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How to Wipe ARK Server

in ARK

mc head By Nathan Young

How to Reset Your ARK Server


In some cases, ARK server owners may want to completely reset the world, character progression, or all files. This can be caused by a wide range of reasons, from corruption to simply wanting to start fresh. However, the exact processes for doing these tasks can be complicated, as it involves accessing the server files. Luckily, this is resolved by our easy-to-use panel that allows you to manage everything. Deleting these files is done through a few clicks, but there are multiple ways to achieve that. It depends on the goals and ideas you want to implement, meaning each method is different. Due to this, we’ll explain how to wipe your ARK server from each way in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Wipe Methods

As noted before, there are multiple ways to wipe an ARK server. These mainly involve the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) panel, as this allows you to access the files. Each method achieves similar goals, but are different depending on what you want done. For instance, deleting the world isn’t the same as removing characters. Make sure to choose the right one for your situation, as it varies for every server owner. Additionally, remember that these files will be completely deleted and cannot be retrieved afterward. If you want to save anything, then download them either through the panel or an external FTP program, such as FileZilla.

Deleting the World

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    ARK Server FTP

    Important: Make sure to use the correct Server Profile for these instructions.

  2. Login with your password, then continue into the ShooterGame directory.
    ARK Server ShooterGame Folder
  3. Once there, enter in the Saved folder and check mark the SavedArks folder, then press Delete at the top.
    ARK Server Delete World
  4. Proceed to Submit the changes, then return to the main panel.
  5. Restart the server and join when it finishes to generate a new world.


Removing Character Data

  1. Navigate to the Saved directory from the FTP File Access area in your server panel.
  2. Continue into the SavedArks folder. then head towards SteamID I/O.
  3. Enter the desired character’s username in the Input field and copy their SteamID64 values.
    SteamID64 ARK Server
  4. Return to the folder, then use this ID to search for the .arkprofile file you wish to remove.
  5. Once found, check mark it and press Delete at the top.
    ARK Server Delete Character
  6. Do this for every file you want removed, then Restart the server from the main panel.


Resetting Server Files

  1. Head towards your server panel and Stop the server.
    ARK Server Shutdown
  2. Afterward, locate Reset Server Files near the bottom left and press it.
  3. When prompted, select All Server Files and click the Reset Server button.
    ARK Server Reset
  4. Type “reset” to confirm the changes, then Restart the server from the main panel.


Common Issues

Files Won’t Delete
Sometimes files will not be deleted due to unforeseen circumstances, such as other console tasks running. The best way to resolve this is to wait until the remaining activities are completed. Otherwise, you can try to Stop the server and redo the file deletion. Although, it may be still possible that other tasks are running and preventing new ones from starting. An alternative method is to use an FTP client, allowing you to directly remove them from your computer.
Progression Wasn’t Removed
If after removing character or world files and they still persist in-game, then Force Stop the server and repeat the process. Afterward, join and confirm if the changes were applied. However, if you are only trying to remove player data, then make sure the SteamID64 values are correct. These IDs are responsible for identifying each character, making it extremely important to get right.
Server Isn’t Starting
In rare cases, the server will not start or appear to be stopped after deleting files. This is likely due to ARK’s design as it re-generates the data, so waiting is the best method. However, if you enter the Console area from the panel, you can see the loading progress. This is where you can confirm if it’s stuck, not running, or crashed at some point. If the situation isn’t improving at all, then contacting Support might help reveal additional information or resolve the issue(s).

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