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How to Get Rid of HUD in CS:GO


mc head By Nathan Young

How to Hide the HUD in CSGO


As you and players alike load up CS:GO and enter in a match, sometimes a moment is perfect for a screenshot. Whether you’re admiring a weapon skin or a dead player’s model position, taking a snapshot is used for many aspects. However, in some cases, the HUD gets in the way of that perfect screenshot, leading players to try fixing the issue. Luckily, solving this scenario is a straightforward process that involves only a few commands. It’s completely togglable and reversible, so when you’re done taking screenshots, the overlay display can return to help you fight. Keeping everything in mind, let’s explore how to get rid of the HUD on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


As previously mentioned, commands are required to hide the HUD. With this said, you’ll need to enable the developer console to execute them. Learn more about this process down below.

  1. Select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam in your Library, then press Play.
    CS:GO on Steam
  2. Afterward, head towards the Settings near the bottom left corner of the main menu.
  3. Navigate towards the Game Settings, and change the Enable Developer Console option to Yes, then load into a match.
    CS:GO Game Settings
  4. Once in-game, press Tilde (~) on your keyboard to open the console.
  5. Now you’re prepared to hide the HUD from your CS:GO match.


Disabling HUD

Disable HUD in CS:GO

Now it’s time to remove the HUD from your CS:GO match, which isn’t too complicated since the console is enabled. Follow the instructions below to get started. Once everything is completed, this will instantly remove the game’s overlay and your crosshair, meaning your viewmodel is the only aspect left. As a side note, make sure to not do this in a competitive game since you’ll be at a disadvantage.

  1. While in-game, open the console by pressing the Tilde (~) key on your keyboard.
  2. Copy and paste the following commands one-by-one to disable the HUD:
    cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1
    crosshair 0

  3. For each one, press Submit to the right to execute it.
    CS:GO Disable HUD Command
  4. Once all commands are used, exit the console and enjoy.


Enabling HUD

CS:GO Enable HUD

As for re-enabling the HUD, it uses the same commands with different values. This follows the same process as before, which makes it easy to do. Similarly to disabling, the changes will automatically happen after executing the commands. With that said, let’s jump into the steps.

  1. When playing a match, open the developer console by pressing the Tilde (~) keybind.
  2. Afterward, copy and paste the following commands to disable the HUD:
    cl_draw_only_deathnotices 0
    crosshair 1

  3. Enter these one-by-one, then press Submit to the right.
  4. Once every command is used, the HUD and crosshair will reappear.



Whether you’re wanting to take the perfect screenshot or capture cinematic gameplay, disabling the CS:GO HUD has many uses. Albeit, it’s not suggested to use this for combat on a professional level. Besides this, the most popular task to do without an overlay is to take snapshots of weapon skins. For instance, many collectors showcase their unique gun designs as screenshots on their Steam profile. If these images had the HUD enabled, it may take away focus on the skin. Otherwise, it’s a great feature to use in videos and other pieces of content. We hope this guide helps you produce good quality screenshots or anything else you might have in mind with a disabled Counter-Strike HUD.

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