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Minecraft Live 2023 Latest Details, News, and Updates

Posted: Sep 28, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott

Overview – Minecraft Live 2023

In a world where digital landscapes continually evolve, few virtual realms have left as indelible a mark on our collective imagination as Minecraft. Since its inception in 2009, this sandbox video game has transcended the boundaries of traditional gaming, captivating millions of players worldwide. Minecraft’s enduring appeal lies not only in its pixelated aesthetic and immersive gameplay but also in its capacity to foster boundless creativity and exploration within an ever-expanding world. Bringing us the latest and greatest when it comes to updates and content is “Minecraft Live,” an annual event that serves as a nexus for the game’s dedicated community and a platform for its creators to unveil the latest updates, innovations, and visions for the future. In this blog, we will delve into the latest announcement for this year’s Minecraft Live, when to expect it, what it might include, and more.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

Indeed, the mob vote is back in action this year, offering our fantastic community three fresh mobs to select from! Eh, who am I kidding, it’s probably gonna be underwhelming. Why must we only get one of the three mobs showcased! It’d be better if they didn’t get my hopes up and just chose for me, but that’s just me.

Mob Vote

When you participate in the mob voting process, you actively contribute to the decision-making on which mob will be added to the game. The chosen mob subsequently becomes a part of the upcoming major update! As a testament to the power of community choice, last year’s victor was the sniffer, an ancient creature long thought to be extinct. Today, it roams our Overworlds, joyfully unearthing ancient seeds and charming all who encounter it with its adorable presence. Although, personally, I would have rather had the Copper Golem.

This year, the vote window is being extended, giving you just over 48 hours before Minecraft Live to make your voice heard! Voting will kick off at 1pm EDT on Friday, October 13, and wrap up at 1:15pm EDT on Sunday, October 15.

Much like last year, casting your vote will be a seamless experience within the Minecraft game itself! Simply hop onto the live event server using Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, where you can not only submit your vote but also mingle with others, partake in exciting mini-games, and even test your skills in mob parkour. Alternatively, you can exercise your voting rights right on Minecraft.net or via the trusty Minecraft Launcher. Plus, the exclusive event server will stay open for an additional 24 hours after the conclusion of Minecraft Live, allowing you to play some fun games a little after the scheduled time.

The Mobs – Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

Now, the burning question: which mobs are up for voting?

Crabs: Firstly, we have the crab. It’s about as impactful as crabs are in real life. They look cool, they’re pretty tough, but at the end of the day, it’s a crab. It’s a little bit difficult to interpret, but based on Mojang’s explanation, the crab allows for further placement of blocks. Whether this entails the crab placing the block, or you dismembering the poor creature to utilize it’s arm, I have no idea. According to Mojang, it also lives in the Mangrove Swamps.


Armadillo: Yet another realistic mob imported into a lovely pixelated, blocky form factor. Found in the underutilized savannah deserts, this new mob is naturally armored, rolling into a blocky ball if startled. When slain, it will drop a special scute which can be used to craft wolf armor for your pets!


Penguin: Found in the stony shores biome, this lovely amphibian flightless bird is making its way into the hearts of many. But what exactly does the Penguin do? Well, it makes your boat sail faster! How it does this, I’m actually not to certain. I can only assume it works like Dolphins do, where they follow you and naturally buff your speed as they swim near. Not too certain. In any case, this mob looks like a great option!



So, what exactly do we think about all of this? Well, This new mob vote is underwhelming, to say the least. While it is always cool to have new mobs added into Minecraft, the mob vote has consistently agitated the Minecraft community for many reasons. Historically, there has been a lack of understanding of the mechanics surrounding each of the mobs, such as people thinking the glow squid actually produced light. This time around, there isn’t exactly confusing, but people definitely would consider the options underwhelming. All the options are basic, realistic animals that provide little to no utility whatsoever. Because of this, the Minecraft community have taken it upon themselves to vent their frustration by creating a petition that demands the addition of all three mobs, rather than just a single one. Now, I don’t think that realistically will happen, but the petition has over 150,000 signatures which most certainly will grab Mojang’s attention and perhaps will give them insight onto how the community views the mob vote. You can check out that petition here.

Regarding the actual update itself, it’s up to speculation as to what 1.21 will include. For the past few years, Minecraft has sort of been playing catchup regarding all the promises they made when it came to Caves and Cliffs, to the point where the last for updates since 1.17 to 1.20 have been used as vessels for the promised content. Now that we’re finally passed that, who knows what’s in store for us?


That’s all! Minecraft Live is on the horizon, and you should get stoked about being able to vote on the upcoming mob vote. While the mob vote adds an exciting interactive element to the event, allowing players to shape the game’s development, this year’s choices are definitely perplexing. An assortment of hyper realistic mobs? That’s not the typical mob vote. In any case, I hope we get some goated mob options for this vote. The sniffer was fairly disappointing.

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