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How to Make Decorated Pots in Minecraft

Posted: Jun 28, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Some of these are pretty unique, with one of them being a relatively new addition to the game. Introducing you to decorated pots! There are lots of them to try out, with different designs for each one if you wanted. These aren’t your normal blocks in Minecraft, as you must gather them from archaeological sites. It’ll take a lot of time to find and collect everything needed to create your own decorated pots. Don’t worry about all that though, because we’ll help you! Once you’ve obtained a few, builders will have loads of fun personalizing their structures. We’ll break down the spots to find them and walk you through the crafting process in this Apex Hosting blog. Let’s get started!

What are Decorated Pots?

Decorated Pots Minecraft

If you haven’t guessed yet, decorated pots are pottery blocks with unique designs. These can tell a story or simply be used for adding extra details in your base, library, or anything else. Most builders use them for adding dungeon-like aesthetics, as they resemble the pots in Minecraft Dungeons. Doing this in survival mode will take time, as the process for finding them is heavily dependent on world generation. This is due to the digging sites scattered around the environment, which are rare to discover naturally. Upon finding one, you may not even get the resources needed to make decorated pots since pottery shards are only available from suspicious sand or gravel. These are needed for the crafting recipes, making them important. If you’re gonna grind this out, then review the subsections below to learn more about it!

How to Obtain Pottery Shards

There’s a few key areas in the Minecraft world to find pottery shards, including Minecraft Trail Ruins, Minecraft Desert Temples, and Ocean Ruins. There might be other locations, but these are the best ones for this process. Once you’ve stumbled upon one of these structures, it’ll be an obvious spot for digging around. For example, trail ruins have unique blocks that aren’t supposed to be in the biome. Other buildings like temples will look normal, but have interesting blocks inside. A similar concept applies to different structures that are associated with archaeology.

Minecraft Trail Ruin
Minecraft Brush Recipe

Once you’ve reached these kinds of structures, you’ll need to craft a Brush to begin excavating the site. This involves you collecting 1x Stick, 1x Copper Ingot, and 1x Feather. However, we highly advise grabbing a few extra pickaxes and shovels for this process. Another piece of advice is to make multiple brushes since they run out of durability pretty quickly, but can be combined in the workbench to be repaired.

Once you’ve begun digging around trail ruins, temples, or other applicable locations, be on the lookout for Suspicious Gravel or Sand. These blocks have a unique texture unlike their normal counterparts. Keep this in mind when excavating, especially since it’s easy to mistakenly break them. Remove the surrounding blocks nearby and keep these sus ones for later. On average, there’s quite a bit of suspicious gravel and sand, but it depends on the structure used for this process.

Minecraft Sus Gravel
Minecraft Brush

When you’re ready to get some pottery shards, right-click on any suspicious block while holding the brush item. Hold this down until the item drops, but they may not be what you want. There are lots of collectibles from these kinds of blocks, such as candles, colored dyes, emeralds, and more. You gotta get lucky enough to obtain a pottery shard, which might take a long time. Keep doing this for every applicable structure until you gather a minimum of four shards. Otherwise, enable Minecraft cheats to instantly spawn them into the game if you’re tired of trying your luck.


Crafting Decorated Pots

As for making your own decorated pot in Minecraft, take 4x Pottery Shards of any kind and place them accordingly in the workbench. Whether you want multiple designs or one, the possibilities are endless due to the amount of shards to obtain. There’s a total of 20 different kinds to obtain by brushing off suspicious blocks. Keep this in mind when crafting your own decorated pots on your Minecraft server or singleplayer world.

Decorated Pot Recipe Minecraft



It’s a builder’s dream! Decorated pots in Minecraft can truly spice up your buildings with a story-telling design. Whether you’re making a dungeon themed based structure or simply wanting to add extra details to your base, these blocks will help with that. There are plenty of them available in Minecraft, so get creative! Remember, the amount of pottery shards means the number of combinations are pretty much endless. Besides all that, we hope this blog helped you learn all about making decorated pots in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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