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Impaling Enchantment Minecraft

Posted: Feb 2, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Fans of the ocean biomes in Minecraft might want tridents to better defend themselves against sea monsters. These weapons are difficult to obtain, as they’re non-craftable and don’t generate in lootable chests. If you happen to get one, then enchanting it is possible! One of these special abilities is called impaling, which significantly helps with combat. There are some downsides though, as it does no additional damage against normal mobs. but it can pack a major punch against water-based creatures regardless. How do you find tridents? Can you quickly get it enchanted? Let’s answer these questions and more, today!

Locating Tridents in Minecraft

Before trying to get the impaling enchantment, players must find tridents. These weapons can only be obtained by killing drowned mobs, resembling creepy zombies. Few of these creatures will have a trident, so we highly recommend using looting on swords to slay them for the best chances. Keep doing this until you get lucky enough to have drowned drop the weapon! Otherwise, enable cheats or become an operator to quickly spawn it.

Minecraft Drowned Mobs


How to Get the Impaling Enchantment

Once you’ve obtained the trident in Minecraft, the time has come – begin looking for the impaling enchantment! There are two methods to achieve this, with both requiring luck. This can be bypassed if you use commands, but most players don’t want to do that. With this in mind, explore the legit ways to get the impaling enchantment for tridents down below.

Finding Enchantment Books

Minecraft Shipwreck Loot

The first method is locating lootable chests in randomly generated structures, including shipwrecks and dungeons. These might just have enchanted books for you! Any enchantment can be found, so you have to keep searching until you stumble upon impaling. We strongly suggest finding shipwrecks, dungeons, strongholds, ancient cities, and other similar structures for this process – as that’s the best way to do it.


Using the Enchantment Table

Instead of exploring the Minecraft world for lootable chests, consider using an enchantment table to enchant books or tridents to get impaling. This has the best chances but requires lots of EXP points. We advise you to build a mob farm to quickly level up, resulting in an easier time to obtain impaling. Alternatively, smelting items or mining ores can also help with getting EXP points. Keep in mind that impaling has a range of 1 to 5 levels, with the highest being amazing.

Minecraft Enchanting Table


Trident Impaling Effects

Minecraft Trident Impaling Enchant

Now that you have a trident with impaling, what does it do? Well, as we mentioned before, it helps with fighting sea monsters. In other words, the amount of damage tridents inflict is increased with each level of impaling. This means you can quickly slay anything in the ocean, including guardians! The enchantment isn’t as good as sharpness but does the job.


Minecraft Trident Enchantments

Using tridents in Minecraft isn’t the best way to defeat enemies, but with added enchantments – it can become an extremely fun weapon. For instance, using loyalty allows it to come right back to you. This makes it so you don’t have to constantly pick it back up, leading to more entertaining battles. Whether you want to quickly slay guardians or simply have fun using tridents against friends, the possibilities are endless! Consider doing this on your own Minecraft dedicated server to play with others. We hope this blog helped you learn more about the impaling trident enchantment. Have a good one, gamers!

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