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Mustard Virus Server Hosting

Last modified on Jul 1, 2024 in Modpacks

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Players seeking challenges in Minecraft might decide to use mods, as vanilla gameplay is too easy. Whether you’re on hard difficulty or hardcore mode, the number of mobs and obstacles remain the same. If you’re wanting to change how you play Minecraft completely, then consider using the Mustard Virus modpack, a collection of mods that transforms the world. No other hostile creatures exist, only zombies – the apocalypse is here. Your mission is to survive against undead hordes, construct strong bases, plant traps, craft unique weapons, and explore the great unknown. Grab some friends and embark on these adventures! Let’s begin to show you how to set up your own Mustard Virus Minecraft Server in this Apex Hosting guide.

Server Installation

Anyone who purchases a server with us can easily install a wide range of modpacks for Minecraft, including Mustard Virus. There isn’t any prior knowledge needed to accomplish this, as you’re able to select the pack in the panel to begin the installation. Follow along below to get started!

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File area.
    Minecraft Server
  2. Proceed to click on your currently selected option and type “Mustard Virus”.
  3. Once found, select it and follow the prompts accordingly.
    Mustard Virus Modpack Server Hosting
  4. Make sure to press Restart Now, then wait for this to load everything.
    Mustard Virus Minecraft Server
  5. If successful, the server will come online without problems.


Client Setup

Before joining the Mustard Virus server, you and other players alike need to install the modpack on your launcher – specifically, the CurseForge App. This won’t take too much time, as the process is automatically done once initiated. The following instructions show you how to download the launcher and install the modpack.

  1. Download and install the CurseForge launcher, required for this setup.
    CurseForge Download
  2. Afterward, navigate to Mustard Virus and press the Install button.
    Mustard Virus CurseForge
  3. This should automatically open the launcher to begin the installation.
  4. Wait for this to finish, then click the Play button on the right.
    Mustard Virus Modpack Install
  5. Afterward, you can join the Mustard Virus server to begin the adventure.


Mustard Virus Modpack

Mustard Virus Minecraft Modpack

When you’re playing the Mustard Virus modpack in Minecraft, there are tons of features to keep in mind. These range from events that trigger powerful zombie attacks to making security improvements to your base. It’s important to understand that no other hostile mobs will spawn with this modpack, meaning creepers won’t sneak up behind you. Zombies will spawn in groups, sometimes individually, but will collectively hunt you down. Reinforcing your base with stronger materials, better traps, equipment, etc., will help you survive. The following subsections will show you what to expect from the Mustard Virus modpack for Minecraft.

Revamped Biomes

This modpack has Biomes O’ Plenty, meaning you’re able to explore a wide variety of biomes in Minecraft. These can either be improved vanilla terrains or completely new versions! We strongly encourage you to find suitable locations for bases, but remember that not everything is revamped. This means you can still find vanilla biomes in Minecraft, despite playing with Mustard Virus. Within these areas, you can even find special variants of passive mobs.

Revamped Biomes
Revamped Biomes

In some cases, you might experience different atmospheres when exploring biomes. For example, swamps are now scarier to traverse – as a thick fog surrounds it, along with greenish clouds up above. There aren’t too many new resources in these locations, but will surely be an obstacle if you find yourself in the midst of hordes. Make sure to have enough equipment to explore dangerous biomes in Minecraft with this modpack!


Underground Traps

When mining for resources underground, you might stumble across mob spawners. Don’t get too close without durable weapons, as this doesn’t act like normal spawners – they suddenly summon a horde of zombies! These are common in any cave biome, so it’s important to never assume they are regular spawners. Additionally, a terrifying sound can be heard once triggered, leaving players in terror while trying to escape.

Underground Traps


New Creatures

New Creatures

Instead of dangerous creatures, there’s wildlife to admire! One such example are crabs, found around beaches in Minecraft. These and other mobs add more realism, along with extra ways to obtain materials / food. There might even be different types of them to find. This typically happens with pigs or cows, extremely common animals in Minecraft. Regardless, crabs and other critters can be excellent ways to gather items for crafting or satisfying your hunger.


Blood Moons

Minecraft Mustard Virus Blood Moons

One of the more interesting features of the Mustard Virus modpack is blood moons. These events happen every so often, leading to more dangerous zombie encounters. It’s indicated by a chat message, along with a red moon and color difference in the world. We highly recommend avoiding these nights, as it could result in your demise. Build a base or head towards your existing one to continue surviving, unless you’re absolutely prepared to fight the hordes.

Base Security

On the topic of bases, securing your place is extremely important for Mustard Virus. Zombies can easily break doors down, so reinforcing it with stronger materials is required. This is amplified with retinol scans, passcodes, and more features. There’s even security cameras to hook up, giving you more eyes around the base. Keep this in mind when working on a base, as ensuring its security is top priority.

Base Security


Base Decoration

Base Decoration

The inside of your base can be anything you want! There are couches, tables, chairs, TVs, PCs, alarms, and so much more. For instance, keypad chests exist to protect your goods from others – helpful on multiplayer servers. All of the furniture and practical / redstone blocks help immerse you in this zombie survival adventure. Get creative and start designing your base in style with the Mustard Virus modpack.



In cases where there are too many zombies, consider placing down landmines. These can easily destroy a horde of them, if used properly. They act as a creeper’s explosion, but with more damage towards zombies. Use these mines away from your base or lead them to a trap for easy killings. Additionally, any slain mob will have its parts dismembered – adding on to the realism.





As for all the kinds of weapons you can craft, it depends on how much resources you have – since there are lots. Whether you stick with diamond katanas or steel longswords, these can inflict high amounts of damage towards zombies. Begin collecting all the required resources from caves to craft your ideal weapons, including ranged ones!


Horde Survival

Minecraft Realistic Zombies

Surviving in the Mustard Virus modpack for Minecraft is an interesting challenge. The only mobs are zombies, yet they spawn in groups of them. This can easily overwhelm you, so preparing beforehand is critical for survival. Whether you reinforce the base with strong materials or endless barriers, you have plenty of options. This becomes amplified with the new items and blocks to use from the modpack. Embark on this journey with friends to begin overcoming these challenges. Who knows, perhaps you might even slay the Ender Dragon if you’re lucky enough!

FAQ – Mustard Virus

What game version is for the Mustard Virus modpack?

The only Minecraft version available is Forge 1.12.2 for the Mustard Virus modpack. This means you’re unable to play it on other releases.

How much memory is required to run Mustard Virus?

The recommended amount of RAM to run this modpack is 4gb, with more being needed for larger servers. Using the same amount for your client is also required, but extra is always better for performance.

How do I create a private Mustard Virus Minecraft Server?

You can create one by starting a whitelist in the Minecraft server, then adding your desired players to it. Anyone who has this modpack installed can join it, only if they’re allowed via the list.

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How To Make a Mustard Virus Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Mustard Virus server will be created instantly