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Start a UHC Server

Last modified on Feb 25, 2021 in gametypes

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Setup Time: 10 – 15 Mins
Setup Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Players: 2 – 200


UHC is a gamemode where you and your team are teleported randomly into the map. With all other players. You are given a set time to prepare (usually 10 – 25 minutes) after this time PvP is enabled and the world border starts to slowly shrink forcing you to head to the middle of the map. The aim is to be the last standing player alive. You will not regen health when lost so be careful. Once you die your placed into spectator mode to watch the other player’s journey to victory.

Here at Apex Hosting the installation of the UHC game type is as easy as selecting the game type from the drop down bar on your Multicraft Control panel! Once you’ve selected it simply restart your server and you’ll be good to go and ready to play UHC.

Getting Started

When you first login, you receive an iron sword. Right click it to access to the team menu. Click on a player head to send a team request. The other player will receive your head and can right click to accept or throw it to deny your team request To start the game, at least 3 teams (by default in config.yml) must be ready. To get your team ready, just click the red wool in the team menu. The game will then start within 15 seconds. Players will be teleported to random spots on the map, by teams. You can also choose a custom kit by right clicking the iron pickaxe when you are in the lobby. You can toggle kit permissions in the config During the game, player automatically chat with their team. To toggle global chat, they need to type /chat With team compass, right click it and it points to your playing teammates When spectating, you have access to ‘/teleport ‘ to teleport yourself to one of your playing teammates.

Automatic: One of the best features of this pack is the full customization and automation. You can tweak every little thing to be just how you like it, from the kits and the maps all the way through to the crafting recipes and loot drops. Everything is set to be done automatically, so there is less to worry about. From the random map generation, the spawn placements, round timer, border movement and the kits being granted. Once you have everything setup you can play round after round with no downtime as it will automatically set the next round up for you ready for the next battle. You can change how it does all this in the config.yml file for UHC core.

Map Generation: Each round the server will restart and make a new map to play on. If the list of seeds in the config is empty and pick-random-seed-from-list is set to false, the plugin will generate a random map so you might get a lot of ocean in it which is not good for an UHC game. To avoid getting too much ocean you can write a list of custom seeds in the config and set pick-random-seed-from-list to true. This way, it will pick a random seed from this list each time the server generate a new map.

You can use schematics to have a set spawn lobby, a set nether area & a set deathmatch arena. These schematics will be pasted in each map that is made each round. By default we have the spawn lobby as a glass box. You can control the rates and height the ores spawn at and the amount in a vein. You can also set the drops from mining certain items.

Kits: UHC allows Kits that can be selected before the round starts to be given to you in the arena. You can create as many kits as you like with any items you like. You define them in the UHC config.yml. By default we have 2 kits setup 1 called tools that grants you a set of stone tools and one for enchanting that gives paper and leather.

Crafting Recipes: Within UHC core there is the ability to have custom crafting recipes as defined in the UHC config.yml by default there is 3 recipes. One for a war axe (an iron axe with enchantments) one for a light anvil (an anvil that requires less iron) & one for a light apple (Golden Apple requiring less gold). Recipes are shown to the player in game so they know how to craft them. You can edit any recipe and even add enchantments to it it as well as a damage value.

You can also block certain items from being able to be crafted in game at all, and can also limit how many times a item can be crafted or set it as a 1 use item.

Ranks: We have kept it simple with the ranks only having Admin, Mod & Member. This is to keep it clean and simple and not give out any unfair bonuses to players. The ranks can be edited using PEX to add or remove ranks.

Member – This is default rank given to all players
Mod – This is a staff rank with basic moderation perms like ban, kick, mute ect. Mods can not edit the gamemode.
Admin – This rank has all the perms and abilities in the game.


Plugin List

UHC Core – UHC core manages all the features in one plugin. It handles the map generation the kits the crafting recipes and even the spectator mode.

EssentialsX – Essentials gives us the basic necessities for running the server.

PermissionsEx -: PermissionsEX (PEX) Handles all the Permissions of each plugin. Pex has a useful guide here: https://github.com/PEXPlugins/PermissionsEx/wiki/Commands

World Edit – A Useful building tool.

Vault – Vault provides the ability for each plugin to interact with each other.

How To Make a UHC Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select ‘UHC’ from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your UHC server will be created instantly