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Minecraft Server Commands

Last modified on Dec 7, 2023 in control panel

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OP Yourself

Now that you have created your own server, you need to become the ruler of it! The easiest way to do this is to log into your Multicraft Control Panel and find your Console. Here you can issue simple Minecraft server hosting commands. To OP yourself and gain permissions to your server for the first time you need to issue the command “op username” (Ex: op AshKetchum ). Now you will have access to various commands that you will be able to use on your server, we will cover the main ones below.

#In Game Admin Command:

/op AshKetchum

#In Control Panel Console Command:

op AshKetchum



If you are wanting to whitelist your server and protect it from unknown visitors then you will first need to enable whitelisting in your control panel. This can be done in the left-hand menu under config files, then selecting Server Settings. A lot of the controls for your server like seed type, view distance, online mode and more are found here. Find the option called Whitelisting and set it to Enabled. Hit save at the bottom and restart your server.

Now that whitelisting is enabled we can go to the console again. Once there issue the command "whitelist add username" or "whitelist remove username". Remember not to use the / when issuing the command in the console.

note: If you have already OP'd yourself then you can issue this command in the game in your regular in game console. Just add the / before the command and it will work the same.

#In Game Admin Command:

/whitelist add AshKetchum
/whitelist remove AshKetchum

#In Control Panel Console Command:

whitelist add AshKetchum
whitelist remove AshKetchum


Ban Players

The Ban players command can work with both usernames and IP addresses. To ban someone or unban someone, return to your console or in-game command bar if you are already OP, and issue the command "ban username" or "pardon username". You also have a bans.txt and a ban-ip.txt in your server FTP. To ban a user in this way then add the username or ip address per line of the file. Save and restart to activate.

#In Game Admin Command:

/ban AshKetchum
/pardon AshKetchum

#In Control Panel Console Command:

ban AshKetchum
pardon AshKetchum



To change the gamemode of a player, you would use the command /gamemode [creative/survival/spectator] [playername]. Simply enter which gamemode you would like, then enter the player name of whoever's gamemode you wish to change.

#In Game Admin Command:

/gamemode survival
/gamemode survival AshKetchum

#In Control Panel Console Command:

gamemode survival
gamemode survival AshKetchum


Common Issues

Commands aren't working in-game:
Oftentimes if this is happening, this means that you are not properly opped through the server console. In the console, ensure you enter op [YourUsername] and replace [YourUsername] with your own playername. Once this is done, you can try to use the commands once again.

Minecraft Server Console says Unknown Command:
If this occurs, it normally means that you may have entered the console command with a slash (/). When using console commands, make sure to omit the slash, as it is only needed for in-game commands. For example, use time set day instead of /time set day when using the server console.

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