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Minecraft Connection Refused Server Error

Last modified on Nov 28, 2022 in server errors

mc head By Nathan Young


Hosting a Minecraft server allows players to join at any given time, unless there are problems preventing connections. These issues can range widely from networking errors to the server being offline. In this scenario, it might be difficult to troubleshoot the situation since there are many reasons for it happening. A common occurrence when joining a server is the connection refused message. There is no further information displayed from this error, so it’d be challenging to fix it. Additionally, the solutions also vary since the causes can be a combination of them. This is problematic for server owners and players alike, as it could impact everyone. Due to this, Apex Hosting created this guide to show how to fix Minecraft connection refused errors.

How to Fix Connection Refused

Minecraft Connection Refused Error

In some cases, a few players can experience the connection refused error even if others do not. This makes troubleshooting difficult, as it involves technical work that could become confusing. However, there are a few easy tricks to narrow down the issue and fix the situation. Although, most of the time when connections are refused, the server tends to be offline or has crashed and requires a restart. With all this in mind, we’ll review common solutions to the connection error.

Restarting Server

The most common issue that results in the error is when the server is offline, as this would prevent any connection. Ensuring it’s online and fully loaded will likely fix the majority of cases.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Start and Force Stop buttons at the top.
    Note: Depending on if the server is completely offline or has crashed determines what button to press.
  2. If the server is offline, then click Start and wait for it to load. If the server is endlessly loading (crashed), then press Force Stop and proceed to Start it.
    Apex Server Start Force Stop
  3. When the server comes online, you’ll see the “Offline” turn into “Online” near the buttons. Join once you see this appear on the panel to confirm it works.

Unfortunately, if the server continues to crash and results in the same error then you’ll want to revert any recent changes. For instance, if you added Minecraft mods before this happened then remove those. However, it’s best to review crash reports to verify the problem, which you can learn how to do here. Otherwise, you may restore the server to see if that resolves it.

Direct Connection

Instead of connecting through an added server on the Multiplayer list in-game, use the direct method. This will provide you and other players with the best possible connection attempt.

  1. Head over to your Apex server panel and copy the IP Address:Port.
    Apex Server IP Address:Port

    Note: You can also copy the Subdomain for this process, if you want.

  2. Open the Minecraft launcher and click Play for the profile you wish to load.
    Minecraft Launcher Play Button
  3. When it loads, press the Multiplayer button from the main menu.
  4. At the bottom, click Direct Connection and paste the IP Address:Port into the text box.
    Minecraft Direct Connection
  5. Afterward, press Join Server and you should start connecting without problems.


Verifying Mods

If you experience the connection refused error on a modded server, then what could be happening is a mismatched mod list issue. Double-check that you and all impacted players have installed the mods correctly. Additionally, make sure that every mod is on the launcher and matches the server’s list. Without having the same mods, then the server will automatically reject the connection. Other times, mods didn’t get properly installed on the server and results in the same situation. Essentially, installing everything on the server and launcher will resolve the mod list error and hopefully the connection refused issue.

Network Optimization

Optimizing your connection is the last option for people still experiencing the error. This may consist of restarting your router, flushing your DNS, and tweaking firewall, antivirus, or proxy settings. All options are technical solutions, which may require additional research on your part to do. However, it might be worth doing since resolving networking issues would fix the connection refused error. Otherwise, at the very least it narrows down the entire situation so you may try other troubleshooting methods.


When joining a Minecraft server, players may encounter connectivity issues and can result in frustrations. This is especially true, as it may turn away people from playing on your server. Luckily, there are multiple solutions to this situation that you can try. Using more than one is typically required, but it depends on the exact scenario. Although, after trying all options and it still persists, then you’ll want to contact Support to get it resolved. Hopefully our solutions in this guide helped you fix the Minecraft connection refused error.

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