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How to Delete Game Progress in Conan Exiles

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mc head By Nathan Young

Delete Game Progress in Conan Exiles


Hosting Conan Exiles servers allow for many different features, such as mods and settings for customized experiences. This is also true for singleplayer gameplay sessions, as the Steam Workshop has lots of content to try out. However, in some scenarios the world’s progression needs to be reset. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, whether it’s too many modifications or simply wanting to start over. Solving this can be tricky, as it involves deleting specific files within the game and/or server. Due to this, our panel will simplify the entire process for you to reset progress. As for solo worlds, we’ll completely summarize the required steps to erase them. Keeping everything in mind, let’s explore how to delete game progress in Conan Exiles in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Deleting Server Save Files

Removing your server’s save files involves two possible methods, manual and automatic. Each of these are easily done through the panel, with both ways achieving the same goal. However, make sure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this process. If you mistakenly use the incorrect one, other precious files can be accidentally removed. Choose one of the two methods down below to begin deleting game progress in Conan Exiles.

Automatic Method

  1. Navigate towards your Apex server panel, then press Stop and wait for it to shut down.
  2. Once this finishes, click Reset Server Files near the bottom left.
    Conan Exiles Reset Server
  3. In the following prompt, check mark Game Saves and continue to click Reset Server.
    Delete Game Progress in a Conan Exiles Server
  4. Next, confirm the changes by typing “reset” in the text box.
  5. Afterward, press the Open Console button and wait until you see the “Done, returned Ok” message.
    Conan Exiles Server Reset Files Confirmation
  6. Once you see this in the console, Restart the server from the main panel to create a new save.


Manual Method

  1. Head towards your server panel and click Stop near the top.
  2. When it’s offline, press FTP File Access near the top left.
    Conan Exiles FTP Server
  3. Login with your password, then navigate to the ConanSandbox directory.
    Conan Exiles Server ConanSandbox Location
  4. From here, locate and check mark the Saved folder.
  5. Once selected, click Delete at the top of your screen and wait for it to complete.
    Conan Exiles Server Delete Game Progress
  6. After this finishes, you can Restart the server from the main panel to generate a new world.


Removing Singleplayer Save Files

The following instructions to delete singleplayer game progress in Conan Exiles is slightly different, but nonetheless easy to do.

  1. Shut down Conan Exiles and open your Steam launcher.
  2. Head towards the Library section and right-click on the game.
    Steam Launcher Library
  3. Hover over Manage, then press Browse Local Files to open the game’s directory.
    Conan Exiles Browse Local Files
  4. In the newly opened window, enter the ConanSandbox folder.
    Conan Exiles Local ConanSandbox Location
  5. Once there, delete the Saved directory to erase your singleplayer progress.
    Conan Exiles Delete Singleplayer Game Progress
  6. Afterward, startup Conan Exiles and create a new solo save.


Common Issues

Game Progress Persists
In cases where your game’s progression is persistent, the cause likely originated from deleting the wrong files. This may happen if you use server profiles on the panel, so make sure you’re enabling the correct one. However, you may have had the server/game online while removing the files. Ensure everything gets shut down properly before deleting any progress. Otherwise, the removal process for the folders could have failed. In this particular scenario, having administrative computer privileges or an external FTP program will resolve the issue for both singleplayer and the server.
Unable to Find Folders
If you’re unable to locate any of the Saved folders and files, then it can be possible you don’t have any stored game progression. This occurs when you’ve already deleted the save or an unforeseen server-related problem arose. Since there is no data, you can simply generate a new world to begin playing with a fresh start. However, if you confirm the save appears in-game, then make sure you’re using the right server profile to delete it. Otherwise, you may want to try using the Automatic Method instead of the manual variant to delete the progression.

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