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How To Add Plugins With Bukget Plugin Manager in Multicraft

Last modified on Feb 7, 2022 in control panel

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While Minecraft is a game of vast possibilities, after a while of continuously playing the game one may find that the experience slowly gets tedious or bland. Luckily, this is where plugins come into play. Plugins are server-sided modifications that has potential to completely change the way Minecraft works. Some of these changes can include adding character abilities, creating economies, adding ranks, and much more. While adding plugins is the perfect way to spice up your server, many run into issues or do not know how to install them. Fortunately, if you host with Apex Hosting, our control panel has a one-click plugin installer. This tutorial will be explaining all aspects of how to install plugins through our Apex Hosting Game Panel.

How to Install Plugins using the Apex Panel

  1. Head to your Apex Panel and stop your server.
  2. Scroll down to Jar File part of the page and confirm that your server is running Spigot or Paper.
    Jar File Selector
  3. To the left of the panel, select the Plugin List tab.
  4. Once on this page, make sure the source is set to Bukkit or Spigot. Then use the search bar to find the plugin you would like to install.
    Plugin List
  5. Once you find the plugin you would like to install, click on the name.
  6. To the top of this page, you are going to see a list of server versions that correspond with the plugin version. Take note of the plugin version to the right of the server version you are running as that is going to be the version you will be installing.
    Plugin Versions
  7. Scroll down to Version, select the proper version for your server and then select Install.
    Installing Plugins
  8. Wait for it to say “Installed” and then head back to the main game panel page to restart your server.

Common Issues

Plugins Not Loading

Sometimes after you restart the server the plugins still may not load. You can check if a plugin is loaded by running /plugins in-game. If it is green then it should be loaded. If it is not in the list or red then there may be an issue. Verify the plugin is compatible with your server version as well as check its plugin page to ensure it has no needed dependency plugins. Sometimes if you restart the server and watch the console output it may tell you exactly what the error is or what plugin is missing for it to work.

Plugin List Download Failure

If you are trying to download a plugin from the included Plugin List on your panel and it is giving you errors, for example it may say error downloading plugin, this would generally indicate an issue with the source site of the plugin. If this happens, we suggest checking out our tutorial on installing through FTP.

No Plugins Folder

If you are trying to manually install plugins to the server but cannot find the plugins folder then either your server does not accept plugins or you may have forgotten to restart after changing versions to Spigot or Paper. Verify your server is compatible by checking the selected version in the Jar File dropdown on your panel. Certain compatible versions would be: Spigot, Paper, Magma, Thermos, and Cauldron.

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