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Sons Of The Forest vs The Forest

Posted: Mar 4, 2023 in Sons Of The Forest

mc head By Nathan Young


The Forest is a beloved game on Steam, as it has close to 400k positive reviews. This makes it a huge success, which is why the developers released a sequel: Sons Of The Forest. These games share similarities and differences, leading some players on a curious hunt to learn more about them. Understanding the comparison between each game could change your mind about them, as there are downsides and upsides. For instance, the AI system is completely different, yet somewhat similar for both titles. We’ll be breaking down Sons Of The Forest and The Forest together to help you learn their aspects. Let’s get started!

The Comparison

Sons Of The Forest NPCs
The Forest Starting Area

We’ll have to start by giving some background information on each game, as this is the introduction to the comparison. Don’t worry though, the following subsections below will list out similarities and differences between both titles. Beginning with The Forest, this game initially released around 2014 and took four years to fully complete. In the middle of 2018, it finally published and almost instantly became a massive success. Only years after it became even more popular, gathering countless positive reviews. This is the complete opposite of Sons Of The Forest, as this on launch obtained 300,000+ sales during February of 2023. It’s absolutely a hit with the players and managed to write its name in the history books, even causing problems on Steam due to the excess amount of people wanting to purchase it.
Both games are survival horror types, with building and crafting being an important part of it. Being stranded in a remote landscape with no apparent exit and surrounded by haunting creatures makes anyone feel scared. The developers nailed down a formula for their games, which is proven in their track record. They are always active in the community and constantly updating the gameplay with optimization, tweaks, and new content. This same concept applies to their latest game, introducing us to the grand comparison between Sons Of The Forest and its predecessor, The Forest.

Are There Similarities?

There are tons of similarities, from their titles to the actual gameplay. For instance, at the start of each save the player becomes stranded in a remote area with supplies scattered all around due to a crash site. There’s wild vegetation surrounding them, with its own unique properties for players to explore. Collect natural resources and start crafting weapons to defend yourself against the creatures stalking you at every moment. If this is too broad for you, then consider reviewing the table below for more specific information.

The Forest Trees


Sons Of The ForestThe Forest
Survive on a remote island with forests around the player.Stay alive in a remote area deep within the woods.
Explore a wide range of interesting locations in the world.Discover secrets hidden in key spots around the map.
Collect resources, build a base, and arm yourself with weapons.Gather materials, create bases, and craft new weapons.
Experience a detailed map with high graphics.Play with high graphics in a detailed world.
Encounter AIs that’ll try to hunt you down.Stumble upon NPCs that’ll try to capture you.
Continue playing to reveal more about the story to reach the end of your story.Enjoy learning about the lore and reaching the game’s ending.
Have fun with other players in the game.Have entertainment with other players in the world.


What About Differences?

Sons Of The Forest Seasons

If these were the exact same games, then the community wouldn’t be too happy. This is why the developers ensured brand new features and enhancements for the sequel. These range from an intensive AI system to an overhaul of the weather. There’s even spookier mutant types to encounter throughout the world, especially when the map size is 4x bigger. Due to the amount of changes from The Forest to Sons Of The Forest, check out the table below to learn all about them.


Sons Of The ForestThe Forest
Released with co-op capability, only available on Steam servers.Delayed multiplayer support, but with dedicated servers.
AI companionship at the start to help build, protect, and more.No companions to help players.
Brand new AI system that grows NPCs through individual experiences.Standard, yet complex AI system that isn’t as developed for NPCs.
Wide range of enemies, cannibals, and mutants to encounter.Small variation of enemies to find throughout the world.
Detailed dynamic seasonal changes as you play the game, such as winter and summer.Lack of seasons and overall weather systems.
Exciting digging mechanic that allows players to create interesting bases, or hide bodies.No digging feature.
A large variation of guns and weapons for you to use in-game.A small collection of weapons to craft and use against enemies.
A giant leap forward in graphics, making everything seem so real.Highly detailed graphics, but aren’t on par with its sequel.



The differences outweigh the similarities in both games, as brand new features completely changed how players perceive Sons Of The Forest. The evolution of The Forest leads us to this point, allowing you to enjoy an entirely different survival horror experience. It’s no shocker that its sequel is such a huge success on Steam, especially considering all the enhancements. We hope this blog sheds some light on the differences and similarities between both games. Have a good one, gamers!

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