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YUNG’s Better Mineshafts Mod

Last modified on May 16, 2024 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young

YUNGs Better Mineshafts Mod

Exploring the depths of your Minecraft world may reveal unique underground structures, leading you on grand adventures. These can be dungeons, ancient cities, and strongholds — with another being mineshafts. In Vanilla Minecraft, these structures aren’t too interesting besides the lootable chests. Due to this, many players dismiss mineshafts in search of better areas. If you want to fix this problem, then consider using the YUNG’s Better Mineshafts mod. This is for Forge or Fabric, spanning across many different game versions. While using the mod, it’ll generate upgraded mineshafts in the world. These improvements include entrees from the surface, increased resources, loot, and hidden areas. In other words, all mineshafts become amplified when using it on singleplayer or multiplayer. Let’s begin to explore how you can install YUNG’s Better Mineshafts on Minecraft Forge or Fabric in this Apex Hosting guide.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to the Forge or Fabric version of YUNG’s Better Mineshafts, then click Files.
    YUNGs Better Mineshafts CurseForge
  2. Locate your desired Game Version and press the three vertical dots on the right.
  3. Proceed to click Download File, then save it on your desktop for later.
    YUNGs Better Mineshafts Download


Required Dependencies

Repeat the above steps with the following mods, according to your version.


Client Installation

In order to support mods in Minecraft, you need to install Forge or Fabric according to your desired setup. Afterward, you’re able to install YUNG’s Better Mineshafts on the launcher without any issues. Follow the steps below to get started – if you plan on playing singleplayer, generate a new world too.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, then click the Folder icon for your modded profile.
    Minecraft Forge Folder
  2. Locate the mods directory and move all downloaded files into this area.
    Minecraft Local Mods

    *If you don’t have this folder, create it before adding the files inside.

  3. Return to the launcher, then click Play on your modded profile to load it up.


Server Setup

For those who seek to play with friends, purchasing a Minecraft server is required – if you don’t already own one. Afterward, change the Game File to Forge or Fabric with your corresponding game version so mods can be supported.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Login with your credentials and enter the mods directory from the list.
    Minecraft Server Mods
  3. Continue to click Upload, then drag and drop the files accordingly.
    YUNGs Better Mineshafts Server Installation
  4. Wait for these files to reach 100%, then generate a new world from the main panel.
  5. Once that’s completed, join the server to confirm everything works.


Better Mineshafts Showcase

Minecraft Better Mineshafts Mod

Exploring cave systems in Minecraft can be an excellent way to obtain valuable resources, including diamonds. However, stumbling upon structures can bring even greater rewards. With the YUNG’s Better Mineshafts mod, you’re able to discover improved mineshafts with extra features. These can be realistic bridges, hidden rooms with spawners, randomly placed chests, and other areas with more secrets that awaits you. Each mineshaft has its own unique design, determined by the biome. Due to the different variations, we’ll cover some of them to give you an idea.

Desert Mineshafts

While roaming the desert, almost nothing will be in sight. That changes now! You might see a suspicious entree in a mountain nearby, leading you downwards via ladders. This will be a common trait with improved mineshafts, but not all of them will have these openings. You’re able to disguise this as one by the specific blocks, such as sandstone or stone bricks. We encourage you to bring torches with you, as it gets extremely dark in these structures.

Better Mineshaft Desert
Better Mineshaft Desert

Once inside of a desert mineshaft, long corridors will be scattered everywhere. There’s one main hall, with smaller ones on the left and right. Each of these areas can lead you somewhere else, such as a dungeon or spider spawner. The occasional chest in a minecart will also make an appearance, so be on the lookout! Besides this, other rooms might be here – but take a keen eye as some of them are hidden.


Overgrown Mineshafts

Similar to desert mineshafts, overgrown versions can also have an opening for players to explore. These are disguised by wooden planks, vines, and randomly placed leaves. Heading down the ladders will take some time, but might be well worth the effort. Again, make sure to pack some torches and other pieces of equipment for this adventure – you never know what comes around the corner!

Better Mineshaft Overgrown
Better Mineshaft Overgrown

Once inside, there might be almost no rails since most of the mineshaft is covered in leaves. Remember, these structures are determined by their biome – making them all have their own unique theme. As before, there will be hidden rooms and hallways going in different directions. If you happen to stumble upon these while already underground, then traverse its entire system to find the gateway out of there.


Spruce Snowy Mineshafts

As other mineshafts, the spruce snowy version is similar – meaning there is a possibility of entrees to it. These are extremely easy to spot, as they have wooden planks, cobblestone, and hard ice blocks forming its structure. In this large snowy biome, missing this will be hard unless forests prevent you from seeing it. Unfortunately, this also happens to be one of the most dangerous mineshafts due to its environmental features.

Better Mineshaft Spruce Snowy
Better Mineshaft Spruce Snowy

While inside of these mineshafts, snow blocks will be around the entire place. Melting it might be the best way to traverse these areas, especially when looking for ores or hidden rooms. One such example includes a trap door leading to a spider spawner – only visible at certain angles since snow blocks it. Grab your shovel and plow everything! Otherwise, continue placing torches and other heat sources to melt it.


Other Mineshafts

Better Mineshaft Mushroom
Better Mineshaft Dripstone

YUNG’s Better Mineshafts allows you to encounter a wide variety of mineshafts in Minecraft Forge or Fabric. These underground structures have unique themes according to their biome. This even applies for mushroom islands and dripstone cave systems, meaning you have tons of them to find. All of the improvements from this mod amplify the immersiveness of your gameplay, especially with friends on dedicated servers. Whether you want extra loot or a good starting point for base building, you have more options now with YUNG’s Better Mineshafts.

FAQ – YUNG’s Better Mineshafts

What versions are for YUNG’s Better Mineshafts?

The mod is available for Forge 1.12.2 to 1.20.4, while Fabric is for 1.15.2 to 1.20.4. As new Minecraft versions are released, expect to see more updates for YUNG’s Better Mineshafts.

Are there dependencies for YUNG’s Better Mineshafts?

Yes! Forge versions require the YUNG’s API mod, while Fabric needs YUNG’s API, Fabric API, and Cloth Config API. Without installing these dependencies, you won’t be able to play with the new and improved mineshafts in Minecraft. This can also cause crashes on your client and server.

Why can’t I find any new mineshafts from the mod?

This could be caused by not generating a new world or exploring far enough in an existing one. The mod changes how chunks are generated, meaning a new map is required to easily find new mineshafts. Alternatively, exploring further away from the original spawn location can also fix this situation.

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