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Changing Difficulty of Your Palworld Server

Last modified on Mar 18, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

Creating a Palworld server suitable to your needs can involve many setting configurations. Examples include damage, hunger, and structure multiplier rates. All of these factor into the difficulty of your gameplay experience, which can be relatively easy or hard. It all boils down to your desired setup! Sadly, editing your Palworld server can be challenging due to its current design – as difficulty options don’t work at this time. Fortunately, there are other solutions. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to change the difficulty in your Palworld server.

Palworld Server Custom Difficulty

In singleplayer and official servers, there are solidified difficulty options. These are known and beloved by the community but don’t translate to dedicated servers. Many owners and operators choose to create their own custom settings for this, as the default setup might be unappealing. This is amplified when you consider that the “difficulty” setting isn’t completely recognized in Palworld dedicated servers. Perhaps in the future, this can change! In the meantime, you must manually configure your options. Whether you want to avoid losing items when dying or want to easily catch Pals, setting up your Palworld server is extremely important. Review the official difficulties below to gain a better understanding of them, then check out custom settings to see what best suits your needs.

Palworld Server Difficulty Settings

Casual: Those who are looking for an easy time in Palworld would prefer casual settings, as it’s a relaxing gameplay experience. Players can find an abundance of resources while catching Pals with increased rates. Otherwise, fighting them results in a smooth battle. Additionally, dying has no penalty, resulting in users keeping everything.

Normal: Looking for a balanced experience in Palworld? Consider using normal settings, offering you standard gameplay. Item drops are decreased, gathering resources requires additional time, and Pals have more health. If you happen to perish in-game, you’ll drop all equipment and must retrieve them, but will keep party Pals.

Hard: Instead of smooth sailing, consider using hard settings if you want a challenge. In any battle, take extra damage and gain less XP, while also having a harder time catching Pals. They’re also harder to find in the wild! If you happen to die while playing, you will lose everything and must retrieve it.

Custom Difficulty Settings

The following table shows some of the most popular difficulty options in Palworld.

Death PenaltyDetermines how the items, equipment, and Pals are lost upon death.
EXP RateIncrease or decrease the growth for player experience points.
Pal Capture RateModifies the success rate of capturing Pals.
Pal Appearance RateModifies the spawning rates of Pals.
Damage From Pals MultiplierChanges the inflicting damage from Pals.
Damage To Pals MultiplierChanges the amount of damage to Pals.
Player Hunger Depletion RateDetermines the rate of hunger for players.
Player Stamina Reduction RateDetermines the rate of stamina for players.
Gatherable Items MultiplierSets the rate for collectible resources.
Dropped Items MultiplierSets the rate for all item drops from enemies.


How to Change Difficulty in Palword Servers

Due to Palworld settings not recognizing the “difficulty” option, the alternative is “death penalty” – as this directly controls the number of items, equipment, and/or Pals lost upon dying in-game. This can be combined with other settings for the best results! When you’re ready, follow these steps to learn how to change the difficulty in Palworld servers.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Config Files near the top left.
    Palworld Server Config Files
  2. Select Palworld Game Settings, then locate the Death Penalty option.
    Palworld Game Settings
  3. Proceed to change this to your desired difficulty, determining the death punishment.
    Palworld Server Difficulty Options
  4. Edit other settings according to your setup, then click Save at the bottom.


Customize Palworld Server Difficulty!

Take control of your own Palworld dedicated server and make the best difficulty settings – offering players the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you want an easier time collecting resources or fighting bosses, you have plenty of options to edit. Most players choose for a more casual environment, with some wanting extreme challenges. Play around with what works best for your Palworld server so you can begin enjoying this Pokemon-like adventure!

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