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Repurposed Structures Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

Repurposed Structures CurseForge Mod


Exploring your Minecraft world reveals countless unique structures across its many biomes, with some being more desirable than others. Unfortunately, most of these are biome-specific and will not generate in different ones. This can make the world appear empty or too similar, as these buildings are far apart from each other. Luckily, solving this can be done through Repurposed Structures, a Forge and Fabric modification for your server or launcher. Using this will add vanilla structures to almost every biome, among some unique builds. For instance, imagine traveling in the Nether and you see a stronghold or find yourself deep within the jungle to uncover a pyramid. This means the gameplay will more or less be normal, but with added buildings around the world to give you more exploration opportunities. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn how to install and use Repurposed Structures in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Server Installation

  1. Head towards Repurposed Structures (Forge or Fabric) on CurseForge, then enter in the Files section.
    Repurposed Structures Files
  2. Locate your desired game or mod version and click the Download button.
    Repurposed Structures Download
  3. Save the file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
  4. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then press FTP File Access at the top left.
    Minecraft FTP Access

    Important: Make sure to use the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  5. Login with your password and continue towards the mods directory.
  6. Once there, click the Upload button near the top left corner.
    Repurposed Structures Installation
  7. Drag the file into the respective area and wait for this to reach 100%.
  8. Once completed, return to the main panel to Restart the server so the mod loads.


Client Installation

The Repurposed Structures mod, whether you’re using Forge, Fabric, or even Quilt, doesn’t need to be installed on your launcher. Although, you can still use this on your client if you want.

  1. Firstly, make sure to have the correct Forge or Fabric version on your Minecraft launcher.
  2. Once it’s installed, open your client and navigate towards the Installations section.
    Minecraft Launcher Installations
  3. Search for your modded installation, then hover over it and click the Folder icon.
    Minecraft Launcher Profile
  4. Locate or create the mods folder in the newly opened directory.
  5. While inside of this area, drag and drop the Repurposed Structures JAR file.
    Install Mods on Minecraft Launcher
  6. Afterward, return to the launcher and continue to Play on the modded profile.


Getting Started

Upon installing Repurposed Structures on your server or singleplayer world, you’ll notice barely any difference. Remember, this mod only adds buildings to biomes and may take time to find. However, it shouldn’t take too long to discover one since these are fairly common. Some of the structures you might encounter are end cities in the Nether, stone igloos, or desert monuments. Normally these are only isolated to their respective biome and natural generation, but the modification changes that. In rare cases, the loot inside of these buildings will be slightly different than vanilla. However, you can install additional features to completely control Repurposed Structures. Using this mod isn’t challenging, as players only have to explore or use the /locate command to find them.


Due to the overwhelming number of potential structures to find in Minecraft, we’ll go over some interesting ones. These will be almost identical to their vanilla counterparts, but some may have added content. For example, a custom pyramid may have a different trap compared to the normal desert variant. Besides this, the design of each structure will be the same since it’s based on default buildings. Briefly review them down below to learn more about the Repurposed Structures mod.

Snowy Mansion

Snowy Mansion Minecraft

One of the best structures to find in Minecraft is a mansion, as these contain valuable items like totems of undying and golden apples. However, by default these are only found in woodland biomes and tend to be hard to locate. Using the mod will make this building appear in several areas of the world, with one being in snowy parts. Each biome-specific structure has its blocks tailored to the environment, making it more appealing to the eyes.

Mushroom Igloo

Mushroom Igloo Minecraft

Mushroom islands is one of the rarest biomes to discover in the game, with unique blocks only found here. Using Repurposed Structures adds special structures to this area, making it even more fascinating. One of these is an igloo, which is only found in snow biomes on normal Minecraft. These aren’t the most interesting structures to find, but it’s a fun aspect nonetheless.

Nether Stronghold

Nether Stronghold Minecraft

Strongholds are a critical part of Minecraft, as they allow players to teleport in the End dimension. These are only found in the Overworld, but the mod adds them to the Nether. This can come in handy if you’re wanting more exploration, loot, and portals to the other dimension. The entire layout of a Nether stronghold is almost identical to a default one, but is completely overhauled to resemble the surrounding environment.


Jungle End City

Jungle End City Minecraft

End cities are found in their respective dimension, but now can be located in several different biomes. The best one to find is a Jungle type since it appears as one large tree city. The loot within them resemble default items, such as elytras, enchanted gear, and so on. This is one of the best vanilla-modded structures from the mod due to its valuable resources to collect.

Dark Forest Temple

Dark Forest Temple Minecraft

Temples, or otherwise known as pyramids, are typically found in deserts with dangerous traps. Using the Repurposed Structures mod allows this to generate in multiple biomes, allowing you to easily obtain its valuable treasures. However, as noted previously, be careful about their traps since it differs compared to default ones. These are also really entertaining to find in your world, especially since the blocks match the biome.


Ruins in Minecraft

As for unique structures only available from this mod, ruins can be found throughout your Minecraft world. These have one chest with a wide range of lootable items, from food to diamonds. The surrounding environment tends to have farmlands or crops sporadically around it. There isn’t much else to ruins, other than their interesting design that could be turned into a base.


Extra Features

Besides the main functionality from the Repurposed Structures mod, there are additional datapacks you may use. These can introduce configurable options for each structure, but the majority of these affect all buildings. For instance, changing all loot to default is one aspect you can implement. The exact structure config involves technical knowledge to customize, but is made available to you just in-case. As for downloading them, do that on their respective pages: Structure Configuration, Disable Modded Advancements, Vanilla Loot Tables. Make sure to be using the same game version you installed and are using on the server or world. Once downloaded, review our Datapack Tutorial to properly install them.

Common Issues

Unable to Find Structures
When encountering this particular problem, it’s likely that you’ve gotten a bad world seed. Try using the /locate structure repurposed_structures:[building] command in-game to easily find them. If you’re unable to use this, then make sure to give yourself operator permissions or enable cheats to access all commands. Otherwise, if the locate function isn’t working then the mod or custom structures are disabled. You may want to generate a new world to test if Repurposed Structures works or not.
Server or Client Crashing
In cases where the mod is confirmed to be not working, it usually results in the server or client crashing. This is due to either incompatible versions or conflicting modifications, which mainly involves you to delete some files. For instance, if the server crashes due to the wrong version then delete it and reinstall the correct variant. Other times, the client would crash due to conflict and might be difficult to troubleshoot. Due to this, make sure you’re using the latest Forge/Fabric build and/or use CurseForge to manage game profiles.

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