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How to Find the Stronghold in Minecraft

Posted: Feb 5, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

There are tons of structures in Minecraft, with few being the best in the world to discover. One of these is known as the stronghold, an underground dungeon that contains the End portal. Its generation is different from anything else, as it’s limited within a specific radius – resulting in a finite amount of them. That’s right! Strongholds in Minecraft are one of the rarest structures to find. There are lots of methods to locate them, mostly requiring cheats or custom worlds. Don’t worry though, we’ll be reviewing all the ways to find a stronghold in Minecraft. Let’s begin!

Minecraft Strongholds

If you’ve never seen a stronghold before in Minecraft, we don’t blame you. These structures require lots of time to find, as a unique item is required. If you happen to be lucky enough, they might generate extremely close to spawn. Once you do discover a stronghold, expect to encounter many empty rooms, tombs, cells, libraries, and of course…the End portal. There are many chests inside of strongholds, so keep on searching for them! Keep in mind that each structure is randomized by its generation, so not all of them will be the same.

Finding Strongholds in Minecraft

Minecraft Strongholds

The time has arrived – let’s learn how to find strongholds in Minecraft! There are four primary methods to do this, with one requiring no cheats, commands, or extra assistance. It boils down to how quickly, efficiently, and legitimately you want to find a stronghold. Whether you’re trying them out in a singleplayer world or dedicated server, these will come in handy. The subsections below will showcase each method to locate strongholds in Minecraft. Keep in mind that some versions of the game might change how they’re done or otherwise executed.

Vanilla Method

The most common way to find strongholds in Minecraft happens to be the only legit method, using Eye of Enders. These items are Ender Pearls with infused Blaze Powder, which are thrown into the air hinting at the structure’s direction. You can find out more about this process by visiting our guide here. This method requires you to have access to the Nether beforehand, along with necessary resources for mining and exploration.

Minecraft Finding Strongholds


Creative Mode

Minecraft Eye of Ender

For those looking to easily obtain Eye of Enders rather than crafting them, consider using the /gamemode creative command with cheats or operator permissions. This allows you to quickly obtain them, along with any amount! Many players do this in their survival world, then switch back to still have a challenge ahead of them – the hunt for strongholds. The creative mode menu changes depending on the version of Minecraft you use, so keep that in mind.


Using Commands

Similar to creative mode, there is another form of “cheating” that you can use! This involves running the /locate structure minecraft:stronghold command, revealing the closest one. Players must have cheats enabled or operator permissions before doing this in-game. After executing the command, you can click the highlighted coordinates to instantly teleport to its location. Although, this method does vary depending on the Minecraft versions used for it. Regardless, it’s one of the best ways to find strongholds in the game.

Minecraft Locate Command


Custom Seeds

Minecraft Custom Seeds

In cases where you want to avoid cheating and only play in survival mode, try finding custom seeds. These are sets of values that determine a world’s generation, meaning it’s entirely possible for strongholds to appear near or at the spawn point. We encourage you to search online for them according to your Minecraft version, as some seeds won’t work on specific releases. You’ll still have to craft Eye of Enders and search for the stronghold, but at least you’ll know the structure is nearby.


Stronghold Structures

In every world of Minecraft, strongholds will be generated for players to discover. These structures are incredibly difficult to find but are generally located near the spawn point. Keep in mind that they are limited to a specific radius, meaning that more than one stronghold can be found. Whether you use cheats or not, once you’ve stumbled upon one – you will be greeted with lots of loot, areas, and the portal room. This is how players can activate and enter the End dimension, leading them to an epic battle against the Ender Dragon. We hope this blog helps you along your journey towards victory!

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