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Best Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

Posted: Jul 13, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


I’ve been playing Minecraft for quite a while, so I’m no stranger to completely altering its aesthetic, gameplay loop, music, sound effects, and more for the sake of improving replayability. After all, once you’ve seen the same thing thousands of times for over a decade, it gets a bit stale. And while Mojang is always hard at work providing us with fresh, unique content in the form of awesome updates, it feels like it falls short of community driven pieces. Today, we’re going to look at the best resource packs that are updated for Minecraft’s latest version, 1.19 The Wild Update. Let’s begin.

Best 1.19 Resource Packs

These are the best resource packs I could find that are up to date on the latest version. These packs are meant to improve the game in some way, usually by changing the art style and graphics. All of these packs will be for Java.


Mythic – Mythic is a pure pixel art pack with an adventurous feel. Housing a color palette that feels significantly more muted and grounded than Vanilla, this texture pack is a treat. The contrast from the more realistic textures that blocks have with the deep glow of torches and other blocks makes this pack feel great.

MS Painted

MS Painted – MS Painted is one of the most unique texture packs that I’ve ever used. The design of this pack is based entirely off of the MS Paint Program. While it may seem underwhelming, this pack brings visuals to life with its abundant charm. The bright, neon colors are reminiscent of when you would doodle on your mom’s laptop when you were a kid. The vibrance of the color palette may bother your eyes, but that’s the point!

Motschens Better Leaves

Motschen’s Better Leaves – Better Leaves adds additional layers to leaf blocks, making them appear more bushy and natural. This resource pack doesn’t necessarily add new textures, but that makes it compatible with almost all texture packs and mods straight out of the box! These textures even adjust dynamically! It is strongly recommended you use this resource pack with OptiFine for more FPS.

Embellished Stone

Embellished Stone – Embellished Stone is a small pack that simply changes the plaques that advancements use to have a new embellished stone look. The pack also adds a sort of ornate decoration on the tops and sides which I am very fond of. Overall, a nice little touch up pack.

Better Dogs

Better Dogs – Better Dogs is an awesome resource pack that changes newly tamed wolves into a random dog! You can get specific types of dogs and give said dog a custom name using name tags. To achieve this, the name tag must include one of the words on a Supported name tags list, but you can also add your own. Dozens of breeds have been added and they’re all absolutely adorable!

Tiny PVP Swords and Tools

Tiny PVP Swords and Tools – Tiny PVP Swords and Tools is a simple enough pack that has a decent impact on gameplay. All this pack does is further improve your vanilla experience by having smaller weapons and tools, giving more screen area which is very useful for PVP. All the textures are from Vanilla, just tinier. The crosshair has also been changed for precision.

If you would like to download any of these resource packs, check out our guide on downloading and installing resource packs for Minecraft here.


That’s all, folks! 1.19 The Wild Update has been pretty fun so far, and it has been lovely to see all of the unique and interesting resource packs that have been updated so quickly. The update has barely been out for a few weeks and there’s already so much community made content to play around with. I hope that you enjoyed this list that we’ve put together. With that being said, have a great day!

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