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Mowzie’s Mobs

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in Mods

mc head By Dalton Whalen


In vanilla Minecraft, mobs build the atmosphere of the world, whether they are peaceful animals or hostile creatures in the dark. Many of these mobs, especially bosses, are fun to fight but lack a substantial reward for doing so. This issue is solved through the use of Mowzie’s Mobs, a Minecraft mod that adds a variety of mobs and bosses, each providing useful rewards for killing them. Whether you aim to harness the power of the sun, make the ground quake with an axe, or even freeze your enemies, this is all achievable within this mod. When using Apex Hosting, installing mods is as simple as using our panel uploader, so we have created this tutorial to guide you through the setup process.


Mowzie’s Mobs is a mod owned by bobmowzie and authored by pau101 on CurseForge. Spanning across version 1.7.10 up to 1.16.5 at the time of writing, the mod is highly popular with over 22.5 million downloads. With many new creatures added, you can fight against bosses and various enemies in order to claim their powers and items as your own.

How to Install Mowzie’s Mobs

  1. Visit the Mowzie’s Mobs CurseForge page.
  2. Near the top, select the “Files” option.
    Mowzies Mobs Files
  3. Scroll down to the “Recent Files” section, then press “View All”.
  4. Search for the desired version, then press the download button to the right.
    Mowzies Mobs Download
  5. Save the file in a safe location, as it will be needed shortly.


Mod Dependencies

GeckoLib – Required for most mod versions above 1.12.2.
LLibrary – Required for the 1.12.2 version of Mowzie’s Mobs.

Server Installation

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the “Game File” section, then open the dropdown.
    Mowzies Mobs Server Dropdown
  3. Select the “Forge” version that matches your mod.
  4. Follow the prompts that appear, then choose to restart later.
  5. In the left-hand menu, enter the “FTP File Access” and log in.
    Mowzies Mobs FTP File Access
  6. Here, locate or create the “mods” folder, then enter it.
  7. Press “Upload” in the top-left, then drag + drop the mod file(s).
    Mowzies Mobs Upload

Once this has been completed, you can now return to the Apex panel page and restart the server to load up the mod!

Client Installation

  1. Visit the Forge Download page.
  2. Install Forge for your device as seen in our guide here.
  3. Once installed, open your Minecraft launcher for your system.
  4. Proceed to “Installations” at the top, then highlight your Forge profile.
  5. Press the folder icon to the right to open up your file browser.
    Mowzies Mobs Folder Icon
  6. Here, locate or create a “mods” folder, then enter it.
  7. Finally, add your mod files to this folder.
    Mowzies Mobs Client Mods


Gameplay Features

Now that the mod is installed, you can jump right into a world and begin to experience the additions of Mowzie’s Mobs. There are many entities and items added, but these are some of the most notable.

New Creatures

Mowzies Mobs Grottol

These small crystal crustaceans are normally found deep underground. If you can catch one, they are a rare source of diamonds.

Mowzies Mobs Lantern

These jellyfish-like creatures float in the air with a glow effect. Upon killing one you receive the glowing effect and its dropped item provides night vision.


Mowzies Mobs Barakoa

These hostile monsters will attach any player in sight without one of their masks. If a mask is donned, Barakoas can be traded with, obtaining various items.

Mowzies Mobs Barakoana

Similar to the previous mob, the Barakoanas wield different weapons and attach in a pack of 4-5 Barakoas around them.


Mowzies Mobs Naga

The Naga is a flying dragon-like enemy that will circle high above you in the air. Its primary weapon is its ranged poison attack.


This meat-eating plant will blend in with nearby plant-life at first before sprouting its head to eat any nearby mobs.


Mowzies Mobs Frostmaw

Often spawning in snowy areas, these massive beasts will pelt you with endless ice attacks. If you are sneaky, you can steal the ice crystal from its hand while it is still sleeping. Be weary though, as it is a force to be reckoned with once it wakes up. If you manage to kill one, it will drop the ice crystal, assuming it has not been stolen already.


Barako, the Sun Chief
Mowzies Mobs Sun Chief

This large mob is the boss of the Barakoas and will often sit without moving. Using a variety of solar and fire attacks, he can be dangerous if underestimated. If that wasn’t enough, he will also summon his minions to defend and heal him as he gets lower on health. If you manage to kill him, he will drop a Sol Visage item.


Ferrous Wroughtnaut
Mowzies Mobs Wroughtnaut

These massive knights tower above the player and will attack once approached. Don’t charge in, however, as they are immune to almost all forms of damage. The only method of damaging them is to wait for their axe to be stuck in the ground, allowing their back to be struck. This battle may take a few tries, as they cause enough damage to kill most entities in a single hit.


Powerful Tools

Ice Crystal
Mowzies Mobs Ice Crystal

Obtained from a Frostmaw, this crystal allows you to launch a stream of icy wind from your fingertips, attacking in front of you. This can allow you to freeze water and even freeze entire enemies solid. While use time is short, it will slowly regenerate while in your inventory.


Sol Visage
Mowzies Mobs Sol Visage

Taken from the Sun Chief, the Sol Visage provides both helmet armor and the ability to summon Barakoas to defend you. These will attack similar to a tamed wolf, defending you if attacked and will engage any entity that you hit.


Wrought Helm
Mowzies Mobs Wrought Helm

This is the large helmet of a Ferrous Wroughtnaut that can be worn. It is identical to an iron helmet with knockback resistance, but it cannot be broken. The lack of special effects can be disheartening, but the aesthetics of the helmet is part of the charm.


Axe of a Thousand Metals
Mowzies Mobs Wrought Axe

This massive weapon is also obtained by the Ferrous Wroughtnaut upon its death. This unbreakable axe does more damage than a diamond sword, but features a slower attack speed. To make up for this, the axe has two abilities, allowing you to perform a horizontal slice or cause a shockwave in the ground.



After that, you now know how to get started with Mowzie’s Mobs and some of the gameplay features that are added for use. While there are less smaller mobs than most mods would add, these larger ones fully make up for it with their unique behavior and aesthetics. While most mobs are hostile, you can grow your own Foliaath and even trade with the Sun Chief, provided you wear a proper mask. In addition, the items and tools you can obtain are well worth the risk of taking on these bosses, allowing for massive damage or simply spells to become more powerful. With this information in mind, you can install Mowzie’s Mobs for yourself and prepare to take on the dangerous bosses lurking within your world!

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