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How to Start a FTB Continuum Server

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in Modpacks

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After a few playthroughs, it is possible to get a bit bored of the normal Minecraft grind. Modding the game is a good way to add a new challenge for you and your players to overcome. Creating barren worlds to survive or adding complicated new machines can drastically enhance your experience. FTB Continuum was designed to give a new challenge to hardcore players with a focus on tech and engineering. Players start with nothing and have to gather resources to build increasingly complex machines. Just when the end seems near, players are given the chance to start colonizing the stars with what few resources they pack into their rocket. The modpack was created specifically to be more difficult and more technically oriented than other 1.12.2 packs. In this guide we will show you how to start your own FTB Continuum server with Apex Hosting.

Server-Side Installation

  1. Open up the Apex Server Panel and scroll down to the Game File section.
  2. Click the dropdown menu and look for FTB Continuum. You can type the name into the dropdown to search for it a bit faster.
    Change game file in the panel
  3. Click on FTB Continuum, then click on the Change Version button.
  4. Create a new world and restart the server when prompted. Your previous world will be saved on the server to use later.

Client-Side Installation

To install this pack on your computer, we recommend using the FTB app. This launcher allows you to have multiple FTB modpacks installed simultaneously and it will handle installing all of the mods for you.

  1. Download and install the FTB launcher from their website here
  2. Open the app, click on the search icon, then use the search bar to find FTB Continuum.
    Finding continuum on the FTB Launcher
  3. Click on the green Install button next to the pack to start the installation.
  4. Once the pack is done installing, you can click on the green Play button to start the game with the modpack.

Getting Started

When you start a new world with FTB Continuum you will receive a copy of the Better Questing guide. This item is the complete guide to the modpack and all of the challenges involved with it. The guide has a series of quests for you to complete to learn the different mechanics of the modpack. These are essential for surviving the harsh gameplay created by the developers.


Better questing menu

The Feed the Beast team has put together a comprehensive questline to follow with the Better Questing mod. You can view and track the quests through the Better Questing book you receive when you first join the game.

The quests start off as simple and have essential rewards you will need early on. After you finish the normal tutorial missions, they become much more difficult. Each one is tailored to provide a challenge to expert Minecraft players. Many of the recipes in this pack have been altered to make items more difficult to build and obtain.

Quest completion notification

Food and Tools

Spice of life in tooltips

The Spice of Life mod included in this pack will make farming food a little more difficult. Several food items have had their saturation lowered. Food won’t be as filling to begin with and food items will become less effective as you eat more of them.

The best farm ever

Your farms will need to have much more variety to them to be able to survive. A single automated carrot or potato farm will not be as effective as in the vanilla game. The more variety of food you have, the better off you will be as you advance through this pack.

Tools also break much more quickly than normal. The durability level for most of the starter tools has been lowered and many of the essential resources will require higher tier tools to harvest. Creating advanced tools with TConstruct will help get around this issue. Creating better tools is also one of the first important quests listed in the modpack.

Lead ore about to make a pickaxe cry


Continuum is primarily focused on technical gameplay. It features most of the popular tech and engineering mods and most of the later quests will require you to build complex machines. The developers of the pack have worked hard to balance the mods and allow them to work together almost seamlessly. Here are some of the more important mods you will find in the pack.

Environmental Tech

Environmental tech menu

Environmental Tech is one of the core mods for this pack. It adds several multiblock machines to help make gathering resources a little bit easier. Environmental Tech is mainly meant to be used in the mid-game as many of the machines are very expensive to create. Luckily these same machines will remove a lot of the grind needed to gather important resources later. Keeping stocked with some of the machines early on will be helpful in the long run.

Environmental Tech multiblock machine

While there are several different machines available from this mod, the most useful will be the Ore and Resource Miners. These multiblock machines can be attached to a chest to mine resources for you. Just be sure to give them plenty of power and a clear line of sight down to bedrock. Crafting several of these machines will keep you flush with resources to use in your other quests.

Tinkers’ Construct

Slime friends from TConstruct

Tinkers’ Construct is one of the most popular mods for Minecraft. It is a massive mod that completely changes how you handle tools in the game. Every tool can be extensively customized by using the new smelting and stencil mechanics added by the mod. In Continuum, the mechanics for TConstruct generally remain the same, but most of the recipes have been drastically changed to suit the overall theme of the modpack.

One of the earliest quests in this modpack involves constructing a smeltery. This invaluable crafting station will allow you to create higher quality tools necessary for harvesting the rare materials needed later in the game. You can find more information about this mod’s mechanics in our guide here.

Smeltery from TConstruct

Advanced Rocketry

Visiting the moon in Advanced Rocketry

Advanced Rocketry is the primary focus of the late game for this modpack. After getting used to building multiblock machines with Environmental Tech, you should be ready to start building rockets and exploring the final frontier. The mod adds several planets to the game as separate dimensions. Each of the planets in our own solar system, including a few moons, are available from the beginning. Randomly generated planets become available as you progress through the mod.

NASA would be proud

While this may be a late-game mod, Advanced Rocketry drastically expands the modpack. There are several resources that can only be harvested on other planets. This will give you the opportunity to build your own rocket, satellites, and space stations as you start colonizing the galaxy. You can’t take a lot of resources with you when you first start exploring other worlds. We recommend placing an Ender Chest or an Ender Pouch from the Ender Storage mod somewhere on your rocket so you can have the essentials with you no matter what planet you are on.

Tips and Tricks

  • Improve your tools as quickly as possible. The basic wood, stone, and iron tools will not last long on this pack. You will need diamond tools or better to get the most basic resources for building machines.
  • Make heavy use of Iron Chests. The mod adds several new chests that can have their storage size upgraded. You will need to grind a lot of resources and having a large storage area will save you a lot of time and trouble.
  • Use the firewood tool rod or binding rod when creating a pickaxe with TConstruct. This will give you access to the autosmelt trait so you don’t need to worry as much about smelting ores.
  • The sink from the Cooking with Blockheads mod is an infinite water source. Water is essential for several machines and different fuels used in the modpack. Getting this sink early on will save you a bit of a headache.


FTB Continuum has a lot of technical mods to keep redstone engineers busy for hours on end. This is a challenging pack meant for expert players or people that want something more difficult than vanilla’s Hardcore game mode. Recipes are changed to be more difficult to complete and mobs are more challenging than before. Just as the end seems in sight you get launched into space to colonize other worlds with only the resources you packed into your rocket. With this guide you are now ready to start hosting your own FTB Continuum server and impress your players with your technical acumen.

Common Issues

I am getting a ‘mismatched mod channel list’ error

This error most often happens because the mods on your server and the ones on your computer do not match. Make sure you have the exact same modpack installed on both devices before attempting to join. If you recently updated the modpack on your computer, make sure it is also updated on your Server. You can update your server by following our guide here.

I am getting a ‘fatally missing registry entries’ error

Much like the error above, this happens because the config files on your server do not match the ones on your computer. If you haven’t already, make sure that the server and your computer are both running the latest version of the modpack. If you had a different pack previously installed, there may be some leftover config files on the server causing the problem. To fix this issue, go to FTP File Access as though you were going to update the pack. Delete the config, mods, jar, and kubejs folders if they are present. Restart the server and the correct files will be installed for you.

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How To Make a FTB Continuum Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your FTB Continuum server will be created instantly