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Mob Vote 2023 Modpack with Apex Hosting

Posted: Oct 13, 2023 in Server Updates

mc head By Nathan Young

Mob Votes in Minecraft

With every new year coming around the corner, Mojang prepares itself with an upcoming mob vote for players to enjoy. This doesn’t go as planned though, as millions of users dislike picking between three creatures. Due to this, there’s been an overwhelming number of people yearning for all mob candidates to make it in Minecraft. Unfortunately, only one wins and gets added to the game despite the growing popularity of players wanting all of them. In some cases, these votes can be manipulated by influencers and other factors that twist the results. This means that your voice barely has any say in the decision of the new mob, resulting in further frustration. Don’t worry though! Apex Hosting has decided to change this for the better, which we’ll be discussing in this blog. Keep in mind that this modpack is still a work in progress, meaning that in the future it’ll be fully released.

Never Miss Out Again!

Mob Vote Modpack Minecraft

Out of all the previous mob votes, there were tons that were missed. Have you wondered what Minecraft would look like with each one added? If so, then you’ll be happy to know that Apex Hosting has created its own 1.19.2 modpack, known as No Vote Valley that introduces them in-game. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Tuff Golems or battle against Wildfires, among all sorts of other mobs. We took it upon ourselves to empower the community with all the creatures from past votes, as the vast majority of players hate deciding which ones to add. Why can’t they all be included? This question is only answered by Mojang, but fortunately, there are mods to help with that. We’ll be showcasing what our new custom modpack includes and how you can install it for absolutely free! In cases where you want to embark on a journey with friends, we got you covered too.

Mob Vote Candidates

Let’s begin by understanding what our modpack focuses on, which are the missed mob vote candidates from previous years. These include current runner-ups and past ones, along with other features! Take a look at them down below to get a quick overview of what’s introduced in Apex Hosting’s No Vote Valley modpack.

CrabRunning along the sandy shores of your Minecraft world, crabs may appear. These small critters will pinch you when provoked, so be on the lookout. Luckily, they aren’t too strong so players can easily slay them. Use their item drops to help you along the journey.
PenguinEncounter these charming creatures waddling on the ice floes of frozen oceans, near remote islands, or even deep in underground ice caves. They bring life to the frosty landscape and, if you’re lucky, they might share their fish with you.
ArmadilloThese tenacious creatures roam deserts and rocky mesas, burrowing into the sand for shelter. Discover them on your desert expeditions and observe their distinctive behavior. Alternatively, capture them for your conquest of all animals!
WildfireStumbling upon these mobs will surely propel you into an intense fight. Be on guard as you fight them, as summoned blaze minions and casted fire will be challenging to overcome. After defeating enough wildfires, you have the opportunity to craft its crown to wear as the victor.
MaulerAn unknown lizard may roam freely in the Overworld hunting for small mobs. However, be wary of your enchanted gear when interacting with them since they’ll eat it up! Each mauler will grow in size with each successful meal. Just be careful to not hit them.
IceologerRather than new wildlife, you’ll discover a unique illager in Minecraft. These are known as iceologers and put up a freezing fight. Once in combat, they’ll summon lots of ice above the player and apply slowness. This makes them a mean opponent to fight.
MoobloomIntroducing a new cow variant in Minecraft, mooblooms act just like their counterparts. They’ll walk aimlessly and provide more diversity in the world, especially with their colorful flowers growing on them. Consider sheering them for flowers if you enjoy gardens.
Copper GolemRedstone engineers will absolutely love these small mobs, as they press copper buttons in random orders. That’s right, you can build machines within your base and have these golems interact with them.
GlareIn cases where you need to make large mob farms and have trouble lighting up the area, consider using glares! These critters will locate any darken location and become grumpy, helping you mob-proof the farm. Make sure to keep them in enclosed rooms though, as they tend to fly around.
Tuff GolemLove to show off your items to others? Tuff golems can significantly help you out with their ability to hold items. Have them stand perfectly still in your base holding god-tier swords or rare blocks. Otherwise, they can roam around your domain for additional company.
RascalWhile exploring caves in Minecraft, you might find yourself in the midst of a rascal. These sonic fast tiny mobs will play hide & seek with you! They are mischievous in nature and will have fun with you, along with rewarding items if you spend enough time.


Brand New Mobs

In addition to all the mobs above, you can encounter tons of new ones! These include moose, ducks, badgers, deer, and many more. The amount totals over 75+, meaning you can always find new diverse life in Minecraft with No Vote Valley. Keep in mind that these animals are biome-specific, so some might only be available in key locations compared to others. Besides this, rare item drops are also included that can be used to make interesting tools like backpacks.

Realistic Mobs Minecraft
Realistic Ocean Mobs Minecraft

As you explore the Minecraft world with our modpack, it’ll become apparent that new mobs are also in the oceans. These range from giant octopuses to sharks, along with tons of other species. While you dive into the depths of oceans and uncover monuments, there’ll be creatures lurking around you. Maintain a keen eye for them, as they may just bring you rare item drops. Otherwise, players building aquariums can use them accordingly!


Immersive Environments

Minecraft Biomes O' Plenty

Besides the vast diversity of creatures in Minecraft with No Vote Valley, you’ll encounter unique biomes too. This means you can stumble upon volcanos or large pumpkin fields, depending on the world’s seed. The amount of special environments is brought to you by Biomes O’ Plenty and other featured mods, which help create a truly immersive experience. Whether you want to build bases in aesthetically pleasing areas or spooky locations, you have plenty of options. This is amplified when playing with friends on a Minecraft dedicated server! Fortunately, our hosting platform offers you complete control over your gameplay experience, just in case you want to tweak specific settings.

Modpack Setup

As for setting this up on your Minecraft server, we offer an exclusive quick installation on our Apex Hosting panel. If you don’t already have one with us, then purchase one here. This process will only take a few minutes to complete, as it requires no prior technical knowledge. The following instructions will show you how to install the modpack on your dedicated server. However, all players must install this modpack on their Minecraft client before connecting. Download No Vote Valley from CurseForge, then review this guide to set it up on your computer. If you have any questions about these processes, then contact our 24/7 Support Team for assistance.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and press the Stop button at the top.
  2. Proceed to locate the Game File area, then click its currently selected option.
    Apex Hosting Game File
  3. In the dropdown menu, type “No Vote Valley” in the text box and press it.
    No Vote Valley Modpack Server Hosting
  4. Afterward, click Change Version and follow the prompts accordingly.
    No Vote Valley Apex Hosting
  5. At the final confirmation screen, press the Restart Now button to load the modpack.


Mob Voting Conclusion

Whether you have wanted a specific mob from past votes or all of them, our new Apex Hosting modpack introduces each of them. This means you get the full gameplay experience that Mojang failed to provide to its players. In addition to that, you’ll get access to tons of exciting animals that weren’t planned at all. You and others alike will embark on a new adventure full of diverse wildlife full of unique features that change Minecraft. Playing with friends is the ultimate experience with this modpack! Besides this, we hope this blog helped you learn more about our mob vote pack for Minecraft.

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