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How to Set Up a Purpur Server in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

Purpur Server Hosting
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Hosting a Vanilla Minecraft server can be fun with friends, as you’re given an entire dedicated space for any adventures. However, problems may arise such as lag or a lack of control due to the game’s design. Solving this requires using an API to enhance Minecraft’s structure, which means you have more power over in-game aspects. An extremely popular one is known as Purpur, a drop-in replacement for Paper servers. This is completely free and open source, allowing many individuals to continue growing its features. Using this gives you the ability to tweak Minecraft’s settings through many config files, among installing plugins to change the gameplay. Setting this up is easily done on our panel, but can still confuse some owners. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install Purpur on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Server Setup

Purpur Minecraft Server

There are two primary ways to set up Purpur on your Minecraft server, using our installer on the panel or manually doing the process. The first method is highly recommended, as you’re provided many game versions to choose from that support Purpur. Whether you’re wanting a 1.16.5 or 1.19.3 server, our panel will quickly install everything required to get you started. As for the other method, you’d have to download Purpur’s build file and upload it accordingly. This process can cause problems, such as the server not loading or corrupting your world. However, if done correctly, there won’t be any issues and it’ll function normally. With everything in mind, review the subsections below to begin installing Purpur on your server.

Automatic Installation

Remember, our panel will do everything for you to get it installed. However, you’ll need to understand how to initiate the installation. Follow these steps below to learn more about this process.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File section.
  2. Click the currently selected option to reveal its dropdown menu.
    Minecraft 1.19.3
  3. Continue to search for “Purpur” and your desired game version in the text box.
    Purpur Server Installation
  4. Once found, press on it and click Change Version in the following prompt.
    Purpur Change Version
  5. Proceed to select Create New World and Restart Now in the other popups.
  6. Wait for the server to load, then join to confirm everything works.


Manual Installation

Instead of using our panel to install Purpur, you can selectively choose the build you want to manually upload. This process is longer than the automatic way, but will accomplish the same task. Follow along below to get everything ready for you to play.

  1. Navigate to the Purpur Downloads page, then locate your desired version.
  2. Once found, click the Download button to the left of it under the Build category.
    Purpur Download
  3. Rename this file to “custom.jar” save it somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
    Purpur Custom JAR
  4. Head towards your server panel, then click Stop near the top.
  5. Locate the Game File section and click on the currently selected option.
  6. In the text box, type “Custom Server Jar” and press it.
    Minecraft Server Custom JAR
  7. Continue to click Change Version, reate New World, and I’ll Restart Later.
    Custom Minecraft Server Jar
  8. Near the top left corner, select the FTP File Access button and Login accordingly.
    Minecraft FTP
  9. Enter the jar directory, then click Upload at the top left.
  10. Drag and drop the custom.jar file into the respective area, then wait until seeing 100%.
    Purpur JAR Upload Server
  11. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to load the custom Purpur file.


Purpur Configuration

Purpur Configuration

Once you’ve successfully installed Purpur on the server, regardless of the method, there will be new files to access and edit. The main one is purpur.yml, containing important settings that determine in-game features. Whether you’re wanting to change how enchantments or blocks work, this is the area you’ll need to view before making any changes. It’s strongly advised to review the official Purpur Wiki for more information about each option in the file. The following instructions below reveal how you can tweak the settings.

  1. Enter the FTP File Access area and Login with your Password.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  2. Locate the purpur.yml file and press Edit to the right-hand side of it.
    Purpur Config
  3. Proceed to make your desired changes, then click Save at the top.
    Purpur Settings
  4. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Important Settings

We’ll briefly review some important settings to get you started with Purpur’s configuration. However, there are similar files such as spigot.yml or bukkit.yml that contain equally vital options that determine Minecraft’s functionality in-game. Besides this, review notable purpur.yml settings below to see if you want to edit them.


Minecraft Blocks

Inside the “Blocks” category in the file, you can see tons of configurable materials. For example, editing the ender_chest option can allow you to get more rows to store items in an Ender Chest. Another useful aspect of this category is disabling the cumulative-cost for Anvils, giving players cheaper EXP costs to add or combine enchantments. There are other blocks to review, with some being less important than others.


Minecraft Exceed Enchant Levels

If you’re wanting to have better enchantments on your tools, weapons, or equipment, then enabling the allow-unsafe-enchants option in the “Enchantment” category is required. This will allow players to continuously combine Sharpness levels to exceed the max value, leading to overpowered weapons. Other enchantments follow the same concept, such as pickaxes with Efficiency.


Minecraft Mobs

As for the last important area, the “World-Settings” category gives you an enormous amount of options to tweak. These include determining a mob’s max health, enabling sleep with enemies nearby, among player settings. Due to the amount of them, you’ll need to carefully go through the large list. Fortunately, everything is straightforward and easy to follow.


Common Issues

Server is Crashing on Startup

Make sure you aren’t switching from a higher game version to a lower one without creating a new world, as this would cause the server to crash. In other words, make sure to upgrade instead of downgrade due to map incompatibility problems. Otherwise, generate a new world to resolve the situation and/or revert to a compatible version of Purpur that works with your saved progress. However, if this doesn’t apply to you, then make sure to review your plugins since they can sometimes cause issues to arise.

Custom JAR Isn’t Working

In cases where your custom jar isn’t working properly, confirm you’ve successfully renamed it to “custom.jar” before the upload. Our system, by default, checks this file name so it can begin loading it on the server. Additionally, this must be installed in the jar directory if you want everything to work correctly. On rare occasions, the Game File’s name field will have something different. If this happens, then change it to “custom.jar” so the system knows how to load it.

Persistent In-game Lag

Most owners switched to Purpur due to previous lag issues on other server types. If the situation persisted even after this entire process, then make sure to review our optimization guide. This will provide you with detailed information on how to improve the game’s performance. For example, there are helpful plugins that’ll increase the ticks in-game. Another one is changing specific settings in the server files to optimize the gameplay. Unfortunately, if nothing seems to be working, then contact our support team to get additional assistance.

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How To Make a Purpur Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Purpur server will be created instantly