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Mismatched Mod Channels

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in Server Errors

mc head By Nathan Young


Modded servers can be a blast to play on, but require the same mods/versions on the launcher and server. The mod list does not match in some cases, resulting in a mismatched mod channels error. It may be missing mods, mismatched mod versions, or the wrong modpack version that causes the issue. Luckily, Apex Hosting knows about the stress regarding this problem, so we created this guide that shows you the solutions.

If you’re unsure you have this issue, there are two ways to confirm you have a mismatched mod channel list. The first is the classic Disconnect message, which does not innately say anything. However, the console shows the actual issue in detail. You can view an example of that below.

Console Mismatch Error

The second way to confirm is straightforward. It’ll tell you the problem in-game when attempting to join the server. An example of that message is down below.

In-game Disconnect


How to fix Mismatched Mod Channels

  1. Download and install the FTP program, FileZilla. You can review more information about this application here.
  2. Once it’s installed, log into the Apex server panel and head to your server.
  3. Navigate to the FTP File Access area, which is to the left of the panel.
  4. Copy your information displayed on the page.
  5. Open FileZilla and paste the login details accordingly.
  6. Click Quickconnect and accept any prompts that may show up afterward.
  7. Locate your server files in the bottom right of the program and find the mods folder.
  8. Drag and drop the folder into your desktop, then wait for it to process the download.
  9. After that is completed, open up the folder and navigate to your local mods folder for the launcher.
  10. Delete all mods inside the launcher’s mods folder, then drag all the mods you downloaded into that directory.
  11. Finally, attempt to start up the game with those mods. If done correctly, your game should load without issues. At that point, you should be able to join the modded server successfully.

If the connection is stable and you can play, you may upload any additional mods to the server. Make sure to upload them into the local mods folder too. You can find out how to upload mods to the server here.

Resolving on a Modpack

  1. Log into your Apex server panel, select your server and stop it.
  2. Locate and click on the FTP File Access button.
  3. Press the small box to the side of the jar and mods, then press Delete at the top of the page.
  4. FTP Delete Update Modpack
  5. Proceed to Submit and wait for the Done, returned Ok message to appear.
  6. Afterward, return to the Apex server panel and start the server up.
  7. Now that the modpack is updated to the latest version, head to your launcher that uses the pack.
  8. Uninstall the modpack on your computer and reinstall it with the newest version.
  9. Once the reinstallation is completed, attempt to join the server. If done successfully, you’ll now be able to play!


Common Issues

Unable to join Minecraft Server
Sometimes, you may resolve the mismatched channels list error but cannot join the server now. That can happen if you have additional mods on the server that have been removed or have a config file conflict. It’s best to contact support if something like that happens for you. You may contact us via Live Chat or through a ticket.

Unable to use FileZilla
Having issues with the FTP program is common and is mainly caused by invalid login credentials. We advise you to confirm the username from the FTP File Access area before attempting again. Additionally, make sure you use the correct password for the Apex server panel. You may need to make sure your firewall or other security programs prevent the FTP connection.

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