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Bare Bones Resource Pack

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mc head By Nathan Young

bare bones minecraft resource pack

In recent years, Minecraft trailers have used simplistic graphics and textures to showcase new features. Fans of these visuals may want to replicate them in their own world, which is achieved by using resource packs. An extremely popular one is called Bare Bones, introducing trailer-like textures in the game. Whether you want to maximize frame rates or enjoy a simplistic view of Minecraft, this resource pack is a perfect choice. Using this on a dedicated server is another possibility too, allowing you and others alike to admire the same textures. Regardless of what Minecraft version you use, there’ll be plenty of options since Bare Bones is for 1.8 to 1.20. While using it in your world, everything will be transformed into a plain yet exciting environment. It’s similar to Vanilla Minecraft, but details are toned down to resemble official trailers. With all this in mind, we’ll be showing you how to install and use the Bare Bones resource pack in this Apex Hosting guide.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to the Bare Bonesresource pack on CurseForge and click Files at the top.
    Bare Bones Resource Pack Minecraft
  2. Locate your desired Game Version in the list below on this page.
  3. Once found, press its three vertical dots on the right and click Download File.
    Bare Bones Resource Pack Download
  4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


Client Installation

The whole process for setting up the Bare Bones resource pack is straightforward and easy to do, as it’ll only take a few minutes. However, we strongly recommend using Optifine for the best results in-game. This provides you the means to use shaders, adding extra lighting effects for unbelievable visuals. Keep in mind that this is completely optional and not required to use the resource pack. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to begin this installation.

  1. Launch Minecraft and select Options from the main menu.
  2. Proceed to click Resource Packs, then the Open Pack Folder button.
    Minecraft Resource Pack Folder
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded zip file into this folder from the newly opened window.
    Bare Bones Resource Pack Installation
  4. Continue to return to the game and press the Arrow icon on it.
    Bare Bones Minecraft
  5. When you’re finished, click the Done button to begin loading the resource pack.


Server Installation

As for installing Bare Bones on your Minecraft server, review this tutorial. This details the exact process for you to accomplish this with ease! However, you’ll need to have a server with us if you don’t already have one. Purchase one by visiting our Pricing Area, then continue following the above guide. As you work through the steps, contact our 24/7 Support Team if you have any questions or concerns. We’ll help you get everything installed and configured so all players in the server can use the Bare Bones resource pack. Essentially, you need to upload the zip file into a third-party hosting service and use the download link accordingly in your server settings. Afterward, you and other players alike will be able to enjoy these new textures.

Texture Showcase

Bare Bones Resource Pack

Once you’ve entered the world with this resource pack enabled, you’ll begin noticing all the changes. All the foliage, trees, grass, dirt, stone, and other blocks are simplified to resemble the official trailers of Minecraft. This concept applies to the sky and even equipment, along with other items. Remember, using shaders with Optifine amplifies the experience. We strongly suggest doing that, but it isn’t needed to enjoy the slickness of this resource pack. If you’re wanting to explore them all in-game, then consider enabling cheats or becoming a server operator to enter creative mode. Otherwise, continue to review the subsections below to find out what’s been changed to get started!

Building Blocks

Bare Bones Resource Pack Building Blocks

While adventuring in Minecraft, collecting building blocks plays a crucial role since these resources are used to create bases or other structures. Each of these will resemble vanilla textures but with the trailer’s simplicity. For instance, wood logs, stone blocks, doors, slabs, stairs, and more have less details. These materials complement each other and produce amazing results in your Minecraft world, but depends on how they’re used.

Bare Bones Resource Pack Blocks

There are many different blocks in Minecraft, with the majority being natural and decorative ones. The Bare Bones resource pack doesn’t forget about these, as they also play critical roles in the world. Every piece of ore, mineral block, netherrack, obsidian, bedrock, glowstone, and more all have simplified textures. Similar to the building materials, these complement their surroundings and create an immersive experience in Minecraft.


Other Blocks

Bare Bones Resource Pack Showcase

Once you’ve created structures or found a place to call home, you’ll want to use functional blocks. These are chests, furnaces, crafting tables, anvils, and lots more. All of which are completely simplified to mimic Minecraft official trailers, along with being similar to their environment. This means you’ll have almost identical textures as shown in Mojang videos, but in your world! However, paintings are changed and might not resemble vanilla artworks.



There’s a common theme with the Bare Bones resource pack, making everything simplistic in Minecraft. This applies to all materials, including tools, armor, potions, ender pearls, and other items. Expect low detailed weapons and equipment to use in-game, including unique gear like elytras. This isn’t the high point of the resource pack, as the best visuals are found in the blocks themselves. Regardless, this is an excellent complement to everything else.

Bare Bones Resource Pack Equipment Items


Food Items

Bare Bones Resource Pack Food Items

Similar styles are applied on other items too, such as consumables to satisfy hunger. Examples include smooth apples or cookies to eat in Minecraft, adding onto the overall simplistic experience. Remember, almost everything is changed to reflect the official trailers. This stays true even if new features are added, as Bare Bones is actively kept updated.



Bare Bones Resource Pack Passive Mobs
Bare Bones Resource Pack Hostile Mobs

The mobs from this resource pack remain slightly unchanged, but smoother looking in-game. This is amplified with shaders from Optifine, which adds onto their appeal. Whether you’ve stumbled across cows grazing in fields or creepers in dark caves, you’ll notice they all seem relatively the same. The minor details are only found once taking a closer look, but nonetheless complements all the custom blocks from the Bare Bones resource pack for Minecraft.

Resource Pack FAQ

What does “made for an older version of Minecraft” mean?

This message appears for players using a newer version of Minecraft that isn’t fully supported by the resource pack. Fixing this involves you to redownload the pack with a compatible version that you can play in-game. However, the vast majority of players ignore this message since it hardly causes conflict.

Is it possible to remove certain textures from this resource pack?

Yes. Removing certain textures can be done by manually deleting files inside of the resource pack zip file. Proceed with caution as you do this since it can pose problems if done incorrectly.

Can I force players to use Bare Bones on my Minecraft server?

Yes! You can do this by changing the “Require Resource Pack” setting to “True” in the Minecraft server options. Once players join, they’ll be prompted to download and use the new textures. However, those who already have the server added on their list will need to re-add it for this to work properly.

Why are shaders making everything look odd in-game?

Occasionally, shaders for Optifine can interfere with a resource pack’s design. This can only be resolved by using different shaders or tweaking their settings in the main menu.

How can you combine this resource pack with another?

Combining multiple Minecraft resource packs together requires you to review this guide. There are two methods for doing this, using a third-party service or manually doing it yourself. We encourage both, as they are safe and reliable. However, use caution when doing it manually.

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