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Best Minecraft Resource Packs

Posted: Nov 17, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Minecraft has always been one of the simpler looking games. It’s 16-bit award winning aesthetic has earned itself the title as the most popular video game in the world. Vanilla blocks like grass, cobblestone, and wooden logs are iconic in the gaming community. That’s all good and fine, but sometimes you just want something different, you know? This is where texture packs, also known as resource packs, come in. Resource packs can change the look of your game by replacing the in-game textures with new ones. There are thousands of packs made for all different types of people, so today we’re going to go over a few of the best and hopefully you can find one you like. Let’s begin.

Best Resource Packs

These are the best resource packs we could find. They’re all client side as well, so you can use them on any Minecraft server. For most of these, you may need to use Optifine to enjoy the best possible experience.

Fresh animations

Fresh Animations – an overhaul to entity animations in the default look of Minecraft. The aim is to make mobs more dynamic and believable, taking inspiration from Minecraft Dungeons and the cinematic trailers for the game.

xalis enchanted books

Xali’s Enchanted Books – this pack aims to resolve the issue of not being able to find the enchanted book you wanted by giving each book a unique/different texture based on their type and their level while keeping an art style that still fits into the base game.


>Faithful – the oh so infamous Faithful. This texture pack mimics the vanilla textures but bumps up the resolution by double. You can also find versions for x64 and even x256, but I prefer the classic.

enchanted weapons

Enchanted Weapons – gives unique RPG-style designs for each enchantment for all weapons. This resource pack is really creative, using quartz for sharpness and an animated burning effect for fire! It’s incredible how much this pack is able to do without modding the actual game files.

xray ultimate

Xray Ultimate – a fairly simple pack. This pack offers X-ray for those who need it, which allows you to shamelessly see ores and minerals highlighted throughout the world by making all other blocks invisible. Monster blocks, or the ones with silverfish in them, have a red square on them.

rodrigos pack

(8×8) Rodrigo’s Pack – one of the few texture packs that is actually lower resolution than vanilla, Rodrigo’s has a brighter, more colorful palette that removes redundant details and adds grids to all blocks. This gives the game a more simplistic and cartoony look. Tons of new textures, realistic environments, handmade block models, multiple language support, custom sounds, and more make up a very good texture pack.


Clarity – a x32 pack that brings pixel-perfection to an entirely new level. Every single block and item is thoroughly thought out to bring the perfect balance of realism and traditionalism, or so the mod says. This pack embraces the block nature of Minecraft while still managing to feel much more realistic.


Jicklus – this pack resembles a classic Minecraft feel mixed with a rustic style. To me, the pack feels like a slightly softer version of vanilla with a different palette, besides a few blocks which are entirely different. I particularly like the ores/minerals blocks as they really pop through the new palette.


Vividity – a new level of vibrancy is introduced with Vividity. Gentle, soft-focused details that give your textures a near-magical touch make for a vivid texture pack. Bold weaponry and vibrant crops add to the fantasy vibe. This pack is one of the goats for sure!


Dandelion X – a charmingly simple pack created around a minimal color palette which offers textures that work together naturally. Many textures have randomized variants from logs, leaves, cobble, amethyst, and more. This pack has a varied color palette depending on where you are and the way it has a large amount of right angles while keeping its edge is great.


Well, that’s all the resource packs I’ve decided on! While some of these packs are small adjustments to improve the quality of life of your gaming experience, others are full fledged texture packs that change the way you look at the game. My favorite one on this list has to be Xali’s Enchanted Books. It’s just too useful! In any case, I hope you found a pack that suits your desires. Have a great day.

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