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How to Fast Forward CS:GO Replay


mc head By Nathan Young

How to Fast Forward Match Replay in CSGO


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an incredibly competitive game, offering its players a skill ladder to climb. Sometimes, you’ll encounter cheaters or suspiciously good shooters in your matches. This can become problematic if you’re trying to get better at Counter-Strike, as dying too many times will likely get you deranked. Due to this, some players try to review their past matches to improve their aim, spray pattern, and other various skill-based aspects. However, the exact process for doing this isn’t too known in the game’s community since it requires using a user-interface. This is amplified when players try to fast forward a recap of their game, as there are steps involved to do it. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to give you a better understanding on how to control your replay matches in CS:GO.


As previously mentioned above, there’s a special user-interface for CS:GO players to use for managing their replays. This is known as the DemoUI, offering a wide variety of controls to fast forward a match. However, using this also allows you to skip rounds, deaths, or even pause the reply. Although, there are also prerequisites to follow before even trying to view a previous match you’ve played. The most important one is an activation command to initiate the process for using DemoUI, which isn’t common knowledge. It’s straightforward and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Downloading a Match

Before replaying any of your CS:GO matches, you’ll need to download them locally. This process is easily done in-game, but only works for recent games. For example, trying to rewatch a match from two weeks ago will not work, but if it’s from a few days ago then it will. Once downloaded, it’ll be available to you forever since it’s saved on your computer.

  1. Startup CS:GO from your Library in the Steam client.
  2. In the main menu, hover and click the Watch Matches and Tournaments option.
    CSGO Watch Previous Matches
  3. Navigate to the Your Matches category, revealing your recently played matches.
    CSGO Your Matches
  4. Locate the desired replay, then press Download near the bottom right corner.
    CSGO Download Matches
  5. Wait for it to finish, then click Watch at the bottom to begin the replay.


Fast Forwarding

After downloading your match, it’s time to start viewing it. However, as previously mentioned above, you’ll need to use a command to begin taking control. Due to this, ensure you’ve enabled the Developer Console in your CS:GO settings. This is the only method for activating the DemoUI, so it’s required for everyone to do. Once it’s active, you have access to all the match replay controls.

  1. Load up your downloaded replay, then open the Developer Console.
  2. Inside of the text box, enter “demoui” and click Submit so the DemoUI opens.
    CSGO DemoUI Command
  3. From here, select any speed Multiplier or Scale its percentage near the top right.
    CSGO DemoUI Fast Forward

    Alternative: Use the Round or Death options to skip ahead in the replay.

  4. If done correctly, you’ll see the replay fast forward according to your control.


Common Issues

Unable to Fast Forward
In cases where you’re unable to fast forward the replay, make sure to have the game unpaused. It’ll only begin working if the match is already being played at the default speed, which should be the 1x option. Although, the download itself of the replay could have encountered problems. You may want to delete and redownload it from the Your Matches menu to try again.
Cannot Reverse Speed
After setting the speed to a high or low value and it cannot be reverted, then click Stop in the bottom left corner of DemoUI. Afterward, continue to relaunch the replay to try again. Otherwise, if you’re trying to reach a specific time and go too far, then simply move the Time slider to the moment you want. In other words, reopening the replay and using other control options will resolve the issue.

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