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How to Join a Palworld Server

Last modified on Feb 14, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

Palworld servers provide you with countless hours of entertainment with friends and family. In this Pokemon-like adventure, players will need to collect resources, craft equipment, build bases, catch Pals, and battle against enemies. Whether you clear dungeons or beat bosses, there’s always something to try out, which is amplified with friends for the best experience! However, all of this requires you to join the dedicated server. Newcomers to the scene might experience issues or have concerns about the process. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to join a Palworld server.

How to Join Palworld Servers with IP Address

The first method to join a Palworld server is using the IP address, considered a direct connection. This gives you the best chances to successfully enter the multiplayer world. If you don’t know the address, then navigate to your Apex server panel to find out. It’ll be located near the top of the main interface, allowing you to copy for later. When you’re ready, follow the steps below to join the Palworld server!

  1. Launch Palworld and click Join Multiplayer Game from the main menu.
    Palworld Join Server
  2. Proceed to enter your server IP Address:Port in the text box below.
    How to Join Palworld Server
  3. Confirm all values are correct, then click the Connect button to join.


How to Join Palworld Servers with Server Name

Instead of using the IP address to join, consider trying the Palworld server name. This method is for those wanting a more streamlined way to connect, as it’s convenient. If this is your server, then change the “Public Server Name” option in “Customizations” from the panel to your desired name. Restarting is required afterward, then it should be ready to go. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to join the Palworld server.

  1. Launch Palworld and click Join Multiplayer Game in the main menu.
  2. Afterward, select the Community Servers option to the left.
    Palworld Community Servers
  3. Proceed to type your Server Name in the text box above.
    Palworld Server Hosting
  4. Click Search and your server will appear in the list.


Disclaimer: This method is currently unreliable and isn’t recommended. Consider using the IP Address:Port to directly join the server instead. In the future, Palworld will fix the issues in later patches. Afterward, you can use the “Recent Servers” area in-game to quickly join the server.


Palworld Server Connections

There are thousands of Palworld servers available to join and try out. Whether you own it or not, learning how to join is extremely important. Once players connect for the first time, they can use the “Recent Servers” area in-game instead of other methods. This is the most popular way to continue playing on servers, as it’s extremely easy. Only a first-time connection with one of the above methods is all that’s needed to keep joining! If you want your own Palworld server, then navigate to our Pricing Area for more information.

Common Issues

Unable to Find My Palworld Server

At the moment, problems may occur when searching for your Palworld server by name. Due to this, we advise you to connect with the IP Address:Port for the first time. Afterward, you can use the Recent Servers category to easily join in the future. However, this situation could be the result of not selecting Community Servers before searching for it.

IP Address Isn’t Working

In cases where your Palworld server address won’t work, double-check the values are valid. Common mistakes include forgetting the Port numbers, which are those at the end (E.g. :25606). If the address is 100% correct, then confirm if the Palworld server is online and active. Occasionally, you might need to restart and try again – as unforeseen issues can happen.

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