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Ruined Portals in Minecraft

Posted: Nov 23, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Imagine you’re exploring a Minecraft world for many in-game days, to only stumble across a weirdly half-built portal. There appears to be Netherrack nearby, was it magically teleported here…or created by something? Fret not traveler, you just found a Ruined Portal that can transport you into the Nether dimension! Wait, there’s a chest besides the structure that may contain valuable items. These ruined portals can randomly appear throughout your world, with many variations in their size and loot. You’ll encounter a ruined portal at some point along your journey, but it’s best to be prepared before finding one. Following this, let’s learn a bit more about these mysterious and unique structures in Minecraft.


Minecraft Ruined Portal

You may have noticed that these ruined portals can spawn in almost any biome, which is completely true. Of course, that’s assuming you actually locate one in your world. Either way, their generation only happens on the surface, but results in otherworldly transformations to the ground. Running into this without knowing anything about it can be spooky, especially if it’s singleplayer. However, in almost every instance where you do find one, the structure isn’t glitched or phased through other blocks. This tends to happen with villages since the generation can get a little wacky sometimes.

What doesn’t happen to villages is the chance to spawn in the Nether, which is what ruined portals do in every world. That’s right, if you’re stranded in this dimension and need a way out, then finding these abandoned structures is your escape route. However, collecting enough obsidian blocks to finish the portal is required. Regardless of that, it’s a nice touch Mojang added to Minecraft back in 2020. Huh, looks like the developers wanted to escape that year too.

Minecraft Ruined Nether Portal



Minecraft Ruined Portal Structures

Alright, you might have noticed some unique blocks from these ruined portals by now. Well, they try to replicate an otherworldly feeling in the Overworld. Call me crazy, but the structures certainly do appear from a different dimension, especially when they’re actually in the Nether. Enough of that, ruined portals have other aspects to them that players will instantly catch on. This is a singular chest sitting besides the frame, which holds many valuable items…sometimes. Besides this, there can be lava pools and/or magma blocks surrounding the structure. There’s even a gold block on it, typically located near the top of the portal. The placement of them, among the other blocks, are determined by the frame’s overall size since it can be ridiculously large.


Now for the topic most of you should be excited about, the different loot possibilities. These range from dogwater to amazing chests, as their items could be flint or an enchanted golden apple. Often enough, they lean towards the middle with some good and bad materials to yoink. We’ll briefly go through some of the different chests to find and show their spawn chances.

Bad Chest
Ruined Portal Minecraft Loot

To start things off poorly, bad chest items are mainly iron nuggets, fire charges, and flint. These materials are easily obtainable, with the majority of them found in the Overworld. Luckily, gold ingots are almost always going to be in these chests. Even if most items aren’t good, they can still be used for crafting recipes. In this regard, no chest is a bad one. Although, you’ll certainly want to wish for the best possible loot every time you stumble on ruined portals.


Good Chest

As for the good items, these are obsidian blocks, enchanted equipment, golden apples, and more. Their chances aren’t the best, but some average more than others. As previously mentioned, most chests have both valuable and horrible items. This example shows what happens when you’re a lucky adventurer in Minecraft. Don’t expect to get these materials on your first try, unless you’re unnaturally gifted.

Ruined Portal Minecraft Loot



Onto the spawn chances for notable items, these do vary in percentages and averages. It may come to no surprise that the best loot has low odds, but mid-tier materials have decent numbers. For example, gold nuggets aren’t entirely worthless and spawn fairly often. However, we’re cherry picking the items to show you since there are many different types. If you’re curious about this, then visit the Ruined Portal Wiki to find out.

ItemPercentage (%)Avg. Per Chest
Iron Nugget46.48.141
Gold Nugget20.53.166
Fire Charge46.40.603
Gold Ingot7.30.377
Golden Apple20.50.226
Enchanted Golden Equipment20.50.226
Enchanted Golden Apple1.50.015



You may be wondering what to do with all this information, but don’t worry. This will come in handy when you randomly find ruined portals in your Minecraft world. Whether you’re in the Nether or Overworld, raiding these structures for their blocks and loot benefits your adventure. Who wouldn’t want to get free obsidian or golden apples, especially early on in their gameplay? Continue your travels and hopefully you’ll locate a ruined portal, which at the very least can be used in a base or as decoration. With everything said and done, we wish you the best of luck gamers.

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