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Sons Of The Forest Information & Release

Posted: Feb 23, 2023 in Sons Of The Forest

mc head By Nathan Young


Survival games on Steam have been around for ages, but somewhat recently have spiked in popularity. This gave birth to lots of titles, with similar aspects and features among them. These can sometimes feel bland or too repetitive, so you may want to spice up your experience with unique elements. One of these is horror, leaving players to survive in a scary world with enemies hunting them down. If this interests you, then good news! Sons Of The Forest is a perfect game to try out, especially since it’s created by the makers of The Forest. Jump into an open-world survival horror game that challenges your resourcefulness, skills, and sanity. Let’s unravel this new and exciting title that’ll leave you starstruck!

What is Sons Of The Forest?

Sons Of The Forest

This is a brand new experience that’ll leave a mark on the survival genre, as it has a fascinating storyline and world to explore. The main premise is being sent to locate a missing billionaire on a remote island far away from civilization. Players will find themselves stuck on this hellscape and must survive by collecting resources to craft weapons for protection against countless enemies. Whether you’re hunting demons, building a cabin, or feeling the breathtaking environment around you, there’s always activities to do in this game. This is especially true when considering multiplayer capabilities since your friends can either help or mess with you. Its release date is on February 23rd, 2023, gathering tons of attention on Steam before this date. We can almost guarantee that some of your friends already have this in their wishlist.

Experience a New World

The combination of the world’s realistic graphics, physics, sounds, and seasons makes this game the ultimate experience. For instance, seasonal changes means players will have to prepare ahead of time to survive the winter, such as gathering salmon directly from rivers and storing them safely. This challenges you and others by a longshot in comparison to The Forest, despite its similarities. Otherwise, players can simply enjoy the breathtaking views of the new world around them.

Sons Of The Forest Waterfall

Be a cautious survivor though, as everything gets completely dark when nighttime comes about. You may hear strange noises deep within the woods, decreasing your sanity as you try to stay alive. If you play multiplayer, then don’t stray too far from others since each person increases everyone’s survival chance.

Surviving the Horrors

Sons Of The Forest Demons

Players may find themselves distracted by all the different vegetation, resources, and overall realism that Sons Of The Forest offers. This could get you killed one day in-game though, as there are demons lurking all over the place. Nowhere in the world is safe, unless you make it so. There is a wide range of enemies to avoid or fight against, with some being almost human-like…making it an even more horrific experience. Sometimes, you might not even recognize what’s trying to hunt you due to the unholy types of demons.

Regardless of the creatures you encounter, arm yourself with guns, crossbows, stun batons, and more to defend yourself or anyone else you may care about. Just don’t run out of ammunition or you’ll surely regret it.

Possible Server Hosting

Sons Of The Forest Servers Hosting

As of its release, there are currently no dedicated servers for the game. This means that players will be forced to create their own multiplayer sessions that’ll only use Steam servers. Unfortunately, there are limitations to this such as not being able to control the game files or easily tweak settings. Hopefully the developers will implement dedicated servers to Sons Of The Forest later down the road. For now, we’ll have to hold on tight and be patient. If all goes well, then Apex Hosting will begin offering servers for the game. Otherwise, consider playing its prequel, The Forest, which has server hosting available that’ll allow you to enjoy it with friends.


There you have it, Sons Of The Forest is an extremely popular game that’s set to release on Steam for everyone to enjoy. Collect resources in a wonderfully detailed world to build a base and hunt down demons. Whether you’re riding solo or hanging out with friends in-game, this brand new title is going to be a wild adventure. Make sure to always watch your back, as you may feel horrified realizing a monster is chasing you. We hope this blog sheds some light on Sons Of The Forest and gives you insight into hosting a dedicated server with us. Have a good one, gamers!

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