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How to Update Mods on a Minecraft Server

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in General

mc head By Nathan Young


Keeping Minecraft modpacks updated on your server and launcher are important for ensuring you or others can easily join. It can be a lot of fun to play, but when a new update is released, it can be difficult to change the pack’s version. A good example of this is that the server files don’t automatically switch versions when the modpack’s author(s) update it. That means you have to manually update the files on your server to get it on the latest version. Additionally, you have to confirm that the modpack version on your client matches the server’s version. In other words, there are two processes for updating the pack. In this Apex Hosting resource, we will guide you through updating a Minecraft modpack on your server and launcher.

How to Update a Modpack

Updating your Minecraft modpack on both the server and launcher is crucial. If you only update your client and not the server, then you can’t join due to a mismatched modlist error or another issue. The same thing happens if you only update the server and not your launcher. Before updating anything, double-check the latest server version we have in the system so you know which one to install. You can do that by heading to our Modpack Server List page.


You would want to fully reinstall the modpack on your server by deleting specific folders, but if you wanted to keep specific files beforehand then download them using FileZilla. The server will regenerate all the deleted files with the latest version we have in the system.

  1. Head to your Apex server panel and press the Stop button.
  2. Afterward, in the top left click FTP File Access and login using your password.
  3. You’ll see all the server files, but only check mark the jar, config, and mods folders.
    Update Modpack Files in FTP
  4. Click Delete in the top and continue to Submit the changes.
  5. Once you see “Done, returned Ok” in the console, return to the main panel and Restart the server to regenerate the files.

Note: In rare cases, deleting other folders such as defaultconfigs, scripts, patchouli_books, kubejs and structurize are required to fully update the pack. If you need a specific version of a modpack then you’ll need to manually install that.


Once the server is updated with the latest version, ensuring your client-sided pack is updated will make sure your connection is successful. There are different launchers to run modpacks, which all have unique ways for updating the pack. In some cases, you may find multiple instances of the same modpack on different launchers. You want to ensure that you’re using the correct client to play and update the pack.


  1. Open the CurseForge program and head towards the My Modpacks section.
  2. Click on the desired modpack profile and press the three vertical dots.
  3. Once there, locate and select the Change Version option.
    Update CurseForge Modpack
  4. Under the Select Modpack Version category, click the dropdown menu and press the latest one.
    Update CurseForge Modpack Version

    Note: The latest version should be at the top of the list.

  5. After that, proceed to Continue near the bottom and wait for the modpack to completely update.



  1. Open your Technic Launcher and head to the Modpacks section near the top.
  2. Locate and click the outdated pack, then in the top right corner press Modpack Options.
  3. Make sure the Latest Version button is selected and continue to Reinstall Pack.
    Update Technic Modpack
  4. If it prompts you to confirm the changes, do that and it should have reinstalled the modpack.
    Note: If the pack is not updated, then you would want to use the A Specific Version option to select the latest one.


Feed the Beast

  1. Launch the FTB App and head towards your Library section.
  2. Select the desired modpack and press Versions or Update Available.
    Update FTB Modpack
  3. If you clicked Versions, then make sure to use the Latest option and continue to Update.
    Update FTB Modpack Version
  4. Regardless of the method you used, wait for the modpack to fully download and when that completes you’ll see a “Modpack Installed!” message at the bottom.



  1. Open the ATLauncher program and head to your Instances page.
  2. After that, select the outdated modpack and press the Edit Instance button then click Reinstall.
    Update ATL Modpack
  3. In the Version to Install section, select the latest build of the modpack.
    Note: It should be at the top in the version listing area.
    Update ATL Modpack Version
  4. Once you do that, continue to Reinstall the pack and wait for the “…has been reinstalled” message.


Voids Wrath

  1. Run the VoidLauncher application and head to the Mod Pack area.
  2. Select the outdated modpack and press Reinstall.
    Update Void Modpack
  3. You’ll be prompted to confirm the process, so click Yes and select an option for the backup prompt.
  4. Afterward, wait for it to fully reinstall and it’ll automatically launch Minecraft.


    Successfully updating your Minecraft modpack on the server and launcher will make sure all player connections are stable. Updating the server requires you to use the FTP panel so you may delete the outdated files, then regenerate them after a restart. It also guarantees that you use the latest features and functions from the pack, among fixing any bugs from it. There are many launchers to play on modpacks, which have different updating methods. Make sure to choose the right version or the latest option depending on the client you use. Once everything is set up, you can join without any problems and start playing on your Apex Hosting Minecraft server.

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