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Minecraft Trial Key Guide

Posted: Jul 9, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

With the release of Minecraft 1.21: Tricky Trials, brand new structures full of loot and possibilities are generated in the world. These are known as Trial Chambers, large areas full of hostile mobs and traps. One of the main features are trial keys, giving players the ability to unlock vaults for rare items. These rewards range from diamonds to enchanted equipment. Whether you want to get extra gear or valuable items, trial chambers are a great way to do that. There are lots of important details to unpack about trial keys in Minecraft – so let’s jump right into it!

How to Get Trial Keys in Minecraft

Obtaining trial keys isn’t guaranteed, as players must be lucky after defeating mobs in a trial spawner. Items will appear on top of it once every enemy is slain, which range from food to potions. Don’t worry! The following steps will help you get trial keys in Minecraft.

  1. Locate a Trial Chamber in your Minecraft world.
    Minecraft Trial Chamber Spawner
  2. Once found, begin fighting mobs from Trial Spawners.
    Minecraft Trial Chamber Breeze
  3. After defeating all enemies, a Trial Key may appear on the spawner.
    Minecraft Trial Chamber Vault Key


Trial Spawner Loot

Reward ItemChance (%)
Trial Key50.0
Cooked Chicken15.0
Baked Potato10.0
Potion of Regeneration5.0
Potion of Swiftness5.0


How to Use Trial Keys in Minecraft

Once you’ve obtained trial keys, it’s time to use them! Players must search for vaults in various areas in a trial chamber. They’re similar to trial spawners, but with unique textures. Upon unlocking it, random rewards will drop for you to collect. The instructions below will help you learn how to use trial keys in Minecraft.

  1. While inside a Trial Chamber, find a Vault.
    Minecraft Trial Chamber Vault
  2. Use your Trial Key by right-clicking the Vault.
    Minecraft Trial Key Guide
  3. Random reward items will begin dropping!


Vault Loot


Reward ItemChance (%)
Damaged Shield10.4
Enchanted Bow10.4
Enchanted Crossbow7.0
Enchanted Iron Axe7.0
Enchanted Iron Chestplate7.0
Enchanted Diamond Axe3.5
Enchanted Diamond Chestplate3.5


Reward ItemChance (%)
Arrow of Poison31.0
Iron Ingot24.0
Wind Charge (1-3x)24.0
Wind Charge (4-12x)8.5
Golden Apple8.3
Golden Carrot7.0


Reward ItemChance (%)
Honey Bottle24.0
Ominous Bottle I – II16.5
Enchanted Book14.0
Bolt Armor Trim Smithing Template6.2
Music Disc (Precipice)4.2
Guster Banner Pattern4.2


Ominous Vaults

In cases where you want to maximize the loot obtained from trial chambers, consider trying out Minecraft Ominous Trials. These types of battles involve stronger opponents, but better rewards! This is also the only way to get heavy cores, used for crafting the Mace – a brand-new weapon. Players need to first collect Ominous Bottles from vaults or illager captains outside of raids, then drink the potion to trigger its effects. Afterward, they’ll be able to play ominous trials!

Minecraft Trials and Challenges

Minecraft Trial Key

The possibilities are endless in Minecraft Trial Chambers! Collect trial keys and unlock vaults to get valuable items as rewards for your brave battles. Amplify this with ominous bottles to obtain even more powerful equipment or rare materials. Using trial keys in Minecraft is one of the best ways to quickly get good items, but requires you to face off hordes of enemies. Hopefully, you have great luck, as some of the rewards aren’t too favored by players. This is especially true on Minecraft servers, where friends can get powerful gear while others do not. Regardless, we hope this article helped you learn more about trial keys!

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