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How to Change Arma 3 Missions

Last modified on Aug 10, 2023 in Arma

mc head By Nathan Young

Change Missions Arma 3 Server

Overview – How to Change Arma 3 Missions

Setting up your Arma 3 server to play missions with friends is an important step in the hosting process, as it allows players to enjoy a wide variety of military operations in-game. Whether you want to try out vanilla or custom types, it’s possible to do it. However, the exact process may be confusing as it involves tweaking your server settings. This is amplified if you’re planning to use workshop missions since there’s required preparations before getting started. Regardless of the operation types, you can have many different ones ready-to-go at a moment’s notice. All of these configurations are easily done in our panel, as there’s a built-in file editor for your convenience. With this in mind, we’ll show you how to change missions on your Arma 3 server in this Apex Hosting guide.

Vanilla Missions

Many players want to start off with vanilla missions in Arma 3, as they can be used to help newcomers learn the game. Due to the amount of them available to choose from, we highly encourage you to review the official list to see what you want. All of these can be used on your server, which only requires its file name to be entered in the configuration to get started. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to begin setting this up to play with others.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Config Files near the top left.
    Arma 3 Server Config Files
  2. Continue to click on the Server Config option, revealing its contents.
    Arma 3 Server Server Config
  3. Locate the Missions Cycle category, then find the template setting underneath.
  4. Proceed to enter your desired mission in its field, along with the difficulty level.
    Arma 3 Server Mission Cycle
  5. Do this for the second mission, while retaining the file’s format.
  6. Afterward, press Save at the top and click Restart Now to apply these changes.
    Arma 3 Server Config Save


If you’re wanting to add extra missions, rather than only having the default two, then copy the class MissionX line to }; below it. Keep in mind that this isn’t the last }; found at the very bottom, as each mission has its own section within Missions Cycle.

Arma 3 Server Change Missions

After doing this, paste it on a new line and rename the class MissionX accordingly, such as “class Mission3”. Once you’ve done this, change the template setting to your desired operation. If everything looks good, click Save and Restart Now to see if that works.


Workshop Missions

If you’re wanting to use custom missions on your Arma 3 server, then you can do that. However, there are some extra steps involved to set it up. This includes subscribing (downloading) the file, then renaming and uploading it in the panel. Afterward, you’ll use its file name accordingly in the main Server Settings area. Keep in mind that some workshop missions require Arma 3 mods or other files to work properly, depending on its setup. Reading the description of your custom operation is encouraged since it may reveal what you need before using it on the server. When you’re ready, follow along below to set up workshop missions on Arma 3.


  1. Navigate to the Arma 3 Workshop, then locate your desired mission.
  2. Once found, press the Subscribe button to download its files.
    Arma 3 Workshop
  3. Afterward, note down the Workshop ID values from ?id= in the URL.
    Arma 3 Workshop ID
  4. On your computer, head towards: …\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\107410
    Arma 3 Local Workshop Files
  5. Locate and open the folder that matches your previously saved Workshop ID.
  6. While inside of this area, rename the .bin file to [name].[terrain].pbo.
    Arma 3 Mission PBO Files

    Note: We suggest saving the original file by copying and pasting, then renaming it.


Server Setup

  1. Head towards your server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
  2. Proceed to type your Password in the text box and press Login to gain access.
    Arma 3 Server FTP Login
  3. Afterward, locate and enter the mpmissions directory from the list.
    Arma 3 Server mpmissions
  4. Click Upload at the top left corner, then drag and drop the .pbo file accordingly.
    Arma 3 Server Workshop Missions
  5. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to Missions Cycle in the Server Settings.
  6. Make the appropriate changes, such as the class MissionX and template values.
  7. Afterward, Save these edits and Restart the server to begin using workshop missions.


Enhanced Gameplay

Arma 3 Server Enhanced Gameplay

Each mission in Arma 3 is unique with its own unique set of objectives to complete, which is amplified with workshop ones. Adding mods to these operations might be the best way to enhance your gameplay. Whether you want better movement or new enemies, there’s plenty of opportunity to have fun. Remember, some missions may require you to install specific mods for custom features. It’s encouraged to play around with many workshop items to find the best ones for your server. Otherwise, continue to enjoy some unique missions with friends.

Common Issues

My Arma 3 Server isn’t Working

If your server isn’t starting up or working properly after joining, then double check you’ve configured the Missions Cycle correctly. Remember, you have to make sure the class names are unique and the template setting has a valid mission. Additionally, don’t remove required characters from the file such as semicolons or spaces, along with other kinds. If all the options appear good, then make sure you’ve successfully uploaded the .pbo file in the mpmissions directory via the FTP panel. Keep in mind that a .bin or other kind of document will not work, as you must rename it accordingly. This only applies to server owners looking to use workshop missions.

Mission Contains Bad Link to a Static Object

After successfully setting up your Arma 3 server with custom or vanilla missions, a common problem appears. This tends to be the “…Contains Bad Link to a Static Object” message in-game or in the console of your panel. The vast majority of the time, this can be dismissed since almost every map and mission does it. However, occasionally it can prevent anyone from starting the operation. Solving this may require you to install mods, depending on the mission’s design. We advise looking at the workshop description of it to see if you need to do something else. Otherwise, restart the server and try again to see if that helps. Alternatively, you may contact our Support to see if they can resolve this situation.

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