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Cyclic Minecraft Mod

Last modified on Dec 4, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young


Customizing your Minecraft server to get extra features can be tedious, especially due to the number of mods available. Whether you want energized weapons or special abilities, there’s always some modifications to try out. However, some of these completely change Minecraft’s appeal, meaning it no longer represents vanilla. This can dissuade players from using mods, but there’s one that may be perfect. Introducing Cyclic for Forge, this allows you and others alike to create machines, useful items with abilities, stronger armor, weapons, tools, and so much more. There are no new ores or changes to the Minecraft world, as the mod is designed for users wanting an enhanced version of vanilla. Setting this up to play with friends is quickly done with our panel, as it only takes a few minutes. However, the exact process may be confusing to newcomers on the scene. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use Cyclic on your Minecraft server.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Cyclic on the CurseForge website, then click Files at the top.
    Cyclic CurseForge Mod
  2. On the next page, scroll down and locate your desired Game Version.
  3. Upon finding this, press its three vertical dots and click Download File.
    Cyclic Mod Download
  4. Save this somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.
  5. Repeat this process for the FLIB mod, as it’s a dependency.


If you’re wanting to use a beginner’s book in-game to help you learn more about this mod, then install Patchouli for Minecraft 1.16 and above. If you’re using older versions, then do this for the Guide-API modification. Otherwise, you may continue like normally without installing other mods. Keep in mind that some of these may not be available or compatible with newer Minecraft versions, such as 1.20 and above.


Client Installation

Due to Cyclic’s design, you’ll need to install Forge on the Minecraft launcher to support it. Without doing this, no modifications can work in the game. After doing this, review the steps below to begin using the mod.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and press the Installations button near the top.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. Find your previously installed Forge profile, then click its Folder icon.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  3. In the newly opened folder, locate and enter the mods directory.
    Note: If you aren’t seeing this, then create it before proceeding.
  4. Afterward, drag and drop the downloaded mod files in this folder.
    Cyclic Client Installation
  5. Return to the main launcher and click Play on your Forge profile to load Cyclic.


Server Installation

Similarly to the above section, the server must have Forge installed with the corresponding game version. This is achieved by selecting it from the Game File area of the panel, as it comes preinstalled for your convenience. After doing this, follow along below to install Cyclic on your Minecraft server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box and press the Login button to gain access.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Continue to find and enter the mods directory, then click Upload at the top left corner.
  4. Once there, drag and drop the downloaded mod files in the respective area.
    Cyclic Server Installation
  5. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and Restart the server.


Getting Started

Cyclic Mod Minecraft

Upon joining the server, you’ll want to start collecting basic resources and leap into your adventures. Remember, there aren’t any new ores or other resources to find in the world. This means you must gather enough supplies and items to create them, which we advise you install the JEI mod to easily learn them all. Whether you want to craft weapons, tools, unique collectibles, or energy-based blocks to build machines, you have plenty of options. We’ll give you an overview of some of these materials and uses in the subsections below to get you started with the Cyclic mod in Minecraft. Keep in mind that you can also become a server operator to quickly obtain everything from this modification.

Weapons & Tools

There’s a wide variety of weapons, tools, and some armor pieces available in-game. For example, the garden scythe allows you to harvest all nearby crops in your farm. This saves you and other players time from manually breaking each one. Besides this, the magic boomerang grants users the ability to gather items and stun enemies once thrown. Some other items include crystal pickaxes, amethyst swords, rainbow cannons, emerald armor, and wizard wands.

Cyclic Weapons and Tools


Unique Items

Cyclic Unique Items

Similar to weapons and tools, there are plenty of other interesting items to craft. For instance, windforce gauntlets increase your attack speed once toggled. Similar effects can happen with other kinds too, such as speed charms giving you quicker movement. There’s even a heart container that gives you more health, which comes in handy when becoming overpowered.


Useful Blocks

As for all the kinds of blocks to create and build with, there are many different types to use. Whether you want some to help with farming, preventing mob spawning, collecting items, or other activities, there’s likely one to try for that. Keep in mind that some of these recipes require machines to obtain specific materials. However, the majority of blocks from the Cyclic mod can be created with basic resources found throughout the world.

Cyclic Mod Blocks


Energy & Machines

Cyclic Machines

When you’re at the point in your adventure to play around with machines, you have several options. Getting started with this means you need to have blocks to gather energy, then batteries to store it properly. Afterward, you can make some cables and other blocks to have fun with machinery. Some of these include packagers to automatically craft items, void anvils to remove all enchantments, or block rotators to help you build the perfect base. There are countless contraptions to play around with in this mod, so we encourage you to give it a shot.

Cyclic Powered Diamond Anvil

Once you’ve successfully created a power station to export fuel to other blocks, you can begin using it properly. For instance, a powered diamond anvil uses energy to repair damaged weapons, tools, or anything else. On the right-hand side of the GUI, the bars represent how much power is being used and replenished. It’s advised to always have enough energy, as you never know when you need to use a machine.



As noted throughout this guide, there are many different types of items, blocks, and activities to use with the Cyclic mod. Whether you’re shooting lightning bolts at villagers or crafting the best possible armor, it’s possible. This is amplified by the new enchantments that are added to Minecraft, such as disarming to remove your enemy’s weapon. We strongly recommend you and others alike to explore the possibilities with this mod to get the most out of your experience.

Cyclic Lightning Wand


Common Issues

Unable to Join the Server

In cases where you’re unable to join the Minecraft server after installing the Cyclic mod, make sure you’ve also done this for your launcher. Remember, you must transfer the downloaded file into your local mods directory, which may need to be created if you haven’t done so already. Additionally, you need to have Forge setup on the client with your desired game version too. This allows the modification to be compatible with Minecraft, making this absolutely necessary. Besides this, you may have uploaded Cyclic in the wrong Server Profile if the situation persisted. Make sure you have Forge selected in the panel on the correct profile before proceeding with the installation.

Cyclic isn’t Working

Occasionally, the mod itself won’t work properly on the server or launcher. This is regularly caused by incompatible Minecraft versions, meaning you either have Forge or the mod installed with the wrong one. In other words, using Forge 1.20.1 cannot support Cyclic using 1.19.4. On the other hand, you might have missed the required dependency mod for this to work properly. Make sure you upload this extra file in both your client and server directories. Keep this in mind when troubleshooting the situation, but you may also contact our Support to see if they can help you. Otherwise, you may have uploaded or transferred the mod in the wrong directory.

Missing Entity Textures

Depending on what build of Cyclic you’re using, there could be a few bugs with it. One of these is missing textures on blocks, items, or entities. For example, the latest build used for this tutorial has this issue on the custom shields. Solving it isn’t possible, as the developers themselves have to do it. In this situation, you can report the problem on their official GitHub Issues page. Alternatively, you can try to use another build of the mod to see if that helps.

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