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Illager Invasion Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

Illager Invasion Mod Minecraft


As you and others alike play Minecraft, there may come a time when illagers appear nearby to fight. This tends to happen when visiting woodland mansions or outposts but can occur when raids start at villages. These features are beloved by millions who enjoy the game, as they provide valuable resources. However, some players might be unsatisfied with these vanilla mechanics. Due to this, they may choose to use Forge or Fabric mods to enhance their gameplay experience. One of these is known as Illager Invasion, introducing new structures, items, and tons of hostile mobs to Minecraft. There’s even a unique boss that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, along with an interactable block to upgrade enchantments. This mod rewards players who encounter and overcome illagers, which is vanilla friendly for those not looking to completely overhaul Minecraft. Setting this up to play with friends is easily done on our panel, as it only takes a few minutes. However, newcomers to the modding scene may be unfamiliar with our system. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use the Illager Invasion mod in Minecraft.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Illager Invasion on CurseForge, then click Files near the top left.
    Illager Invasion CurseForge
  2. Locate your desired Game Version and Mod Loader in the list below.
  3. Upon finding it, press its three vertical dots on the right and click Download File.
    Illager Invasion Mod Download
  4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.
  5. Repeat this process for Puzzles Lib, as it’s a required dependency mod.
    Fabric Only: Do the same for Fabric API and Forge Config API Port.


Client Installation

Before using these mods in Minecraft, you’ll need to install Forge or Fabric on the launcher. This depends on your desired setup but is required to use Illager Invasion in-game. After you’ve done this, the following instructions show you the mod installation on your client. Begin to review them when you’re ready to start this process.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and click Installations near the top.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. Locate your previously installed Forge or Fabric profile, then press its Folder icon.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  3. In the newly opened window, find and enter the mods directory in the list.
    Note: If you don’t see this, create it before proceeding with the installation.
  4. While in this folder, drag and drop your downloaded files accordingly.
    Illager Invasion Server Installation
  5. Return to the launcher and click Play on your modded profile.


Server Installation

Similar to the client setup, you’ll need to install Forge or Fabric on the Minecraft server. This is achieved by selecting it with your corresponding version from the Game File area in the main panel, then restarting to generate its required files. Once you’ve done this, follow the steps below to begin installing Illager Invasion on your server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box, then press the Login button to gain access.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Afterward, enter the mods directory from the list, and at the top left corner click Upload.
  4. Proceed to drag and drop the downloaded files into the respective area.
    Illager Invasion Server Installation
  5. Wait for them to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and generate a new world.
  6. Make sure to Restart the server afterward, as it’ll allow for new structures to appear.


Getting Started

Illager Invasion Mod Minecraft

Upon joining the server, you may already have noticed the new changes to Minecraft. This tends to be the case when spawning near new structures, as there’s a handful of them to encounter. These are almost always going to be where hostile illagers show up, so be on guard. It’s encouraged to begin collecting resources and crafting equipment to prepare for this grand adventure. Additionally, you may want to install the JEI mod to easily review new craftable items. This comes in handy when trying to use features from Illager Invasion. Besides this, if you’re wanting to quickly test out this mod without spending too much time, then consider becoming an operator or enabling cheats. This allows you to use the /locate command to easily locate the new structures, along with creative mode to discover custom items. Alternatively, review the subsections below to learn more about Illager Invasion in Minecraft to get started.

Illager Types

There are 11 new illager mobs in Minecraft from the mod, which all are uniquely created by the developer. Whether you stumble upon a sorcerer or firecaller, there are plenty of interesting enemies to find in your world. However, there’s an old man who’s friendly to players rather than instantly attacking on sight. This adds another fascinating feature to Minecraft, as every illager tends to be hostile. Besides this, there’s also a boss that’ll be discussed later on in this guide.

Illager Invasion Mobs


New Structures

Illager Invasion Forts

As for finding these new illagers, you’ll want to discover custom structures from the mod. One of the more common ones to discover is a fort, being made of a few buildings and outdoor training areas. There are normal enemies and modded types, making this a hostile environment. Fortunately, there are lots of lootable chests after defeating everyone in the fort. This makes it worthwhile to overcome but still requires players to be well-equipped beforehand.

Rather than forts, you might encounter a large tower full of illagers. This is where special enemies appear, such as illusioners that create clones of themselves to fight the player. This type of structure includes many levels and rooms to explore, with one area having archivists that use magic to kill users. Similar to other buildings, this tower has many chests full of loot for you to enjoy. This also applies to mob drops inside, as there are lots of emeralds and other collectibles to take.

Illager Invasion Tower
Illager Invasion Hut

Instead of hostile locations in Minecraft, a firecaller hut is a peaceful area with a unique older illager that doesn’t immediately attack players. Avoid getting too close, as they’ll begin summoning fireballs in self-defense. Remember, illagers are sworn enemies and only have a history of being hostile. This means the old man will naturally hesitate to befriend you, so it’s best to let them be. However, slaying them will give you some valuable items.


Loot & Custom Items

Illager Invasion Loot
Illager Invasion Custom Items

While actively looting chests in these new structures, players might come across countless items. These may include arrows, berries, bread, golden apples, enchanted books, sticks, emeralds, and other kinds. Other times, there’ll be custom materials for you to take. For example, unusual or illusionary dust can be found in chests that are used to craft unique items. After gathering enough of these, players can make a hallowed gem. This is used for a special process to upgrade enchantments. There are additional items to find too, such as platinum chunks or magical fire charges, occasionally being dropped after slaying illager mobs.

Imbuing Table

The only interactable block from the Illager Invasion mod is known as an imbuing table, allowing players to upgrade their enchanted gear. This means you can exceed vanilla limitations on an ability like sharpness, increasing beyond level five. However, hallowed gems and identical enchanted books are needed beforehand. Only after meeting its requirements can you begin upgrading weapons, tools, and armor pieces.

Illager Invasion Imbuing Table

As for making an imbuing table, you must fight and slay the boss to obtain its unique item drop. Remember, using the JEI mod reveals its crafting recipe and other ones too.

Invoker Boss Fight

Illager Invasion Invoker Fight

The Invoker illager is a new boss from the mod, which is stronger than any other enemy besides ender dragons or withers. Finding this mob requires you to discover a woodland mansion, extremely difficult structures to locate in Minecraft. Once found, make your way near the top to encounter an invoker. While fighting this illager, it’ll summon extra creatures to hurt you.

If it becomes cornered or takes too much damage, the mob begins randomly teleporting to another location. Expect lots of explosions and knockback from these kinds of bosses, along with other effects from other creatures.


If you’re wanting to customize your server experience with the Illager Invasion mod for Minecraft, then tweaking its configuration file is required. This is stored in our FTP panel and has a built-in editor for your convenience, meaning there’s no need to download/upload anything. However, the majority of these settings are only for raids. This means you can choose which type of illager participates in them, which can be helpful depending on your desired setup. Otherwise, you can edit general options like an invoker’s boss bar appearing in-game. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to get started with your mod configuration.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access area and use your login credentials accordingly.
  2. Once logged in, locate and enter the config directory from the list.
    Minecraft Forge Server Config
  3. Afterward, find and click Edit on the right side of illagerinvasion-server.toml.
    Illager Invasion Config
  4. While inside the editor, make your desired changes and press Save at the top.
    Illager Invasion Mod Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply these edits.


This process may appear different on Fabric or older versions of the mod, as noted by the developer. Due to this, you may need to check the following directory for the configuration file: …/[world]/serverconfig. As for singleplayer players, the same concepts apply. This means the standard config or serverconfig directories are where you can make changes to the Illager Invasion mod.


Common Issues

Cannot Startup or Join

In cases where you’re unable to start up the Minecraft launcher, it’s likely that you’ve incorrectly installed the mods or loader. Remember, you must download the dependencies according to your desired setup. For example, Fabric must install three separate mods for Illager Invasion to work properly. Besides this, make sure that your loader is properly configured too. This means you have to match the game version used for the mods, such as Forge 1.20.1 or anything else. Similar concepts apply to those unable to join the Minecraft server. For instance, having the wrong loader or version selected in the Game File section results in this problem, along with missing required modifications in the FTP panel. We strongly recommend contacting our Support Team if you have any questions or further issues with this particular situation.

Missing Custom Structures

On rare occasions, players may notice there aren’t any new structures being generated in their Minecraft world after installing Illager Invasion. This is primarily caused by not creating a new world, which applies to both the server and singleplayer sessions. Solving this is simple, as you’ll just need to generate another map to have these structures load properly. However, some users might want to keep their existing world and still play with this mod. In this situation, you and others need to explore unrendered chunks or regions in-game to find the new buildings. If you still have issues with this, then we encourage you to create another world.

Unable to Edit Config

Players looking to customize their mod’s configuration file might encounter an issue where the changes don’t apply correctly. While doing this on the FTP panel, make sure you click Save at the top and Restart the server to properly accomplish this goal. However, checking for any syntax errors like missing spaces, characters, or typos is also another troubleshooting solution. A similar process is for singleplayer, as you must not have issues with the file itself and must reboot your game to apply changes. In both cases, it may be necessary to Stop / Close the server or client before making any edits to the Illager Invasion mod for Minecraft.

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