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How to Set a Password for Your Palworld Server

Last modified on Feb 14, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

Making a Palworld server to play with friends and family can be extremely entertaining, but unwanted players might ruin that experience. This can be frustrating, as it opens the door for griefing or other malicious behavior. These situations can occur when players randomly find your server in the Palworld community list or by using the IP address. Regardless, there is one method to prevent this from happening! It involves creating a server password, only used by those authorized to join. Newcomers to the hosting scene may be unfamiliar with this process, as it requires minor configuration. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to set a password for your Palworld server!

Setting a Password for Palworld Servers

Our user interface simplifies everything involved in creating a password for Palworld servers. If you haven’t already purchased one from us, then do that by visiting our Pricing Area to get started! The following steps will help you make a password for your dedicated server. Keep in mind that only trusted players should know this information to join.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Customizations at the top left.
    Palworld Server Customization
  2. Change the Server Password field to anything you want, under the “Security” category.
    Palworld Server Password
  3. Afterward, restart the server to apply these changes and launch Palworld.
  4. Join your server and enter the Server Password accordingly, then click OK.
    Palworld Server Password Guide
  5. If successful, you’ll load into the game as you would normally.


Protect Your Palworld Server

Better be safe than sorry! Passwords help prevent harmful or random players from joining your Palworld server. This comes in handy when wanting to make a private world with friends and family. It also allows you to “whitelist” the server if your plans are to simply build without interference before others join. Regardless of your reasons, protecting your Palworld server is important for any administrator and owner. Remember, your password can be changed at any time. This means if it were to get leaked, you can quickly and safely edit it.

Common Issues

My Server Password Isn’t Working

In cases where your password isn’t being accepted by the server, consider restarting the server and game – then try again. Confirm what you’re using is correct, as even one typo or mistake can result in this issue. On rare occasions, you might have to use the “Recent Servers” category for this to work properly.

No Password Has Been Entered

If you’re trying to join the Palworld server with a direct connection, using the IP Address:Port method, then make sure to check the “Enter Password” box. This feature was recently updated and allows the password prompt to appear, leading to a successful connection.

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