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How to Summon a Mob Without AI

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Summon Mobs Without AI

Overview – Summon a Mob Without AI

After enabling cheats or getting server operator permissions in Minecraft, many activities become available for you to try out. Whether you want to quickly get items or locate specific biomes, you’re granted the ability to do that and more. However, there’s one command to summon any mob or entity in the Minecraft world. This can be used for setting up villager trading or to mess around with friends. Although, there’s much more to this command than meets the eye. One exciting feature is having the power to summon mobs without AI in Minecraft. This provides you with a lifeless creature in-game, while still giving its normal item drops upon death. Using these kinds of mobs is perfect for getting screenshots, trolling friends, among other activities. It’s not common knowledge that this feature is available though, so we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to summon a mob without AI in Minecraft.

Artificial Intelligence in Minecraft

Minecraft AI

Every single creature, animal, boss, and mob in Minecraft has artificial intelligence. These kinds of AI make the game feel alive, as it provides them with their normal behaviors. For instance, zombies can only move around and attack with it. If this were to be removed, they’d end up being a hollow shell without any life. This might come in handy for some players, such as taking screenshots with shaders enabled to display their resource pack. Other times this can help with pranking your friends by summoning a lifeless creeper behind them. There are lots of possibilities for mobs without AI, even factoring into complicated command block functions. If you’re wanting to play around with this feature, then review the subsections below to learn more about its process.

Spawning Mobs Without AI

Summoning anything in-game requires a command, which has extra arguments for more customization. This is how you and other players alike can spawn mobs without AI in Minecraft. The following instructions will guide you through this process but remember that you must have cheats or operator privileges beforehand. Whether you’re in singleplayer or multiplayer mode, this is entirely possible to achieve. When you’re ready, review the steps below.

  1. While having cheats or operator permissions enabled, enter your Minecraft world.
  2. Open the chat and type your desired summon command, ex: /summon minecraft:pig
  3. Proceed to add the coordinates, then the following argument: {NoAI:1}
    Summon Mob No AI Command

    Note: Use ~ ~ ~ for your character’s current position for the mob.

  4. Afterward, press Enter on your keyboard and the creature will appear without AI.
    No AI Mobs Minecraft

Keep in mind that physics will not work on these types of mobs, meaning they can float or phase through blocks. It’s encouraged that you’re in creative mode while summoning, as the creature can be on the ground rather than in other positions. Besides this, you and others can use command blocks to achieve the same goal. Simply run the same arguments and connect it to a lever, button, or other redstone blocks to summon the mob. Although, using the “~ ~ ~” coordinates isn’t advised since the creature will be stuck inside of the command block. With this in mind, consider using other values for this so everything works out as intended.

Using AI-Disabled Mobs

AI Disabled Mobs Minecraft

We’ve already mentioned a few activities you can use for mobs without artificial intelligence in Minecraft, but there are plenty more of them to consider. For instance, using them as statues for your base can add onto the aesthetic appeal. Another example is using AI-disabled mobs for parkour, as it provides players with a unique obstacle. If these aren’t enough, then you can try using them as building pieces for your structures for additional detail. Alternatively, storytelling with disabled mobs is possible since you can take coordinated screenshots to set up scenes. Otherwise, you can simply troll some friends with a frozen hostile mob. Regardless of what you plan on doing, these summoned creatures can come in handy.

Common Issues

Summoned Mobs Are Stuck

After spawning your mob without AI, it can become stuck or glitched in blocks. This happens when you’ve run the summon command in spectator mode and aren’t aligned properly with the ground level. Solving this situation requires you to kill the creature and redo the process, but this time in the correct position. However, some mobs can be extremely large or bulky that may continue to phase through blocks. In this case, you’d want to expand the area of the summoning location. Otherwise, choosing another mob for this is another way to fix the problem.

Unable to Kill Mobs Without AI

Occasionally, a few summoned mobs cannot be killed in-game while having no artificial intelligence. This is primarily found with an Ender Dragon, but other creatures may apply. Solving this particular problem requires you to run the following command: /kill @e[type=minecraft:ender_dragon]. If you’re trying to do this on multiplayer, then make sure to have the correct permissions beforehand. However, the arguments for the command can change depending on your Minecraft version and server setup. In other situations, replace the mob’s name with your target to remove it with the same process.

Cannot Spawn Mobs

Remember, cheats or operator permissions are required to run the summon command. Whether you’re in singleplayer or a server, this still applies. Once you have the correct privileges on your account, redo the command to see if that works. If for any reason it continues to fail, make sure you’re inputting everything correctly. For instance, formatting the coordinates or extra arguments is required for this to properly execute its function. In cases where you or other players are still having issues, consider using this generator to help with that.

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