inventory. Regardless, it’s a useful tool to store items!

You can craft pouches by using the following items:

  • Wool block x1
  • Ender Pearl x1
  • Leather x3
  • Blaze Powder x4
Ender Storage Pouch Recipe


Ender Tanks

Ender Storage Tank Color

The Ender Storage mod isn’t only limited to storing items, but also liquids in the form of Ender Tanks. The same color coordination from Ender Chests apply to these tanks. This is a good way for storing water for brewing potions or adding water-related details in your base. It can store 16 buckets of liquid, which should be plenty for most uses for water or lava. However, if it’s not then you can always create additional tanks to collect more.

Ender Storage Tank Recipe

You can craft them by using the following items:

  • Wool Block x1
  • Obsidian x2
  • Ender Pearl x1
  • Blaze Rod x4
  • Cauldron x1

You can use dye to color it if you want, like for an Ender Chest in the workbench area. Otherwise, you can right-click the wool sections of the placed Ender Tank to color them with dyes.


Ender Storage Diamond Protection

You wouldn’t want a random or untrusted player stealing your items, which is why taking precautions to prevent that is important. Inside of the EnderStorage.cfg file from the config directory via the FTP panel offers a setting to “lock” your Ender Chest, Pouch, or Tank with an item. By default, a diamond is used to achieve that by right-clicking the block. However, Ender Pouches require shift + right-click on an already locked chest or tank to get the pouch assigned to your username. You’d see a change of color to signify that it’s locked by you or another user.


Having to worry about storing items is solved with the Ender Storage mod due to its unlimited storage capacity. It’s all interconnected with The End dimension and the color system, which means you can be far away from your base and still access all your gear. Using the pouches is a great way to quickly access your storage without having to place down a chest. This comes in handy when needing health potions while in combat or to store building materials for a new base. We hope our guide helps you use the Ender Storage mod on your Minecraft Forge server.

Common Issues

These are problems that may arise when installing or using the mod.
Launcher is Crashing
If your client is forcibly closing your game, then you crashed. This can be confirmed with the [] message. There is a known problem with the Ender Storage mod that involves crashing after dropping any of its modded items. For example, if you drop an Ender Pouch in your world then the game will crash due to an underlying issue with the mod’s design. You may fix that by restoring your world or deleting the region where you dropped the item(s).

Server is Crashing
If your server isn’t loading after installing the mod, then it might be caused by a missing required mod. Ensure you installed the CodeChicken Lib mod in your server files. However, if it still crashes after confirming everything is properly uploaded then double-check the mod game version you uploaded. All mods must match the server’s version you play on, but sometimes may still result in crashes. If you’ve confirmed everything above is correct, then use the latest build for each installed mod. In rare cases, the game version might be right but the design of the mod doesn’t support newer builds of Forge such as 1.19’s newest version, 41.0.100.

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