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Minecraft Piglins: A Guide

Posted: Sep 2, 2020 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


piglin in the netherEver since 1.16 snapshots started releasing, the Minecraft community was dumbfounded at the news that Zombie Pigmen would be replaced with an entirely new design, and mob system: Piglins. Now that the Nether update is fully released, we have an entirely new dimension with new rules under the reign of a new porkish mob.

This will be a brief guide with explanations on how to best interact with Piglins. Now, let’s get hog wild!

Where to find them

Piglins can only be found in the Nether. They are most commonly found in Crimson forests, but they can be found in Nether Wastelands and other biomes alike. They travel in packs, and look like a crossbreed between man and pig! Sometimes, they can be wearing gold armor along with holding gold weapons.

Ok, but why am I being stabbed?

Piglins are hostile unless you’re wearing a piece of gold armor. If you want the onslaught to stop, or at the very least to have a moment of peace you’ll need to get some gold armor. One piece does the trick, so no need to make a full set. But, if you attack Piglins they will disregard your shiny pants and continue to kill you. You can distract Piglins by tossing some gold at them, which will initiate bartering. They will attack you once more after that, though.

bartering table


The good stuff. It ain’t trading, but these folk ain’t villagers. Bartering is a little more barbaric and ill-mannered, but it’s what these dudes do best. Toss em’ some gold, preferably an ingot, and they’ll throw back something worth your while… or not. The item(s) Piglins offer you will be random. You could get some iron nuggets or even ender pearls. Here is a table of everything you can get from bartering, along with the chances of receiving them.

Special Variations

Piglin Brute: A brutish version of the Piglins. He wields a golden axe, has more health, and attacks on sight. Unlike normal Piglins, the Piglin Brute will attack you even if you’re Piglin Brutewearing golden armor. If you attack the Brute (in self-defense, of course) then all the other Piglins will agro on you. Tough luck! This one will not barter.

Zombified Piglin:
Zombified PiglinWhat you would recognize as the old ‘Zombie Pigmen.’ Unlike the other Piglins, they will not attack you unless provoked, even if you lack golden armor. Sadly, like the brute, this one will not barter.


We’re in a new era for pig-related creatures that aren’t pigs. There are different types that do different things and a whole new bartering system. Whether you’re being brutalized, or casually walking by zombies, the Nether has some new occupants in store for us, and now you’re ready to handle them. Utilize these folk to your advantage, as they’re the Nether’s most interesting residents. I hope this guide helped you understand them better. With that said, have a great day!

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