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Palworld Server Common Issues, Solutions, and Bugs

Last modified on Mar 18, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

The release of Palworld captivated the gaming community, reaching groundbreaking records – but it came with many problems. Multiplayer worlds and dedicated servers were impacted the most, along with singleplayer sessions. Needless to say, the game isn’t entirely polished yet. However, Palworld still is an amazing opportunity to have fun for countless hours. Unfortunately, this can be interrupted by corrupted saves, server bugs, and many other issues. These range depending on what you’re trying to accomplish or have done previously. Whether the problem started after transferring save files or attempting to join the server, there can be multiple causes for these situations. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to discuss Palworld common issues, solutions, and bugs. Keep in mind that some of these might be resolved in future updates.

Palworld Save Transfer Issue

One of the most common and frustrating issues Palworld players encounter is an unsuccessful save transfer. This applies to singleplayer, multiplayer, and dedicated server worlds. Whether you’re trying to move your progress from one to another or vice versa, most of the time it fails. This is caused by GUIDs .sav files being different across each save type, meaning it cannot be read properly when it’s transferred. Attempting to rename this to match what should work results in failure.

Solution – #3 Preferred
  1. Self-hosted servers can upload their entire world folder into the dedicated server files, and then edit the “DedicatedServerName” setting to match the uploaded world’s name.
  2. Follow this technical guide to migrate saves according to your specific setup.
  3. Wait until Palworld releases official support for save transfers and migrations.


Palworld Save Corruption Issue

While playing on your Palworld save, it can randomly become corrupted and unplayable. This tends to happen when your game, computer, or server crashes abruptly. Other causes may include encountering critical errors or game-breaking bugs, along with other specific triggers. Having a Palworld corrupted save results in all progress being lost.

Solution – #1 Preferred
  1. Singleplayer, multiplayer, or servers can restore their save data from a backup by moving around world files or using the “Backups” feature in your Apex server panel.
  2. Reset player data to resolve the corrupted issue, resulting in a new character.
  3. Reboot the game, then join your server via the IP Address:Port direct connect method.


Palworld Server Stuck on Startup

In some cases, Palworld servers can become stuck on startup. In other words, it cannot successfully come online so players can join. This typically occurs when recent file changes are made, resulting in broken formatting. For instance, removing settings, adding extra line breaks, and more can cause this situation to unfold. This can be confirmed by an endless cycle of the server trying to start.

Solution – #2 Preferred
  1. Manually revert any recently changed files and settings, then restart the server.
  2. Delete previously edited files, then restart the server to regenerate them.
  3. Use the “Backups” section to restore from a backup, reverting to a working version.
  4. Reset the entire server and reboot it so new files generate properly.


Palworld Recent Servers Issue

While attempting to join your Palworld server, an issue with the Recent Servers category can happen that results in nothing being shown. This applies to any server that you’ve recently played. The cause for this is a known Palworld issue, being triggered by seamlessly nothing.

Solution – #2 Preferred
  1. Keep refreshing until the desired server appears in the list.
  2. Reboot Palworld, reconnect with the IP Address:Port direct method, then check if the server appears.
  3. Wait until Palworld releases a patch for this issue, leaving you to directly connect in the meantime.


Palworld Server In-game Bugs

Palworld Bugs

There are many gameplay bugs with Palworld servers, as the game is new and needs to be better optimized. Solving any of these can prove to be difficult, especially since there are no real solutions. For instance, glitching through mountains and objects happens way too often. This can be caused by simply wandering around, mounting Pals, or high latency. Other bugs can occur too, such as god mode, capturing syndicate bosses, infinite resources, and more. We won’t describe how to do these, as some might not be patched already. The best course of action to take against these bugs is to try your best to avoid them. Examples include mounting Pals in safe environments to not glitch through the world.

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