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Alex’s Caves Mod for Minecraft

Last modified on Dec 4, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young

Alex's Caves Mod


As you explore the landscape of a Minecraft world, occasional caverns may appear on the horizon. These lead players on a wild underground adventure full of surprises, depending on the biome. In Vanilla Minecraft, all the cave systems and their features are limited. Only with new updates can new items, blocks, and mobs be seen by players. This can be frustrating for some, especially those seeking exciting journeys. Fortunately, using mods can easily solve this problem! If you’re interested in new underworld biomes, then consider using Alex’s Caves for Minecraft Forge. This modification introduces 5 unique areas to explore, with some being encased in water or even toxic fumes. There’s a wide variety of hostile mobs, rare items, and useful materials to amplify your gameplay experience. Setting this up for a dedicated server to play with friends is simplified by our panel, as it only takes a few minutes. We’ll be showing you how to install and use the Alex’s Caves mod for Minecraft in this Apex Hosting guide to get you started on a brand-new adventure.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Alex’s Caves on CurseForge and click Files near the top.
    Alex's Caves Mod
  2. Locate your desired mod version, then press its three vertical dots on the right.
  3. Afterward, click the Download button and save this file somewhere on your computer.
    Alex's Caves Mod Download
  4. Repeat this process for the Citadel dependency mod, as it’s required.


Client Installation

Before playing with this mod, you’ll need to install Forge on your Minecraft launcher. This is required to support Alex’s Caves, making this important to accomplish. Once you’re finished, follow along below to start setting up the mod on your client.

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and click Installations at the top.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. Proceed to select the Folder icon for your Forge profile.
    Minecraft Forge Folder
  3. In the newly opened window, find and enter the mods directory.
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded files into this area, then return to the launcher.
    Alex's Caves Mod Client Installation
  5. Locate your Forge profile and select the Play button to load Alex’s Caves.


Server Installation

Similar to the above section, you’re required to install Forge on the Minecraft server to use mods. This is achieved by selecting it with your corresponding version in the Game File area, and then restarting to generate the needed files. If you don’t already have a dedicated server with us, visit our Pricing Page to purchase one before following the instructions below to install Alex’s Caves to play with friends.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click the FTP File Access button.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Continue to enter your Password in the text box, then press Login.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. On the next page, locate and click the mods directory once found.
  4. At the top left corner, press Upload and drag all files into the respective area.
    Alex's Caves Mod Server Installation
  5. Wait for them to reach 100%, then generate a new world and Restart the server.


Getting Started

Alex's Caves

Upon loading into the Minecraft server, you and players alike need to gather basic resources to survive before diving into the new caves from the mod. These are almost exclusively dangerous and hostile towards everyone, meaning you need some tools to stay alive. In cases where you want to explore them before playing, then we suggest enabling cheats or becoming a server operator. This provides you the ability to use the Cave Compendium book or commands to learn more about each cave biome. Additionally, you can also install the JEI mod to easily view new items and blocks that were added to Minecraft. Otherwise, players can simply explore the world in hopes of finding these unique biomes. Regardless of what you do, we’ll be showcasing them in the subsections below to get you started with the Alex’s Caves mod for Minecraft.

Unique & Rare Caves

As mentioned previously, there are five different cave biomes to explore with this mod. These include the following: Abyssal Chasm, Forlorn Hollows, Magnetic Caves, Primordial Caves, Toxic Caves. Each one provides players with a unique experience in Minecraft, such as a completely underwater environment or prehistoric world. Besides the appearances of these biomes, you’ll also get access to rare materials to craft custom items that aren’t found anywhere else in-game. All of these caves are hard to discover in Minecraft, so keep this in mind while learning about each one down below.

Abyssal Chasm

Deep within your Minecraft world, there’s an enormous amount of water underground that reaches bedrock level. This is known as an abyssal chasm, full of danger, marine life, and special resources to collect. Be careful as you dive and explore this biome, as it’s entirely hostile to players. We recommend building a submarine to easily traverse the environment, which is possible with the Alex’s Caves mod for Minecraft – but don’t be scared off by the spooky sounds.

Alex's Caves Abyssal Chasm


Forlorn Hollows

Alex's Caves Forlorn Hollows

Rather than an oceanic journey, players can be faced with a deadly desolate environment while mining in their world. This is considered to be forlorn hollows, introducing dangerous mobs with dark secrets for you to discover. There are unique materials and structures all throughout this area, making it a good place for adventuring. However, you must be well-equipped beforehand! After overcoming its challenges, you might be able to craft some interesting gear with special abilities.


Magnetic Caves

Unlike other biomes from this mod, the magnetic cave system makes for a shocking experience for anyone. There are a few harmful blocks and mobs scattered around, which can cause you to die early on in the game. Players can explore this area to obtain ingredients for special items! Otherwise, there are new blocks to use for bases in your Minecraft world. Whether you want to encounter technological mobs or craft special items, this biome can come in handy.

Alex's Caves Magnetic Caves


Primordial Caves

Alex's Caves Primordial Caves

Fans of ARK: Survival Evolved or anyone who loves dinosaurs must visit the primordial caves in Minecraft. This new addition to the bunch introduces an overworld-like environment full of foliage, water, and creatures. Players seeking wood or other materials from the surface will be thankful for this biome. Collect special resources to build items that’ll help you survive in this paradisal and hostile cave. Once conquered, you can entirely live down there!


Toxic Caves

The last biome for Alex’s Caves for Minecraft is the worst one for players to call home, as it’s full of radioactive blocks. This is known as toxic caves, with seas of goo that’ll trap you in place. Despite all the challenges, this area happens to provide some of the most useful items. These can range from rayguns to nuclear bombs, depending on your good fortune. Discovering toxic caves are extremely difficult though, so make sure to always be on the lookout for them.

Alex's Caves Toxic Caves


New Mobs & Items

Alex's Caves Mobs
Alex's Caves Items

Making these cave biomes more immersive requires extra details like new mobs or resources, which is the case for all of them. The vast majority of new creatures from the mod are hostile, while only a few aren’t. After many of these dangerous monsters are slain, you might be able to craft custom tools or armor. Keep in mind that some of these require additional blocks and materials from its respective biome. Whether you make hazard suits to survive in toxic caves or prehistoric equipment to be with dinos, Alex’s Caves brings countless features for you to enjoy.

Alex’s Caves Config

Tweaking anything in the mod’s configuration requires you to directly access its file(s). This process is accomplished by using our FTP panel, as it comes with a built-in editor to manage your settings. Once you’re viewing the files on your Minecraft server, visit the config directory. Afterward, make your way toward the alexscaves_biome_generation folder to edit the biome generation values. Alternatively, press the Edit button on the alexscaves-general.toml file to tweak general options. Whenever you’re finished making changes, click the Save button and Restart the server to apply them.

Alex’s Caves FAQ

Why isn’t the Alex’s Caves mod working?

The likely answer is an invalid configuration on your Minecraft server or client, occasionally caused by incompatibility. Double-check check you’ve used the corresponding game versions and that Forge is installed correctly, then try again. Otherwise, this could be triggered by other reasons including failing to make a new world, not loading the mods properly, etc.

Can I use Alex’s Caves in an existing world?

Yes, but previously generated areas won’t have new cave biomes. This means that your spawning location, bases, and other explored locations will not have Alex’s Caves features. We strongly recommend creating another world with this mod for the best experience.

How do I find biomes in the Alex’s Caves mod?

Explore them underground and give it enough time, as all of them are extremely hard to find. Otherwise, use cheats or operator commands to easily discover them all.

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