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How to Get More XP in CS:GO


mc head By Nathan Young

How to Get More XP CSGO


Countless players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive know about its XP system, as this feature allows them to obtain special rewards. Whether you get lucky with a rare item drop or level up your service medal, collecting experience points is necessary for any of that to happen. Unfortunately, it can take several hours of gameplay to get substantial amounts of XP to level up. This is also true for CS:GO dedicated servers, especially if long gamemodes are used. Due to this, players may search for tips and tricks to obtain more experience points. There are many different ways to do this, with some being better than others. It all depends on your playstyle and how much time you’re willing to spend. With this in mind, we’ll show you the best ways to get more XP in CS:GO and other helpful information in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

XP Methods in CS:GO

How to Get More XP CSGO

As hinted above, there are multiple methods for collecting XP in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These may include specific gamemodes to using limited time boosts, which some players may not fully understand. Besides this, there’s a unique aspect in the game that allows for more experience points no matter what activity you decide to do. Introducing the Weekly Bonus, an increased amount of XP for users that login and play matches every week. Using this can significantly help your account level up, meaning more item drops and progress towards a service medal.

Weekly XP Bonus CSGO

However, all these matches must be secured by the Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) system, as this is required for getting any XP or rewards. In other words, VAC-disabled community servers cannot provide players with experience points or item drops. Luckily, hosting with us automatically enables this feature so you can begin leveling up your account.

Keeping all this information in mind, the subsections below reveal more details about the best gamemodes to try and other ways to get more XP in Counter-Strike.


By far one of the best ways to get quick and easy XP in CS:GO is playing deathmatch games. These typically last for 10 minutes, rather than prolonged sessions of casual matches. Whether you’re hosting a server with friends or joining a public lobby, this is a great method to obtain XP since it doesn’t last long. The main premise is to collect a lot of scores, which equates to more experience points. This is achieved through slaying enemies or chickens in-game, with real players being a priority. Additionally, using specific weapons to kill others may grant more scores. The following steps should be followed in any deathmatch game you play to get the most XP out of it.

  1. Join a deathmatch game or VAC secured server on your desired account.
  2. Use the available bonus weapons from the left, then target all real players in-game.
  3. Start collecting as many kills as possible to increase your points.
    CSGO Deathmatch Bonus Weapon
  4. Optional: Shoot all chickens you see to add extra score in the game.
    CSGO Kill Chickens
  5. Finish your match with the highest amount of points to receive quick XP.



Instead of the quick method to get XP, playing through competitive matches can provide you with lots of experience points. This is similar to the casual gamemode, but is designed differently since it’s ranked. Getting a high amount of kills, defusing or planting bombs, and avoiding death translates to collecting more experience points. This can be challenging for some, as competitive matches tend to involve skilled players. Fortunately, using a dedicated server to play with friends can relieve some of the stress involved with public games. The instructions below should help you stay alive and maximize the number of points earned in-game to get more XP.

  1. Enter a competitive match or join a VAC secured server on your desired account.
  2. Once enough money is earned, use rifles for the best chance to win gunfights.
  3. Avoid dying too many times, but also collecting the highest amount of kills.
    CSGO Howl Glove Combo
  4. Optional: Plant or defuse the bomb for additional points.
    CSGO Defuse Bomb
  5. Complete your match with the highest score to receive the most XP.



If you find yourself in the midst of a CS:GO operation, then make sure to take advantage of it. This is due to the unique XP Boosts or otherwise called Bonus Rank XP items, which are collected through various missions. Alternatively, buying them from the limited time shop is also an option. These are stored in your inventory, awaiting use and will grant 5000 XP every time. However, it’s strongly encouraged to purchase the Operation Pass to maximize how many bonuses you obtain.

CSGO Bonus Rank XP


XP Uses in CS:GO

Throughout this guide, we’ve mentioned what XP provides players with in Counter-Strike. These include two aspects: Service Medals and Item Drops. The first one requires users to rank up to level 40 so they can collect a badge of honor for that year. As for the second, they’re weekly items or case drops that Prime players can receive. These can be worth a few cents to considerable amounts, while the badge isn’t valued. The subsections below goes into more details about each use for XP in CS:GO.

Service Medals

Throughout CS:GO’s history, there’s been countless service medals awarded to players. This dates back to 2015 and all the way to the present, with every year having a different badge for users to display on their game profile. These range in colors based on how many times it’s been upgraded, with red being the highest. Remember, ranking up to level 40 is required before getting or upgrading any service medal.

CSGO 2023 Service Medals

This takes a lot of XP, which can easily become overwhelming for the average player. Combining the strategies above is recommended, especially holding onto limited time boosts to get the most out of your efforts. Otherwise, continue grinding out matches and playing regularly to upkeep your weekly benefits to receive service medals.

Item Drops

CSGO Item Drops

Most players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive want weapon skins, as these items can be sold on Steam’s Community Marketplace for money. These drops are awarded to users that have leveled up within a specific timeframe. This varies depending on when you login, rank up, and receive past rewards. In other words, the item drop system is based on individual playtime in CS:GO.

As for the type of skins players can get, they can vastly differ depending on luck. For instance, sometimes an ultra rare item can drop that is worth around $100, while most of the time they’re worth a few cents. This also applies to cases and graffitis, as they’re also available as item rewards. Although, players don’t have to rank up for containers to appear in-game since they regularly drop.

Common Issues

Barely Receiving Any XP

If you’re not getting enough experience points after playing a match, then double-check your Weekly Bonus status. This heavily impacts how much XP is earned after every game. In most cases, players will enjoy hours of gameplay and hardly get anything from it. This is due to CS:GO’s design, as it applies a Reduced Earned XP effect on your account after exceeding a threshold. Solving this requires you to wait until this boost comes back, but can be bypassed through using quick leveling up methods. Although, it’ll still take a considerable amount of time without the weekly bonus. However, it could be that you joined a late-game that is close to ending. This will significantly lessen how much XP is given to your account.

No XP After Playing a Match

On rare occasions, players may not get any XP at all from their matches. This is mainly caused by them being at the maximum level already, which is rank 40. Players must receive or upgrade their Service Medal, resetting their XP so they can get more of it. Otherwise, you may have played during Steam’s maintenance (every Tuesday) or simply overlooked the amount of XP you collected from the game. This commonly happens on Casual gamemodes, as it’s real easy to quit before seeing how much experience points were obtained. However, this occurs for any mode during the game being maintained on its weekly agenda.

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