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Hosting a Sons Of The Forest Server

Posted: Jun 20, 2023 in Sons Of The Forest

mc head By Nathan Young

Overview – Hosting a Sons Of The Forest Server

Alas, Sons Of The Forest officially released dedicated servers to the community! Instead of being limited in multiplayer, you can host your own session with friends to get the most out of the game. Apex Hosting has recently included this game in our list so you have the easiest time getting started. All it’ll take is a few minutes to prepare everything, as it comes preinstalled for your convenience. There’s zero hassle to configure a Sons Of The Forest server with us, but what can you expect? What about the gameplay? If you’re familiar with hosting servers and playing SOTF, then you may know the answers to these questions. However, we want everyone to fully understand how easy it is to get started and enjoy the game with friends. Keeping this in mind, let’s jump right into it!

Sons Of The Forest Server Hosting

Before setting up your own SOTF server, you’ll need to purchase one from us. This only applies to new customers, as existing ones can simply create a new profile and select the game to accomplish this goal. You can expect 99.9% uptime with DDoS protection, giving you the most out of your money. Additionally, all server files are easily accessible through the FTP panel just in case you want to make changes. We give you full control over Sons Of The Forest, compared to what normal multiplayer provides. Whenever you’re ready to get started, follow along below.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File area down below.
    SOTF Game File
  2. Upon finding this, click on the currently selected option to reveal a drop down menu.
  3. Proceed to type “Sons Of The Forest” in the search bar, then press on it once found.
    Sons Of The Forest Server Hosting
  4. Continue to confirm these changes in the following prompts, then click Restart Now.
    SOTF Restart Now
  5. After everything has been loaded, join the server to begin enjoying Sons Of The Forest.


Dedicated Server Gameplay

Sons Of The Forest Dedicated Servers

Similar to The Forest, its new sequel is a survival horror adventure that forces players to collect and preserve resources for other activities. Whether you’re exploring or fighting off demons, you must be well equipped and healthy to do it. Experience wonderful improvements compared to the prequel, new enemies, unique weapons, advanced artificial intelligence, and more features in Sons Of The Forest. As the developers continue to grow their game, many changes may happen. For example, a recent update allows players to ride in golf carts! Expect to see more features and activities later on. For the time being, we’ll showcase what you can enjoy on your dedicated server with friends.

A Brand New World

There’s a huge graphical boost comparing what The Forest offered to players, so the world around you in-game will look beautiful. There’s an in-depth weather and daylight cycle, including seasonal changes to give life to everything. Besides this, the environment is also new with several kinds of biomes and cave systems to explore. For example, you can stumble upon large snowy mountains or moderate lakes. This map is large, adding onto the realism of this game. This is amplified by the fact you need to constantly survive in any situation that’s thrown at you.

SOTF World


Overcoming Challenges

SOTF Challenges

Continuing with the survival aspect, there’s many challenges and obstacles to overcome in Sons Of The Forest. Whether you’re trying to catch some food or battle demons, there are plenty of situations to keep in mind. This is prevalent when considering winter may come around, forcing you to quickly gather and store food. Remember, this game strives to be realistic and has a complex survival system. Always focus on yourself above all else, unless you’re a team player. Regardless, make sure you and anyone else is well equipped in all aspects.


Advanced AI Systems

When there are enemies and allies in a game, there’s artificial intelligence. Unlike The Forest, this game has a well developed AI system that adds to the realism. For instance, your companion can be commanded and left alone to perform tasks until you tell them otherwise. These NPCs can even become scared, including demons. This may make you think they have emotions! Well, that’s not too far off since each of them are almost human-like in their behaviors. Keep in mind that there could be bugs here and there, so this might not be the case all the time.



Dedicated Server Control

SOTF Server Settings

This all sounds like the game itself and not the server, right? Well since you’ll be playing on a dedicated piece of hardware, you’re granted many options. For example, you can control several aspects through the panel like setting a password or becoming an administrator to perform certain abilities. This also gives you an endless amount of time to play Sons Of The Forest, as the dedicated server will not go offline unless you manually shut it down. If you’re curious about what else you can do with it, then review our SOTF Guides to learn more.


Conclusion – Hosting a Sons Of The Forest Server

Enjoy a unique gameplay experience with your Sons Of The Forest dedicated server, allowing friends and family to join in on the fun. Whether you’re hosting an event with everyone to play this horror survival game or simply building a community to overcome challenges, you have lots of opportunities. This is amplified by the amount of control you have over the server, especially if you’re trying to customize your experience. With this in mind, we hope this blog helped you create a Sons Of The Forest server and learn more about the gameplay. Have a good one, gamers!

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