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Everything About Golden Apples in Minecraft

Posted: Mar 15, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Did you know apples in Minecraft play an important role for combat and survival? If not, then you might be interested to know all about its ultimate powers. Many players collect these shiny red apples from tree farms or through villager trades, but this doesn’t satisfy too much hunger. This may make them appear weak and not helpful for the typical gamer. Don’t throw them away! You can transform them into golden apples that give your character special effects. These abilities can assist you to overcome monster attacks or combat situations with other players. Besides this, there are a few fun facts that some users may not even know about. If you’re even the slightest bit curious, then let’s unravel everything about golden apples in Minecraft!

An Apple’s History

Minecraft Apple History

Throughout the history of Minecraft, there’s been many changes to Apples and its counterparts. Extremely early on in 2009, players couldn’t even use these items in-game. Notch decided that apples would replace mushrooms, making them functional for players to eat. Oddly enough, he made arrows require them for its crafting recipe, but quickly removed this feature. We bet you’re happy this still isn’t in Minecraft, as it makes no sense. Later on in the game’s development, Golden Apples were finally added to completely heal players. Over the years, it’s been tweaked to what we know and love today. Let’s not forget about Enchanted Golden Apples though since they played a critical role in PvP for the longest time. Each of these edible items were significantly altered and updated, with some not enjoying how they turned out. This leads us to the present day for apples, which has been set in stone to (likely) never be changed again.

How to Find Golden Apples

Minecraft Desert Temple

Nowadays, there are many locations around the Minecraft realm to find golden apples. These include Igloos, Strongholds, Mineshafts, Desert Temples, Woodland Mansions, among other structures. Some of them also include the enchanted variant, which is the only way to obtain them. Be cautious as you explore the world to hunt golden apples down, as there tends to be monsters or traps surrounding their locations.


In most cases, players will only find one or two golden apples in loot chests. On average, their spawn rate is 24.38% with many other items having better odds. Of course this depends on the structure you found in-game, but nonetheless will have this type of percentage. It should be noted that Bedrock Edition may have different rates, but relatively is the same.

Minecraft Golden Apple Chests


Crafting Recipe

Minecraft Golden Apple Recipe

Instead of searching for golden apples, players can easily craft them using Gold Ingots. Whether you find them in the Nether or use a mine, they are cheap to make since it only requires 8 of these materials. Make sure to have a big tree farm though, as apples have a low chance of dropping from leaves. Using the Fortune enchantment on a tool can slightly increase the odds.


Golden Apple Effects

Once you’ve obtained a golden apple, eating it will grant two status effects. These are Regeneration II for 5 seconds and Absorption for 2 minutes. Using this can come in handy when fighting a horde of zombies or another player trying to raid your base. If you’re lucky enough to find an enchanted golden apple, then these effects are amplified and have more of them.

Minecraft Golden Apple Effects



There you have it, the complete understanding of golden apples and its other variants in Minecraft. Whether you use them to fend off the undead or some pesky players in combat, these food items can truly help you survive. Some players rather craft golden apples instead of hunting them, but it depends if you want to use gold for other purposes. Lucky users may stumble upon its enchanted version, leading them to become an overpowered killing and healing machine. We hope this blog helped you learn a bit more about golden apples in Minecraft. See you next time, gamers!

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