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Minecraft Speedrunning: Tips to Achieve a World Record

Posted: Aug 30, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


There are many games out there meant for replayability, with Minecraft being one of the most popular ones to try out. The final goal is to slay the Ender Dragon, triggering the portal for end credits. Achieving this accomplishment can take hours, days, months, and sometimes years depending on your playstyle. Some people in the community have taken it upon themselves to quickly complete Minecraft. This is known as speedrunning and has been around for a long time, as it’s a friendly competition to see who beats the game in record time. Similar concepts are applied to other titles too, but there’s something unique about this particular speedrun. For instance, there are so many tips and tricks used for finishing Minecraft in the shortest amount of time. Whether you use custom seeds for an overpowered spawnpoint or tweak your view distance for special advantages, there are lots of features to consider. Don’t worry, we’ll break down everything there is to know about speedrunning in Minecraft to help you be the fastest possible. Let’s begin!

How to Speedrun Minecraft

How to Speedrun Minecraft

The exact process for speedrunning depends on the game version used to launch Minecraft. Due to this, there are some categories players focus on to become #1 in the community. It’s strongly recommended to use the latest versions of the game, as this provides you with the best possible experience. If you don’t do this, then that’s fine! We’ll still give you plenty of helpful information to get you started with speedrunning in Minecraft. For example, planning ahead and optimizing character movement play important roles. Do you want to get a world record? Check out the subsections below to learn more about how to speedrun in your beloved game.

Planning Ahead

Before anything, you’ll need to plan out the Minecraft speedrun. This includes choosing what version to use, possible seeds, and items to prioritize. Remember, the whole point of speedrunning is to quickly kill the Ender Dragon. This means you must reach The End dimension in record time, requiring Eye of Enders to activate the portal. Finding the best speedrun seeds can help you get an amazing starting spot in-game, but is dependent on your game version. However, using custom worlds for a speedrun means you aren’t doing it traditionally.

Minecraft Seeds

If you don’t mind what speedrun category you’re placed in, then we encourage using seeds. Afterward, explore the nearby environment for any useful areas. Whether it’s a village or lava pool to build a Nether portal, playing through the custom world a few times helps you prepare for a speedrun of Minecraft. Otherwise, simply plan out your strategy in a randomly generated map. This means to determine what items to first obtain or craft, then which location to reach afterward. For example, quickly getting basic tools and focusing on making a Nether portal tends to be a popular choice. Regardless of what you do in-game, planning ahead will surely help you achieve a world record speedrun in Minecraft.

Player Movement

Minecraft Movement

While actively pursuing a Minecraft speedrun, it’s important to understand optimized player movement. If you don’t know by now, jumping while sprinting is the quickest way to move around the world. This requires more food though, but is worthwhile for your speedrunning adventure. Another useful tip is to prevent fall damage by having water buckets, as using liquid while falling will save your character. Finding iron ingots is needed beforehand, but can be done relatively quickly if you’re good enough. While in the Nether, try using the block place trick on soul sand.

This means you use placed blocks to jump over the ground, optimizing your time for the speedrun. No one wants to be slowed down by soul sand or other hazardous areas. Besides this, possibly having different key binds to help you sprint and move around can come in handy. Keep in mind that avoiding monsters also factors into your player movement, as fighting unnecessary battles wastes time. Similar to the above section, some of these tips depend on the exact Minecraft version used for the speedrun.

Finding Loot

One of the most important details about speedrunning in Minecraft is finding loot. In recent updates, players can stumble upon Ruined Portals with a nearby chest full of useful items. These structures and others like villages or desert temples can significantly improve your time for speedrunning. Whether you get a jump start on gear, food, or crafting materials, it’ll come in handy when achieving a world record. Other helpful loot may include buckets, beds, and ender pearls, along with similar resources. If you’re lucky enough, golden apples might be available too.

Minecraft Ruined Portal

These can truly help you during a speedrun, as losing health is never ideal. Whether you accidentally take fall damage or engage in combat, using these items can recover HP to prevent death. Similarly, enchanted weapons, armor, and tools can additionally better your speedrunning odds. For example, having the Soul Speed or Feather Falling on your boots gives extra in-game advantages to overcome challenges. Keep this in mind while finding lootable chests and items in your Minecraft world.

Trading Items

Minecraft Piglin Trading

After looting in Minecraft, you may have enough to trade with NPCs. While in the Overworld, you should find a nearby village to quickly get some good deals for specific materials. For instance, having enough food or easy access to armor can help the speedrun. Alternatively, taking the beds from their houses will increase your odds during the final fight in The End. Think about it, beds explode in this dimension and will take away more health from the dragon! Besides villages, you can get some gold ingots to trade with piglins in the Nether.

This only applies to speedrunners using the 1.16 update or higher for Minecraft, but will significantly help you obtain useful items. For instance, you can get pearls to activate The End portal but will need some blaze rods to make eye of enders. This type of trading can become frustrating though, as these piglins will attack you unless they have gold. It’s the best method for getting the required items for a speedrun in Minecraft, so it’s worth the effort.

Bed Explosions

As mentioned previously, using beds can explode in The End to quickly damage the Ender Dragon. We strongly recommend having enough of these on hand, which are readily available in the Overworld. Whether you’re grabbing some sheers to obtain wool blocks or simply stealing beds from villagers, you have some options. Additionally, getting some bows and arrows will also help you kill the final boss in Minecraft. This is amplified if you’re quick and lucky enough to have an enchanted one too. Now if you’re having trouble fighting the Ender Dragon during a speedrun, then consider revamping your strategy.

Minecraft Ender Dragon Fight

Remember, planning ahead is the most important thing before anything else. During the battle, you should try using a powerful sword or even lava to constantly damage the boss. This dragon will fly down occasionally near the portal for you to land some good hits. You may even want to watch a few speedruns to see how professionals act during the fight.

Other Tips

Minecraft Settings

There are a lot of technical tips in addition to in-game tricks, such as using chunk borders and tweaking view distances. Essentially, players can manipulate the world and mob generation by messing around with settings. This means someone can never let a specific structure load into Minecraft with all its monsters, while still looting it. Another example would include throwing an ender pearl in an unrendered chunk to gain an advantage for your speedrun playstyle. All of these other tips will involve extra research beforehand, as they can be complicated.

Instead of trying to use exploits or unique Minecraft features, you can simply optimize your performance. For instance, increasing your frames per second (FPS) can help with smoothness while actively trying for a world record. Having this done beforehand is better than trying to do it in the middle of your session though. Besides this, using basic programs to keep track of your time or generated worlds can also improve your speedrunning adventures. Popular streamers and YouTubers have these implemented for their audiences.


Speedrunning in Minecraft can be simple or extremely complicated, depending on your game version and insight into strategies. Whether you use vanilla exploits or custom seeds, there are so many tricks to consider. We wish you the best of luck during your speedrun attempts, as reaching a world record is difficult. This isn’t an understatement, as some players have beaten Minecraft in under 10 minutes! That’s right, someone finished the entire game in such a short amount of time. Hopefully, this Apex Hosting blog helped you learn more about speedrunning tactics to try out. Have a good one, gamers!

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