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How To Change Your Minecraft Server Seed

Last modified on Feb 13, 2020 in control panel

mc head By Apex

This tutorial will help you learn how to change your world seed for your Minecraft server hosting on our platform. Keep in mind that you will need to generate a new world if you want to change the seed. This is due to the fact that when you make a world Minecraft will look at the seed and use this value to generate the world. There are many different websites that provide great Minecraft Seeds if you want a little more control over what type of world you will get.

Changing Your World Seed

  1. Navigate to the respective servers details page and click the Config Files option on left side menu.
  2. Select the server.properties file labled Server Settings and then locate the level-seed= vaule.
  3. After the = sign, enter in the seed value. I.e 77301621 and then click save.
  4. In order for the new seed to take effect you will need to generate a new world.

level-seed = 77301621

World seeds are made up numerical values that are used as the basis for generating the Minecraft world. This values are used by an algorithm that is used to determine what the world will look like.

If you find a particular interest in a world’s natural generation then you can acquire it seed to easily reproduce the generation on your own world. In most cases these particular seeds are stumbled upon with luck or persistence. But for those looking to quickly generate a world using a seed you can use a Minecraft seed site. These community driven sites offer users access to thousands of seeds with cool generation effects for you to build on to.