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We strive to provide you with the best in server hosting with our cutting edge hardware and top tier support to enable you to build an epic server for you and your friends. With this we’ve provided a quick start guide for those new to game hosting and our services. The following information will outline the relative steps to get started in connecting to and managing your server.

Your order is now processing and will be marked paid in just a moment. You will receive an email titled “New Product Information” that will contain your IP:PORT and Multicraft control panel log in information.


1.) Check Your Email for the “New Product Information” Email.

This can sometimes take a few minutes as the payment gateways verify the order. Whenever you order a server from Apex you will receive a Product Information email containing all the relevant details of your server. This information can be used to connect to your server as well as access your panel account to manage it. Keep an eye on your inbox and if it doesn’t come within a few minutes please check your spam folder.


2.) How to Connect to your Game Server.

Hosting a Minecraft, CS:GO, or other server determines how you can join. If the game is through Steam, then you can use the server panel’s “Connect with Steam” button. Otherwise, you can use the server browser from the Steam client and enter the IP:PORT you just received in your New Product Information email to connect. Review our knowledgebase to find out how to specifically join your new game server.


3.) Log in in to your Multicraft Control Panel to edit server settings and add plugins.

Use the log in information given to you in the New Product Information email. This will be the username you used on signup and a random password that we provided for you. This is different than the information you will use to log into your billing area. If you did not use a username on signup then this will be your email instead. Your start up email will tell you exactly which one you will need.

You can start managing your server by using the panel credentials found in the Product Information email. This will be the username you used when ordering and a randomly generated password that we provided for temporary authentication. If you did not use a username when ordering then this will be your email instead. Once logged in the first thing you should do is set your own password by navigating to your profile which you can view by clicking the cog located in the upper right corner of the page.


4.) Log in in to your Billing Area.

Want to upgrade your server for more RAM? The billing area can handle all the account modifications you need including changing your account information like emails and password. Support tickets will be required for a lot of account specific tasks like changing server types or cancellations. Use this billing area to handle all of your account modification needs. To log in use the email and password you used to signup.

Similar to the panel account, your billing account is used to manage your services with us, track support requests, and payments. Every server you purchase will be linked with a billing account and is used as a reference point for staff as a means of verifying rightful ownership. This is important to note as any support requests related to a server must be done under the respective billing account.

In addition to being the official point for support, the billing center (as it is so aptly named) is where you can also manage all billing related matters for your respective services. If you have a due invoice, want to upgrade or downgrade a server, view its billing cycle, or cancel it, you can do it all from the billing center.

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