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How to Install Mods on a 7 Days to Die Server

Last modified on Nov 17, 2022 in 7 Days To Die

mc head By Nathan Young


Surviving in 7 Days to Die can be a thrilling adventure, but some players may want to add custom features for more exciting and challenging experiences. These extra aspects are called mods, whicharen’t officially supported by Steam or the game developers. Due to this, the modding process for 7DTD can be complicated for some people. This is especially true for server owners who want to add mods, as playing with friends and modded features can be tons of fun. In this Apex Hosting tutorial, we’ll walk you through the needed steps to install mods on a 7 Days to Die server and client.

Downloading Mods

  1. Head towards the 7 Days To Die’s Nexus website and locate a desired mod.
    7 Days to Die Mods

    Note: You may use this alternative service for downloading mods if you want.

  2. Once a mod is located, open its page and press Manual to open the downloading area.
    7 Days to Die Download Mods
  3. Continue to select a download option, but for most people it’ll be Slow Download.
    7 Days to Die Download Mods

    Note: Mods will sometimes have multiple main files, which allows you to choose the exact type to download. Press Manual Download on the one you want, then proceed normally.

  4. Wait for the files to download, then move them somewhere easily accessible.


Client Mods Installation

Before installing any mods to the server, let alone connecting to it, you need to install them on Steam.

  1. Close down 7 Days to Die if it’s running, then open Steam and navigate towards the Library.
    Steam Library
  2. Search for 7 Days to Die in your game list and right-click it.
  3. Hover over Manage, then press Browse Local Files.
    7 Days to Die Browse Local Files
  4. Create a new directory called Mods in the newly opened folder, which has all game files.
  5. Extract the mod files into the new directory, which can be done through 7zip or WinRAR.
    7 Days to Die Mods Folder

    Note: After extraction, it should reveal the mod’s folder and the .XML file among others inside of it.

Following this, you’ve successfully modded 7 Days to Die! Make sure to not delete any zipped mod files, as you need them for later. Additionally, you may want to double-check that all mod folders have .XML files. These are required with all other contents to have it properly work.

Server Mods Installation

Now that your mods are installed in the game, it’s time to upload them into the server. However, this process requires an external FTP program, as some mod files are too large for web-based uploading. The application is built for accessing your server files and allows for quicker upload speed.

  1. Download your preferred FTP program, such as FileZilla, then run it.
    FileZilla Download
  2. Navigate to your Apex server panel and near top left, click FTP File Access.
  3. In this area, copy the FTP Address, Port, and Username.
    Apex Hosting FTP Information
  4. Return to FileZilla, or your preferred program, and enter the copied information into the respective fields.
    FileZilla FTP Login

    Note: Your password for the server panel is what’s used for the Password field.

  5. Once the program is connected, enter your 7 Days to Die server profile if you have that enabled in the panel.
  6. Afterward, right-click anywhere on the server files and press Create Directory, then name it Mods.
    7 Days to Die Server Mods Folder

    Note: If you use a different FTP application, then creating a new directory may vary.

  7. Next, locate the zipped mod files on your computer and drag them into the new directory.
    7 Days to Die Server Mods
  8. Wait for everything to finish, then head back to your server panel’s FTP File Access area.
  9. Login with your password and enter in the Mods folder.
  10. Check mark all zipped files, then press Unzip in the top right corner and click Submit.
    Apex Hosting FTP Unzip
  11. Once it completes, return to the main panel and Restart the server to join for confirmation.


7 Days to Die Disable EAC

In some cases, the Easy Anticheat (EAC) needs to be disabled for a mod to fully work. To do this, navigate to Config Files from the server panel and click on Main 7 Days To Die Configuration. Inside of this area, locate the EACEnabled setting and change it to false. Make sure to press Save at the top, then Restart the server to apply the changes. As for the game, select the launcher option when running it through Steam. Afterward, uncheck the EAC option to ensure compatibility.


Common Issues

Uploading Mods
There could be a variety of reasons for mod uploading problems, from the wrong directory to its filetype. Make sure all mod files get uploaded into the Mods folder for both the client and server. Remember, you’ll need to first create this folder to upload the mods. As for the actual files, these would be zipped and require an external program to extract. Without extracting them, they will not work in-game or on the server, even if correctly uploaded. Additionally, this entire process is usually handled with an external FTP program of your preference instead of the web-based version. Alternatively, you could use the panel to upload mods if they are small enough.
Mods Not Working
Unfortunately, some mods need EAC disabled for them to properly work. This is required for the client and server, which should get things working. Other times, mods won’t function due to them being outdated or broken. For instance, you cannot use A19 modifications on A20 versions of 7 Days to Die. Make sure to download and install versions that match your configuration, which should be the latest since our servers use that. As for testing mods, this can be done through singleplayer to ensure they even work.

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