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How to Fly in CS:GO

Last modified on Jan 3, 2023 in csgo

mc head By Nathan Young


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has many different and unique maps with tons of detail, which players tend to memorize for matches. For example, people may explore the environment to gather information about potential strategies. For most CS players, this is a form of practice since knowing the correct angles and positioning might save them in future fights. This can take a long time, as navigating through all the maps and analyzing areas can take a while on foot. Solving this requires flight, which is a faster way to explore, take screenshots, or calculate perfect combat spots. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to fly in CSGO as it’s enabled by a command. Due to this, Apex Hosting will teach you the steps for flight and activities to do afterward.

How to Fly

CSGO noclip

Before flying around in a Counter-Strike match, you’ll want to enable the console so commands can be executed. This will allow you to easily toggle flight in-game without issues. Let’s go through the steps required to enable the console and use the correct command to fly in CSGO.

  1. Launch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Steam and from the main menu, head towards the Settings.
  2. Enter in the Game category of Settings, then locate Enable Developer Console.
    CSGO Enable Developer Console
  3. Change this option to Yes and afterward, load up a match or join your server.
  4. By default, the console’s keybind is Tilde (~). Press this while playing the game.
  5. Now that the console can open, execute sv_cheats 1 to allow cheats for flight.
    CSGO sv_cheats 1
  6. This will return a confirmation message in-chat, which everyone can see.
    Note: If you’re on a server, then follow our How to Enable Cheats guide.
  7. After this, run the noclip command to start flying and phasing through structures.
    CSGO fly command


Flight Activities

Flying in Counter-Strike has been a helpful feature for a long time to create maps, explore them, and find perfect smoke spots. Players have used this for a variety of reasons, from messing around to practicing utility throws. The following flight activities are the most common in CSGO, with one of them being extremely useful to Esport players.


When new maps are released in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players will fly around them to memorize areas of interest. For example, key locations such as bomb sites and connecting rooms will be essential to remember while playing on it. Another aspect to exploring maps is determining the fastest rotation movements to gain advantages over the enemy team. This could be rotating from A site to B site through the middle of the map or a similar route. Most people do this at least once if they are serious about training.

CSGO noclipped building


CSGO Smoke Practice

The best flying feature is the ability to practice throwing grenades, smokes, flashbangs, and molotovs. This heavily relies on player positioning and angular momentum, since physics is what controls the throw. Mastering this requires aligning the player’s crosshair in a specific spot and the amount of speed needed to throw. Once a person practiced the setup, executing it in a real match can help overtake a bomb site or smoothly rotate to another location. Every CSGO player, especially pro gamers, can use flight to improve their skill and gameplay.


Map Making

Creating maps is already a difficult task, but flying in-game to test it out and look for issues helps a lot. Almost every creator does this, which is used as a tool to find or resolve problems. Additionally, these types of people use flight to capture the perfect screenshot for their map’s release. However, most players aren’t building maps so this is mainly for developers.

CSGO Dust 2 Map



Flying in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be used as a tool or to have fun with friends. It’s a wonderful feature in the game that anyone can use and tailor to their needs. Whether you’re practicing smoke throws, taking screenshots, or exploring the map, flight allows you to do all of them and more. For example, flying all over the place might reveal easter eggs or hidden secrets. This, among other uses, is what you can do with flight! We hope this tutorial helped you learn how to fly in CSGO to start exploring maps, positions, and more.

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