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Player List Overview

Last modified on Feb 25, 2021 in control panel

mc head By ApexHosting

The Player List logs information on any player that joins your server. Each server’s player list is unique and can be used to manage the player’s role on the panel, ban status, and review their previous connection details. Players can be assigned to users registered on the panel. By doing so the player inherits the role of the user.

The player’s role can also be adjusted without linking it to a user so it is optional for players to register. You can edit an existing players role by clicking their names for all of our hosting accounts. If the player has not joined the server or is not shown in the list you can create a new player. To do this, click the Create Player management option on the left side menu and fill out the following information.

Creating a New Player


Define the players in game Minecraft username.


Grant certain permission to the server from the panel. The following list of available roles is in ascending order, meaning the listed roles include the capabilities of all of the roles above them:


Can see basic information about a server like online status and number of players


Can use chat, view available commands and use certain cheat functionality if enabled by the server owner


Can start servers, use the “admin say” command, see the server console, summon/kick/tp players, use the “give” command and download backups

Super Moderator

Can issue server commands, stop/restart the server and start backups


Has full control over all server functions such as managing players, editing configs, etc.


Can assign FTP access to other users


Can assign co-owner status to other users

Assign to User

Attaches the player name to a registered user on the panel.


You can set the respective players ban status on the server. If banned, the panel with take action to remove the player from the server.

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