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Best Animal Mods for Minecraft

Posted: May 17, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


The animals of Minecraft bring life to the game, as the world would be completely disastrous without them. Imagine a void of nothingness, no interactions with mobs. That sounds boring to many players, but some may feel this way towards the default creatures. Don’t worry, using mods can introduce new animals into your server or singleplayer world. Whether you want bears or honey badgers, there’s tons of options to try out. These features are determined by the type of mod you use, which can be overwhelming for newbies to the modding scene. We’ll be breaking down the best animal mods to help you get started. Let’s begin!

Minecraft Animal Mods

Minecraft Animal Mods

There are countless mods out there to add new animals, with some focusing on specific or unique themes. For instance, what if there were genetically enhanced default mobs in MInecraft? Sounds wild, but can be done! Other ones can simply introduce new critters to the world, such as boars, mythical creatures, and more. Due to this variation, we’ll show you the best mods for animals in Minecraft down below. Keep in mind that you can always find more online if none of these are suitable for you. Once you’ve found good mods, review our tutorial to add them on your server.

Alex’s Mobs

Starting off with one of the most popular animal mods for Minecraft, Alex’s Mobs introduces a wide range of creatures to the world. These can be Bears that enjoy honey or even some strange critters that will attack you on sight! However, others may give you special abilities like Sunbirds granting players with an Elytra flight blessing. These are all biome-specific animals and will be scattered throughout your world. Whether you find some in the ocean or on land, there’s plenty of creatures to enjoy.

Alex's Mobs


Better Animals Plus

Better Animals Plus

An alternative to the above mod is Better Animals Plus, another widely used addon for Minecraft. This seeks to bring new life to your experience by adding 35 creatures, while continuously being updated with others. Expect lots of Deer roaming around in forests and ocean critters, among hostile ones at nighttime. Similar to other mods, these animals spawn in specific biomes all around the map. Make sure to bring some food as you explore for these creatures! Otherwise, you might just randomly find a few when joining the server.


Mowzie’s Mobs

Instead of normal real world animals, you can spice things up with mythical beasts. The Mowzie’s Mobs mod introduces many hostile and passive creatures, such as Barakoas that will completely demolish you or Lanterns that light up the night sky. Be cautious though, there’s bosses too! These large characters will surely give you a rough time, so make sure to be well equipped. Otherwise, you may lose all your items by their strong attacks. Besides this, there’s lots of interesting loot to obtain from these creatures.

Mowzie’s Mobs


Genetic Animals

Genetic Animals Mod

If you’re not interested in mythical creatures or anything of the sorts, then consider using Genetic Animals. This mod introduces new genes to the pool, meaning default mobs will always be unique! Whether you stumble on a buffed up cow or a colorful turtle, there’s countless animals to find. Essentially, there’s an endless amount of different default animals with some special ones that don’t resemble their counterparts at all. This is a wonderful mod to enhance your modded Minecraft experience!



There you have it, many different options for introducing new wildlife to your Minecraft server. Whether you want the best default mobs or some mythical creatures, you have lots of opportunities. It all boils down to your preferences and setup, such as having Forge or Fabric installed. Regardless, there’s always a mod for you to choose from that adds new animals. We hope this blog helps you realize the best ones to try out in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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