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Setup and Play a Levitated Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Feb 14, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young



Minecraft is well known for its peaceful and easy-going gameplay, such as the ability to progress in the world through collecting widely available resources. However, this can lead some players to search for more challenging experiences to enjoy. Following this, the Levitated modpack solves this scenario by completely altering the default game to make you start in the End dimension. The amount of resources are scarce and hard to obtain, as they are mainly located in unique structures. Due to the End’s design, floating islands makeup the entire world and create navigation challenges. Try your best to survive in this harsh environment, but building machines in-game can increase your chances of survival. As for the other dimensions, these collapsed by a mysterious force and are unplayable by any player. If this sparked your interest, then let’s learn how to install and use the Levitated modpack on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


The Levitated modpack is for Minecraft 1.12.2, created by misterplus_cn in 2020. It consists of around 140 mods, making this a decently sized pack. Using this pack introduces countless features, from complex machinery to cosmetics. Jump into this challenging adventure with others to test your strengths and weaknesses, as there are different playstyles to try. Some may attempt to uncover the truth behind collapsed dimensions, while others can simply rebuild society in the End. Either way, the Levitated modpack gives you many different options to enjoy Minecraft in a new and exciting way.

Client Installation

Before doing anything, you’ll want to install the modpack on an external launcher.

  1. Navigate towards CurseForge and Download the launcher for your operating system.
    CurseForge Launcher Download
  2. Save this file on your computer, then open it to begin installing the program.
  3. After it’s installed, open the launcher and click Browse Modpacks in the menu.
    CurseForge Launcher Browse Modpacks
  4. In the Search field, type “Levitated” and press Install to start the installation.
    Levitated Modpack Download
  5. Once completed, click Play on it from the My Modpacks section to confirm it works.


Server Installation

Now it’s time to install the same modpack on the server, allowing you and others to play with each other.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and scroll down to locate the Game File section.
    Important: Make sure to use the correct Server Profile for this installation.
  2. Press the currently enabled option to open the dropdown menu.
    Levitated Minecraft Server
  3. Proceed to search for “Levitated” and select it, then continue to Change Version.
    Levitated Modpack Server Installation
  4. In the following prompts, click Generate New World and Restart Now to load the modpack.
    Levitated Modpack Server
  5. Wait for the server to load, then join from your CurseForge launcher with the pack.


Getting Started

Levitated Modpack Biomes

Upon spawning in your new Levitated world, you’ll immediately notice the difference compared to normal Minecraft. As previously mentioned, the starting position is located in the End. However, this is a modded version of it that allows players to survive the dimension’s challenges. For instance, there are required items spread throughout the islands that give you necessary equipment to advance. Exploring is difficult, but collecting resources is even harder due to their scarcity. There are semi-hidden features that directly correlate to your survival, which will be explained in the sections below.

Levitated Tome of Origin

New players receive a Tome of Origin, allowing them to set a spawn point to instantly teleport back when they die. Keep in mind that you’ll only get one chance to do this, meaning you want to create a base before using it. Additionally, new users will get sixteen ender pearls for transportation since the End is notorious for floating islands.


Collecting Resources

The most common resource you’ll encounter is an Ender Lily, holding an ender pearl for you to obtain. This makes it possible for you to reach End Cities, different islands, and general transportation around the world. These are scattered around the dimension, but only appear on end stones. If you happen to find yourself at a different biome, then you might want to try your luck at different places.

Levitated Ender Lily


Levitated End Shard
Levitated End Shard Uses
Levitated Crafting Table

Since there are no normal trees like in the Overworld, collecting wood involves a unique process. Players need to break end stone blocks to obtain End Shards, allowing them to mine logs. This automatically turns into planks and allows you to make a crafting table. This is used for creating more complex tools and materials to have for later gameplay.

Unique Structures

Levitated Water Block Temple

Other interesting materials are located in special buildings and structures, such as a water block temple. This will have a single chest, containing various items that may help your progression. These are somewhat rare, as you’ll encounter default or alternative structures instead. Regardless of the biome, all players can find them throughout the End dimension. However, raiding each one you come across will provide you with necessary resources, making it the best method for starting out.

Levitated Modpack Structures

The most common building is this shack-like structure, containing “living” materials such as wood, stone, and flowers. These are considered Overworld resources, which is a rarity among the End. Additionally, there can be up to two chests found in them, which tends to have better loot compared to other structures, but don’t expect overpowered items. Although by chance, you might find unique materials for complex machinery in them.

Levitated Modpack Loot

As for the exact items found in loot chests, this depends on the structure you raid. For example, materials from a temple could be engineering equipment, cosmetics, armor, or gems. These aren’t too helpful in the early game, unless it’s common-tier loot to help your starting progress. However, end cities contain the most valuable loot and should be prioritized above all other structures. This is where players can collect diamond enchanted tools, weapons, elytras, and more.


Grave Keys

Levitated Grave Keys

In cases where players die, they’ll turn into a ghost with a key. Right-clicking your grave with this item will return all lost items to you and prevent others from interfering. Players won’t easily lose their loot with grave keys, making it an extremely useful feature that Levitated offers. However, this can only be done once and if the item is lost, then you’ll lose the death location. Make sure to avoid deadly situations, but this modpack mechanic can surely save the day if required.

Alternatively, these keys can be configured to teleport a player directly to their grave. If you’re wanting to enable this feature, then set the chanceEnchantedGraveKey option in /config/Tombstone.cfg is required. It’s encouraged to edit the setting’s value to “100” for the best results. This can be found & done in the server’s FTP area, which has a built-in file editor for you to easily make these changes.


Common Issues

Server is Crashing
A common problem among Levitated servers is crashing, as there are many mods and unique blocks that can trigger it. However, this only happens if there are too many machines in a particular region of the game. If it crashed with this type or similar scenario, then restoring the world to a backup would be best. Although, most of the time it can be resolved by simply restarting the server from the panel. In rare cases, crashes may originate from internal issues with the modpack. If you suspect this, then delete the following files in the FTP panel: config, jar, and mods. Afterward, generate a new world and/or restart the server and it’ll likely resolve all issues.
Unable to Join Server
If you or someone else is unable to join, then make sure they have the latest version of the modpack installed on their CurseForge launcher. This is what our panels use, which means all incoming connections have to match the pack’s type. Otherwise, it’ll result in a failure to join the server. Once this is corrected, the problem should resolve unless there is an underlying issue. Testing the situation with a new map is best, as if the impacted player(s) can join on that, then it’s likely a playerdata problem. Restoring the world is a good way to resolve the issue, but another way is to delete their data within the FTP panel.

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How To Make a Levitated Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
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  4. Complete the order and your Levitated server will be created instantly